Episode 2: Assassin family taught the way of aristocracy

Isaac – This is my third translation, it is only auto translated with an edit, so it you find an error in grammar please tell me.


Someone wiped my body and wrapped my whole body with a soft cloth.

I try to move my body, but I do not get the power as I expected.

As I opened my eyes I got a blurred vision.

Focus gradually comes.

What I saw in my sight was a beautiful woman who had silver hair and was held by her.

Because I am incarnated, this body will be a baby.

To the cold. I burst into tears as I left my body to the urge.

A woman hugs me like that.

“My cute, Rougue” (Mother?)

Hmm, my name seems to be Rougue.

I can not even look around the circumference because the neck is not sitting, but I can be presumed that I was born in a wealthy house from the health condition of the person who seemed to be my mother, cloth, furniture in the range reflected in the field of view.

Is it thanks to common sense given to the goddess that you can understand the words?

Timely, the voice of the goddess echoes in my head.

“To confirm the situation, it’s a special service but only for today. Remember the words properly.” (Goddess)

The goddess seems to be stingy.

I heard footsteps.

Several people come into the room.

“Has it been born safely, Esri” (???)

“Yeah, He is a cheerful boy… Hey, Kian, are you also making this child a Towerhades?” (Esri)

“I am going to do that, I need a Towerhades in this country. There are lesions that can only be removed by assassination” (Kian)

“… I do not like it. I am afraid of losing this childlike Ruff.” (Esri)

“I will raise it strong so that doesn’t happen, I will not repeat the same mistake, I don’t want to lose my own child twice.” (Kian)

Severe, unforgiving voice.

But behind those words, there was a slight warmth.

To infer the situation, Ruff is my older brother who lost his life with the work of Towerhades.

It is not only bad to be born in a house doing dangerous work.

Techniques and knowledge as an assassin of the former world are only for killing opponents who do not have magical powers due to their physical abilities within the framework of humans.

However, there must be know-how to kill such an opponent in the assassin aristocracy Towerhades, that is what I most want.

In addition, if you are a nobleman it is easy to secure the environment and time necessary for training.

“I will obey Kian, but if I lose to this boy, I will not stay in this house…” (Esri)

“I will not let him die.” (Kian)

My mother kissed her father while holding me.

When that is over, they will kiss my cheek next time.

… When I heard that you are born with an assassin aristocracy, I did not expect anything about my parents’ love, but I guess this is a decent parent.

For me who was brought up in an organisation as a matter of mind, affection was only a program for use as a tool of bargaining.

But, for some reason my love for each other, and for me, is somewhat tickling … it seems that it is precious real love.

Here, I may be able to learn love.

It is not necessary for assassination. But it is necessary to live as a person, not just a tool.

Five years have already passed since I was reincarnated.

In an infant’s body, it took time to learn languages ​​and letters, and it took me two years to be able to learn properly.

Still, it is too early compared to ordinary children

Only things like talking and gesturing were like children.

It is also to maintain a comfortable environment by playing the ideal children parents want… I was surprised to like my parents.

When I became five years old I could do more.

The benefit of 【Super recovery】 is great.

Young bodies are very tired easily, but since they can recover from the fatigue, the activity time is long, the muscle regeneration is quickly fed back, the resulting feedback quickly, there is power not to compare with the child of the same age.

I was in the study now.

There is a lot of attractive information in the study of Towerhades, which leaves a lot of records among aristocrats and gather books from all over the world.

“Towerhades, the darkness is deeper than I imagined” (Rougue)

The assassination aristocratic family called Towerhades is a baron in the Kingdom of Alvin, one of the four great nations in the continent.

Baron is the earliest status among the aristocrats as counting from the bottom, it does not mean that he has a very wide territory.

However, Towerhades is a wealthy house.

There is a large income other than the tax from the territory.

In the table, it is the name of the medicine of the Kingdom of Alvin, flying around the country at the request of royalty and large aristocrat, obtaining tremendous rewards by treating with excellent technology, and also selling treasures.

And, behind the royal family and assassination work that moves only at the request of a certain duke, and also earn rewards here.

Remove elements that will be detrimental to the country by means of assassination.

The assassination of Towerhades is used only for this country.

Towerhades, life and death. While being a baron by dominating both, he had a strong voice and assets.

“…. While we are at home, our ancestors are outstanding, because they are not crushed and can continue to assassinate, this is the seventh generation” (Rougue)

Unlike me who was crushed at the end in the previous life, Towerhades continued assassination work by continuing at least seven generations.

That means that if the back of Towerhades is public, it alone has the secret to overturn this country.

It can be truncated from the country in order to protect the secret. A countermeasure is necessary.

“Well, today is such a thing”

When I close the book, I hear a sound knocking on the door.

“Rougue, master called you.” (???)

Already, at such a time?

At Towerhades, education to activate the brain from infancy, grasping periodic physical abilities and corresponding strength exercise, exercises to use magical power, and very rational education.

However, at the age of five, full-scale training began and the hurdle raised at a stretch. Let ‘s steal my father’ s technique today. There are many things that my father has.

Today seems to use facilities underground. It was forbidden to enter here.

“Rougue, from now on revealing the secret of excellent medical technology and assassination technology of our Towerhades” (Kian)

“The skill of Towerhades is only for the prosperity of the Kingdom of Alvin” (Rougue)

“Then why is Towerhades medicine for the country?” (Kian)

“To connect the life of superior things” (Rougue)

“That’s right, we can not produce something, but if you connect the lives of superior things, saved things will make this country better, so what is the assassination of Towerhades?” (Kian)

“In order to eliminate diseases in the country, we will suppress the damage by resecting people who become ill at an early stage” (Rougue)

Respond quickly to the beliefs of Towerhades heard from my father.

Take advantage of what is beneficial to the country and kill those who are harmful to the country.

Manipulate life and death and make this country prosper.

“If that is the case, if crazy aristocrat revolts, leave a big trail mark, even if it can be crushed because it is a killing among the people of this country, but we can prevent it in advance. ” (Kian)

The blade of Towerhades is directed primarily to the nobility of his country.

In this country, aristocratic power is strong.

The nobles escape the judgement of the law by their power, they are good at self-protection and can not go out like a royal family.

… Even so, they can not escape from the blade of Towerhades. Towerhades can physically kill them, there is no relationship with power.

I will learn the power needed to do it from now.

“Rougue, do you know that if you keep going through any martial arts, you surely start doing the imitation of medicine?” (Kian)

“To be effective, in order to break people efficiently, we must know the human body.” (Rougue)

After all, martial art is a method of efficiently moving a person by moving it appropriately by understanding the structure of the human body and creating vulnerability of the human body.

“From my point of view, it is only a martial art such as skills of martial artists. I know too much about the human body, but Towerhades is different. Because I truly understand the human body, I can kill people better than anyone else It is the best doctor in the world to kill people efficiently. ” (Kian)

I will go underground.

There was a huge prison there, there were people captured.

Sometimes I knew that something was being carried by a carriage from the city, but is something that this one?

“They are death row prisoners collected from our territory and other territories… It is also a teaching material of our Towerhades.” (Kian)

“Indeed, people who we do not mind killing. There are no more convenient teaching materials, you can use it for both medical samples and killing exercises.” (Rougue)

In me, evaluation of Towerhades is raised by one.

Medicine develops and it increases strength as an assassin.

In fact, there are no efficient ways to learn how to treat people and how to break them, so much that they are broken up, repaired, destroyed and killed.

If doctors in the world of the previous world listen, they will envy you.

I want to try new medicine or new surgery with human beings, but I can not do it and replace it with a guinea pig.

If the doctors of the earth were able to make as much teaching material as possible for human beings who could kill, the medicine advanced a few hundred years ahead.

“… Rougue is not surprised when I was brought here when I was five years I felt fear and criticised my father from a humanitarian point of view.” (Kian)

“There is resistance, but if you think logically you can be satisfied.” (Rougue)

“Talent is still talented, it’s a murderous lesson today, as it is the first class in the basement, to commemorate, it is pleasure of the intelligence and logical thinking of that as much as 5. At about age five killing, I will leave the knife, I will leave the way, so I can kill it as you like. It’s impossible to resist with the partner drinking a muscle relaxant. What is the last question today, please think about what this murder means.” (Kian)

I just kill someone that not move.

As you learn how to kill in a classroom, you can do with a knife if you are a 5-year old.

You will be able to remember while practising efficient killing, but that alone is weak.

“Is it because you can be killed? Keep killing a lot in practice to not hesitate to kill at work.” (Rougue)

“A good answer: a person is terribly resistant to kill a person, the strength of the resistance is so hesitant to stab the enemy’s soldiers who soldier in the battlefield interfere with their lives. In the story I heard about the acquaintance of the military, there is no one who can kill people unnecessarily from the first team, one in three people… there are many people that hesitate to kill and then die due to that hesitancy ” (Kian)

“I understood, I will kill them from now so that I will not hesitate in the production” (Rougue)

As soon as I approached the death row prisoners who have stopped moving in the room my father showed me.

It is doubtful for my father to kill too much efficiently.

Let’s use only the method that I learned and kill it with just a little hesitation making my hands crazy.

“There is a question before killing” (Rougue)

“What is it?” (Kian)

“Why did you raise me to hesitate to kill people? In my picture books that my mother read, I told my life is precious, I also taught by my father about loving your neighbours… that is It is an emotion that disturbs the killing.” (Rougue)

In my previous life, the organisation brought up children. It is worthlessness such as human life. That is why I have never hesitated to kill people before, I have never felt guilty.

However, Towerhades was emphasising emotional education.

He was trying to develop a healthy and healthy mind.

That is what I did not have in the past life and was obtained in this world.

Thanks to that, I am starting to understand happiness little by little.

But I felt like I was dulling the blades inside of myself.

“If you do not have ordinary human values ​​you can not read the hearts of others deeply. Don’t forget about it. I have an inner heart and I am raising you as an assassin who makes what to do” (Kian)

“Now I understand half, I do not know half… so I will keep thinking.” (Rougue)

It gets stronger with a warmth that dulls my mind.

This change will surely be a pleasure.

Because I live as a person, not a tool, unlike the first time.

Let’s do what we do.

It is also the first time that hesitantly to kill people.

But I will not run away.

Because this is a necessary ritual to live as Rougue Towerhades.



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  1. Just call it MTL instead of auto-translate. I don’t really see any edits or at least any real work put into editing. Is English your second language?

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  2. Thanks for the translation, You are doing great but some editing should be great. This line for example ‘If you physically kill you’, you migth want to revise it, it is hinting on him killing himself???


  3. some suggestions

    “… I do not like it.This child is scared of losing like Ruff.”
    “… I do not like it. I am afraid of losing this child like Ruff.”

    “I will raise it strong so that it does not, I will not repeat the same mistake, I do not want to lose my child twice with me”
    “I will raise it strong so that doesn’t happen, I will not repeat the same mistake, I don’t want to lose my own child twice.”

    Five years has already passed since I was incarnated.
    Five years have already passed since I was reincarnated.

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