Episode 1: Assassin chooses skills

Isaac – This is my second translation, it is only auto translated with an edit, so it you find an error in grammar please tell me.


I used around a day to check all the skills I had in my head.

The cause was that it took time not only to read the skills but also to have a deep understanding of what the sword and the magic world is like.

The common sense given to the goddess is only the memory, you can not judge the skill’s performance unless you understand it. Because the premise is completely different from Earth.

After that, it was checking my skills, but the number of skills is large.

123,851 skills.

In the world of sword and magic, people are born with skills and receive the benefits of them.

Among them, there are many skills that I do not think are useful, such as [imitation of animals singing] [dish-washing] [fast-dressing].

There are five ranks of skills: S, A, B, C, D, there is a possibility that each one can be obtained.

S: one in 100,000,000

A: one in 1,000,000

B: one in 1000

C: one in 100

D: one in 3

In theory, you can get all S rank skills.

However the probability of getting all S rank skills…

1 / 100,000,000,000,000,000,000.

It is very appreciated to have the right to choose the skills given by the goddess. Most humans have skills only ranked in D.

The basic choice of skills is to choose the most powerful S rank skill and the other skills are chosen as support to make that S rank skill shine.

“There is only one in a hundred million, S rank is a strong skill” (Unnamed MC)

S ranking skills have the power to become a hero just by having it.

One hundred million is natural because it would only have one level in Japan.

For example …

[Summon the Demon Sword]

You can summon the evil sword according to the competence of the user and use it.

… It seems to be apparent at first sight, but the magical sword you can call has outrageous performance. It is possible to rip a mountain just by swinging.

【Holy Battle】

By wearing a golden shining holy mind, you will rise greatly in attack power, defence power and speed.

… The rise is overwhelming. With this skill, young children will be able to destroy a tank with bare hands. Very general versatility, if you are in doubt choose this.

【Slave engraved mark】

Touch your opponent’s forehead and use it to dominate your opponent.

… You can make as many pieces of absolute obedience’s hands. However, when carving this inscription, there is resistance judged by magical power, and the surgeon must have superior magical power than the opponent.

【Demonic creation】

Create monsters based the kind of materials and use it.

…. Mainly combining dead bodies and demon stones, we will make the demon army corps as desired. It is quite a skill full of dreams.

These are just examples.

There were dozens of S rank skills.

What I have to emphasise when choosing skills are securing firepower. Even the defence of the brave when unprotected, cannot be hurt by a decent firepower. At the very least, it is necessary to have “firepower that can kill if the opponent in the unprotected state.”

Second, versatility and applicability. If you kill a brave man, anything unexpected can happen, you can not recover without versatility and applicability.

The skill is chosen based on that …

“【Super recovery】 There is only this skill.” (Unnamed MC)

S rank: 【Super recovery】

Physical strength, magical power, self-healing power etc, all kinds of resilience will rise. Initial magnification 100 times. Recovery rate increases due to skill level.

… Although it seems not to be a big deal at first glance, the one that survives is the one who keeps running, and as long as you have this skill, you can keep running. It is also attractive to keep supplementing the bullets of this world called magical power.

It is also strong against injuries and illness.

In addition, the sleeping time is very small. You can train as soon as your physical strength recovers quickly.

Besides, considering the rule of the world, resilience becomes the most important weapon.

If the goddess had not been given information in this world, I would not have chosen this skill.

“This A rank skill is necessary” (Unnamed MC)

A rank:【Weaving magic】

I can create magic.

… In the world, magic is given by God and can only use about a hundred magic made by God.

But with this skill, you can create new magic.

That means that you get unlimited possibilities.

It is a skill that makes the best use of knowledge of the world that my chemistry has developed.

“B rank skill is automatically determined at the time of selecting【Super recovery】” (Unnamed MC)

B rank: 【Growth limit breakthrough】

All limits of growth are lost.

… Although it seems to be strong, there is no meaning in skill alone, so it tumbled down to B rank. There is no point in breaking through the limit if you are normal. Anyway, in the world of sword and magic, you do not reach the limit even if you train with a lifetime.

Still, if there is 【Super Recovery】, this skill will shine if you can practice with inexhaustible physical strength.

C rank focused on versatility and chose 【Body art】.

Get the talent and correction of 【Body art】.

… The effect is inferior to【Swordsman】or【Spearsman】.

However, versatility greatly outperforms.

Assassins master all kinds of weapons, skills that rely on specific weapons are not necessary even if the rise is large.

“This is the D rank, is not God watching these?” (Unnamed MC)

And, D rank I chose an interesting one.

It is never strong, but it can be turned down depending on usage.

At first glance, it is a plain ability, but I am convinced that it will become a trump card.

There is a thing to decide besides skills.

It is the magical attribute.

In this world, in addition to basic four attributes of ground, fire, wind and water, one of six attributes of rare attribute light/darkness, rarely born with two attributes.

Magic is given by God.

As each attribute is repeatedly used, the new magic of each attribute comes to mind and it becomes usable.

What I chose are all attributes.

Even with all attributes, only the basic four attributes can be used without using rare attributes.

In addition, there is a disadvantage.

By adding many attributes, the improvement rate will be halved.

“If the progress rate is half, practice twice, it will not be a pain if recovery is hundred times higher.” (Unnamed MC)

Choose the merit that you can use four attributes rather than the disadvantage that the progress rate will be halved and make up for it with effort.

In two days I have decided skill and magical attributes, but I do not plan to call the goddess.

Let’s reconsider in a day.

There may be better combinations.

Let’s think through the remaining time.

Though I figured out the whole day, in the end, I decided on the five of yesterday’s choices.

【Super recovery】and【Growth limit breakthrough】 to raise basic ability,【Body art】 to sharpen movement.

Using the magic of all attributes, increase the number of hands by creating magic with the power of 【Weaving magic】 to make the last skill a trump card.

I can affirm that there is no more combination if you use skills and experience as an assassin if I use it.

The goddess appeared.

“It seems that you have found a combination where satisfaction goes.” (Goddess)

“Well, I could not find any more combinations.” (Unnamed MC)

“Oh, it’s not plain as all rank of S. I had forgotten that there are such skills when I made the skill of D rank… Really, human beings are funny.” (Goddess)

“Is it not sarcastic?” (Unnamed MC)

“If you only have strong skills that are easy to understand, as usual, you can not defeat the monsters with thirty such skills as the brave, with no limitations.” (Goddess)

The hero is originally out of the standard from physical ability and magical power.

In addition, it is born with thirty skills from S rank and A rank. Among them, at least five are in S rank.

I know the extraordinary strength of S rank skill well.

Indeed, in “battle” there is no way to win at all.

But if I assassinate them, I will be able to train and prepare carefully, it will be possible… I chose skills with thirty S rank and A rank skills in mind that killing the brave who was given the maximum synergy.

“Now, it is reincarnation, it will be serious as it will be a baby with knowledge and personality now, well, please be patient. As for the assassin aristocracy Towerhades, it will not be boring, oh and your mum is also beautiful.” (Goddess)

The goddess rings her fingers.

The body turns into light particles.

I will be born from now on.

Let’s assume that the assassin aristocracy Towerhades is an environment that can secure time to acquire and train the minimum necessary nutrients.



13 thoughts on “Episode 1: Assassin chooses skills

  1. Thanks for the chapter.

    Isn’t it weird though that an assassin doesn’t even consider an invisibility type skill, or a skill that can help him escape in case of failure, like teleportation?


      1. or he can just create invisibility, assimilation, silent step, or any assassin skill through “Weaving Magic” skill


    1. Uhm.. I know that translating is though and a stress to you and all, but you said that corrections are OK.

      So in the first where you explained your first translation. I think you misclick. “So it you find an error…”. Don’t worry I usually get that. And this is not pity.


  2. I not trying to be a hater but the grammar is so terrible that I am thinking of rewriting the whole chapter and sending it to you


    1. Trust me, the story is amazing. I love the concept, but you need to go a little more into detail with the surroundings and the grammar needs to be checked. I saw a spelling mistake but it was just because you didn’t se over your work properly. And honestly I will gladly help you.


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