Episode 3: Assassin gains an eye

I became seven years old.

Thanks to training from my father, 【super recovery】and voluntary training, physical ability are further improved.

My father frequently checks my body with his medical knowledge, he noticed the existence of 【Super Recovery】.

The existence of the skill itself is known in this world.

However, it is very limited to check skills, it seems necessary that some kind of high-ranking smith maker can make [appraisal paper].

There are no craft workers in the Kingdom of Alvin that can make [appraisal paper], so it is said that they are getting orders from other countries.

And today’s training is doing hunting exercises, searching in the mountains in the territory.

This is a drill that also secures food.

Train around the mountain, train physical strength and agility, hunt the prey to improve the skill of clearing out signs and tracking skills, cutting the life with a single blow.

Wild beasts are more sensitive to several signs than people. It is easy to assassinate human beings if you can surprise the wild prey and kill it with a blow.

A mountain where human hands are not very common is troubling just advancing. There is no road, the grass is growing everywhere.

Carefully observe carefully so as not to miss the slight traces left by the prey, while selecting the route that can travel.

“Today’s prey is decided.” (Rougue)

The faeces of the rabbit. Looking at the surroundings, there are footprints left after the grass has gone through.

We can eat full with only this one.

Alte rabbit is as big as a dog.

I pierce through the trees at high speed.

By wearing magical power, you will strengthen your physical abilities and become like the wind.

I can not use magic, yet I learn how to use magical power. Just wearing it in the body, it also becomes an armour, and the movement improves in this way.

From the middle, it moves like moving from tree branches to branches.

If you split a branch of a tree, it will break normally. However, by putting magical power at the moment of striking a foot, it becomes a good foothold.

It’s a nice feeling. Manipulate magical powers to breathe. For that reason, it is frustrating for some reason that I can not reach out to magic.

I went on for a while and found the prey. Approximately thirty meters away, a huge rabbit digs up yam and eats it.

I can get closer.

Rabbits are easy to notice you due to their ears.

Pull down the bow hanging from the branches of the tree with the feet disappearing signs.

Specially made strings are strong enough not to be drawn by a kid. Enhancement with magical power is a premise for this bow.

An arrow is released… I was convinced of the hit at the moment I released it.

It pierced its head with a blow.

Wild animals run away if you through the heart for as long as ten seconds. It is best to destroy the brain so they instantly die.

“Okay, this is the morning norm.” (Rougue)

I jump off the tree, drain its blood and disassemble the gigantic rabbit on the spot, wrap it in the skin of the tree and put it in my back cage.

While I gathered wild vegetables and mushrooms, I got on home.

“Rougue-chan, let’s have your mum cook today” (Esri)

“On the day I brought prey, I promised that I would cook, my mother is sitting while I cook.” (Rougue)

I returned to the mansion, making lunch using the prey of the day in the kitchen at once.

From around the age of five, I gained confidence by actively helping my mother’s cooking, and now I am allowed to cook alone.

It is to eat delicious things, also to make a strong body.

In order to make a strong physical body, you must understand nutrition and care about your meal.

Indeed, at the age of two athletes and others, an exclusive nutritionist arrives from a young age and has a strong body with thorough food education.

Truly the Towerhades family have no knowledge of that.

So, in a few days, I cooked myself and ingested missing nutrition.

I always listen to what my mother says as obediently as I can, but I will not yield today.

Anyway, the effect of diet education is great until the body is completed. I can not get back without it now.

Getting a strong body should give priority over anything.

Physical stuff will say after all as much as how to acquire skills.

“Muuuuuu” (Esri)

My mother is swaying cheeks with an easy to understand expression.

My father appeared when I was worried about what to do.

“You should leave it to Rougue, Esri, he gains the skill of Towerhades technique quickly, but also remembers the dishes quickly, it does not make strange things because of the way that Esri teaches well.” (Kian)

“I do not have anxiety about the finished dish, I guess it will be delicious. I am proud that Rougue is a good cook as a mother,  but after having given out a nice idea one by on,  I need to regain my mother’s standing.” (Esri)

With a caught eye, my mother is staring at me.

I smile with a bitter smile.

“Mother, that’s too complimenting, my food still has nothing to compete against my mother.” (Rougue)

“Have you not only talent for cooking but also talent for flattery?” (Kian)

“Oh, Kian is terrible!” (Esri)

A happy family landscape.

My mother is always like this, and my father also shows a soft expression except at work and training.

… It’s a cold hearted assassin that I do not even show a chance. It is also proof of a top assassin. Do not be alarmed until the moment of killing prey. Therefore, usually, people are well hit and play a figure that cannot be guarded. However, in the case of my father, I feel that we are purely a beloved wife and beloved son.

I am making cream stew.

Rabbit meat with a delicious flavor like chicken meat cream stew goes well with it. The taste decisive is a rich soup stock by homemade dried mushrooms, milk of a goat in the morning and butter with it.

Mushrooms and milk in root vegetables, plus plenty of rabbit meat stews are also perfect for taking a set of nutrients necessary for growth.

“After all, the pot made by Rogue is convenient, it is magical that stews stained with lots of flavors taste in a matter of tens of minutes. The days that we had been working hard for hours for making stew until now I wonder what happened.” (Kian)

“The pressure cooker is not magic, I just tried what I came up with reading books in my study.” (Rougue)

The principle of the pressure cooker is simple, it seals the air and liquid so that it does not escape, and then it applies pressure above the atmospheric pressure by heating.

You can make it if you want to make it.

Because it is troublesome to boil the stew for hours, we remodel one of the pots into a pressure cooker, and I love mother as well as myself.

“But it is magical when I see it.” (Esri)

“After all, Rougue is smart. You know the concept of pressure and the phenomenon that it does, but I could not have had the idea of ​​making use of it in cooking. A flexible mind is necessary for an assassin” (Kian)

The stew was completed.

White creamy stew.

Last year, we started breeding a lot of goat milk, so I am glad that we can use plenty of milk and butter.

“Father, mother, please sit down, let’s have lunch.” (Rougue)

In this way, the family meal begins.

Salad and bread to rich rabbit meat and plenty of mushrooms cream stew.

Frugal as a noble table.

This is also the everyday life of Towerhades, with bread and main, and side dishes, salads, and soups. There are days when desserts are attached occasionally.

“As I thought, Rogue’s special stew is outstanding, so Rugue may be a genius to think of such a thing.” (Esri)

“I also think so, this stew will not be seen by the kingdom, if you sell it you will be profitable” (Kian)

“Mother and father are exaggerating, it is not that good.” (Rougue)

“Rougue is too humble, so let’s give this to the citizen at this year’s harvest festival! Everyone will surely be pleased!” (Esri)

“Well, I agree with this, even if acting on all the citizens, it fits within the budget of the harvest festival, and it is to be a speciality of our territory, that the people of this territory should love.” (Kian)

Besides, in the second life, eating is fun to be compared with the first world.

I enjoyed cooking in the previous life. When entering the party venue where prey exists, the profession called cook was convenient, so it was necessary to use it frequently, so I got skills and qualifications.

Both the dishes I made and the dishes I ate for research were better on the taste than the cream stew I made today.

Still, today is delicious. It is thanks to the emotions I did not know in my first life.

When the meal is over, my mother goes to the kitchen with the dish for tidying up.

It is the rules of my house to clean up if you do not cook.

My father consults my body with a serious face.

My father checks once a week how much the body is growing before training in the afternoon. By that, we decide the contents of training.

“You grew up enough, you can do the operation. Rougue, giving you the magic eyes of Towerhades.” (Kian)

At last. I knew only that existence in the materials I saw in my study.

My hair is a silver hair handed down by my mother, but my eyes do not resemble either of my parents. My mother has bright blue eyes, and my father has grey eyes, but I have black eyes.

My father got a grey eyes from black eyes afterwards.

That is a magic eye of Towerhades.

Surgery to give a special eye completed at the end of a human experiment using hundreds of death row prisoners.

It is a very difficult operation using magical powers, but if you succeed it will have high-performance eyes.

“Father, please do it.” (Rougue)

“Are you scared?” (Kian)

“No, I trust my father’s arm.” (Rougue)

That’s right,  when he is a family member,  he am a friendly and gentle father, but I know that my father is acting as a professional when acting as a Towerhades.

“Trust me, I promise sure success.” (Kian)

My father was already there as the head of Towerhades.

My father will not fail.

A bandage is wrapped around my face, and the sight is closed in the dark.

Surgery is over while I sleep.

Thanks to 【Super recovery】, I recovered to a good place after removing the bandage.

When I open my eyes, I am surprised by changes in sight.

My eyesight has been strengthened.

It is not only because we can see distant objects, dynamic vision to capture moving objects,  deep vision to control perspective.

With this eye, even rifle bullets are likely to be overlooked.

In addition, magical powers have become visible. Magical power is invisible by nature and it can only be felt for the first time when it approaches considerably.

But you can see the magical power that frantically emanates from your body. When I gathered it to a point, I could understand the movement of magical power.

If you can see the flow of opponent’s magical power, you will be able to quickly respond by looking through the initial movement.

It is an infinite eye.

However, the brain screams without catching up with the amount of information that has increased all at once because it is too visible.

After a while, with the power of 【Super Restoration】 and 【Growth Limit Breakthrough】, the brain will grow to withstand that information.

“Father, it is an eye that looks good” (Rougue)

“I’m relieved to hear that. I will teach you how to do this, someday, because Rougue will do it for your child” (Kian)

“Yes, I will inherit it without fail” (Rougue)

The secret art created by the principal of Towerhades.

This can be said to be the top secret among the secrets of Towerhades.

“There is good news and we can finally realise what Rougue wanted for a long time.” (Kian)

“No way, did you find a magical teacher !?” (Rougue)

It was something that had long been awaiting.

Magic cannot be learned without a master.

Because there was a special education on the teaching side, neither my father nor my mother could be taught. That’s why you can not use magic though you get used to handling magical powers.

I can create magic with 【Weaving magic】and I wanted to know magic as soon as possible and to be able to handle it.

“Well, next week we will have a magical teacher, stop training for a while and concentrate on preparing for that.” (Kian)

“Yes, I understand” (Rougue)

Magic, power that was not in the original world.

To kill the brave, that will be the key.

However, there was more pure interest in magic than that. I was looking forward to learning magic.



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