Episode 4: Assassin learns magic

My mother is a strange person.

She likes cooking by herself, and that dish is also gorgeous, rather than luxurious, home-grown.

In the first place, she is not very interested in luxury, and she has only a minimum amount of jewellery and dresses.

The occupation pattern in the table, the invitation letters of tea ceremonies and parties coming as mountains to the Towerhades family were avoided as much as possible.

At the end of the campaign, she sews clothes.

“I think that this clothes will look good on Rougue.” (Esri)

“… is certainly cute, but I feel like a girl, and I guess it’s a bit difficult to move” (Rougue)

Strangely fluttering, it pushes with excessive decorations.

It’s a design I do not like very much.

Rather than that, don’t common boys hate these things?

However, as I say it, she has a sad face, and she will say something like this.

“Well, Rougue, do not you want to wear it?” (Esri)

“That, sorry” (Rougue)

“Mum made it, by all means, trying hard… please!” (Esri)

Mother put her hands together and lowers his head.

“I think this is the clothes that girls wear” (Rougue)

I do not understand her so I will say straight.

“But I think that it will suit you absolutely!” (Esri)

“Mothers, you admit that I am like a woman…” (Rougue)

“Today’s dinner will be a roast of specially made ducks that Rougue likes!” (Esri)

I was born in this house, I grew up love and I grew up to understand love. I am deeply grateful for that.

Therefore, I am striving to be a good son to these people.

Still, clothes like a girl…

I am gazing at my eyes at my mother.

“Okay, I’ll wear it, but instead, make a duck roast,” (Rougue)

“Please leave it up to me!” (Esri)

“… I will not forgive only that much…  Most importantly, today is the day the magical teacher comes, is not it wrong?” (Rougue)

“That is true.” (Esri)

Today is finally the day to master magic!

Father and Mother can’t teach it themselves, so they called a professional. There is a qualification to teach magic.

When I was playing as my mother’s dress-up doll, it seems that the magic teacher came at last… I was saved.

“Mothers is already satisfied so I will change to the original clothes now, I will not be able to meet my teacher like this.” (Rougue)

“What are you talking about? You are going to go, so I sew clothes for that.” (Esri)

Really? And appealed with eyes, he nodded and tightened the clothes I was wearing to her chest so that she will not be robbed of me.

My mother is having fun.

Called by the servant, I go to the drawing room.

There was a girl with a robe in the form of a magician, and her follower, and when she took off the hood, silvery hair flowed smoothly.

It was the first time I saw a silver hair other than myself and my mother. I thought it was a very beautiful child.

The problem is that age.

Probably about ten years old.

However, it is not good to judge by appearance. Even I am wearing the power to be able to easily kill if it is already an ordinary soldier or knight.

Indeed, her magical power is strong.

Magic powers became visible after surgery of the eyes, and the girl’s magical power surpassed the father by far.

There is no doubt that it is a nobility or a knight at the magician’s time, but this amount of magical power, quite the noble bloodline.

There are exceptions, but if parents do not possess magical power, children with magical power will not be born, and if their parents have strong magical power, that child also has strong magical powers.

Traditionally, this country has heavily used magical powers, and the higher aristocracy multiplies the strong blood to make a strong child. In many cases, the strength of magical power is proportional to family history.

That is why, despite being a nobleman, the head of Towerhade himself assassinates nobles… Nobility can only be killed by a nobleman.

My father appeared, he told the girl to sit on the sofa, and as he sat, I follow it.

Herbal tea is being brought.

“I am sorry that you are busy where you got a visit”(Kian)

“Do not worry, that’s the request of that Towerhades, it’s a benefactor of Vicone, it’s also a thief.” (girl)

“Hahaha, it is harsh”(Kian)

There was an inclusion when saying “that”.

Perhaps it is saying the other side. Though the people that know the back are considerably limited, the aristocratic name of Vicone should not be in the Kingdom of Alvin. Who is she?

“Well, that child will become my disciple, I heard you are a boy?” (girl)

“… I am a man.” (Rougue)

After all, it seems so when it is this clothes. My mother is troubling me.

“This dress is my wife’s hobby.” (Kian)

“Is it not too young to remember magic?” (girl)

“Rougue is special, although it may be unbelievable, this boy is superior to most of his subordinates, at the age of seven, both front and back, as well as Dia, is a genius.” (Kian)

“I will teach you the basics in two weeks, but if this genius, Dia Vicone does not have the talent to teach it, it will be a waste of time and training will be discontinued” (girl)

My father nods.

I decided to use the courtyard without using the training room in the mansion.

“Well, I’ll introduce myself anew, I am Dia Vicone, I am ten years old but I have a lot more magic than adults.” (Dia)

“I am Rougue Towerhades, I ask for the guidance of magic, the age is now 7 years old” (Rougue)

“Regardless, whatever you do, you must first know the strength of magical powers, after all, it is useless to teach anything without a certain amount of magical power” (Dia)

That said, prepare a transparent colourless marble tool.

“Rougue, you can manoeuvre magical power, can you not?” (Dia)

“I learnt it from my father.” (Rougue)

“Honorifics are okay, my shoulders get stiff and there is a sense of distance” (Dia)

“Because Dia is the master.” (Rougue)

“That’s the case. Let’s be lighter, roughly it’s stupid to be exhausted except being exhausted through magic.” (Dia)

I do not really understand what you mean but I will follow what my teacher says.

… Silver hair and a nice face, the atmosphere is somewhat different, but still resembles my mother.

“I understand, I will quit honorific words, so what to do with that ball?” (Rougue)

I leave Honorifics and make myself the as when I am with my father and mother.

I felt it was best to do so. Dia smiles satisfactorily.

“Grab it and pour magical powers, until the magical power becomes empty, then you will know the amount of magical power” (Dia)

I nod and begin to put in magical power.

It seems that this kind of marbles has the property to put in magical powers.

Just put magical powers, keep on pouring. Deer who nodded as she was going to be quiet at first, but after a minute or more she began to cold sweat.

“It’s funny to still have magical power still while maintaining its release for one minute!” (Dia)

“There is still more power” (Rougue)

It’s not a lie. My magical power is still using only about a fifth.

The evidence shows that there is no decline in the magical power flowing in this way.

This marbling is amazing.

Until now, I have experimented with something else but the metals that I used were annihilated.

“Well, that’s right, if you can continue, do it.” (Dia)

“All right.” (Rougue)

From then on continue to turn on the magical power.

Three minutes later, Dia was completely amazed.

… To tell the truth, my magical power is nearly a thousand times that of an ordinary man.

Even though magic could not be used, I kept using magical powers continuously. I got information from this world from the goddess, I also learned how to increase the amount of magical power.

Magical power rises as you use it. However, it will rise by only about 0.01% by spending the magical power to the limit.

It would take three days for an ordinary person to recover the empty magical power. Even if the magical power is exhausted every time it becomes full, for one year, depending on whether the amount of magical power increases by 1% or not, it will gradually increase by 10% after continuing patiently for ten years. Maintaining the release of magical power gives bad fatigue, so there really is no one who has done it before.

However, in my case, since magical power recovers at a hundredfold pace in 【Super recovery】, magical power training can be carried out with efficiency more than a hundredfold, since the physical strength recovers at ultra fast, fatigue by magical discharge does not become difficult.

In theory, you can make the amount of magical power 3.3 times in one year. Moreover, the recovery rate of 【Super recovery】 goes up steadily with proficiency and further improves efficiency.

Always a large amount of magical power being dripped down, the magical power which was born big has already expanded to 1,000 times. Without 【Growth limit breakthrough】, the limit of growth would have been reached… This is one of the reasons why we chose 【Super Recovery】 and 【Growth limit breakthrough】.

“No, no matter how much, that amount is strange!” (Dia)

However, it is only saying that the magical power it possesses is only 1000 times. The amount that can be released at one time also increased little by little, but it is hard to increase much more than increasing the amount of magical power, about five times that of an ordinary person. This is far from killing the brave.

That is why I am interested in this marble.

If you can put enormous magical power in and release the magical power confined in marbles at the same time in case of momentarily, supplement magical release amount at low moment with magical power holding amount.

To respond to that feeling, the marble made a loud noise and a cracking noise was heard.

At that moment, Dia’s face turned pale and then turned red.

“Throw it! As strong as possible! Throw it up with all your strength!” (Dia)

In the reaction of Dear, I will predict what will happen next, so I will do exactly as it was said.

Turn all magical powers to strengthen my physical ability and throw the marble high in the sky.

Even though he is a seven-year-old child, the enhanced physical ability is high due to the synergistic effect of Towerhades genius education and 【Super recovery】, and much more, it strengthens the body with five times the magical power of an ordinary person.

The marble cannot be seen for a moment… A big explosion shining blue in the sky has occurred.

It was good to throw at full power.

If the explosion happened near the surface of the earth, it was so powerful that you can think that the mansion would be gone.

Although it was an explosion far above, the air trembled, the mansion shook, a few of the glass windows broke.

My father and mother came and my father opened his mouth toward Dia.

“Dia, how are you now?” (Kian)

“I am sorry, I try to measure the magical power of Rougue” (Dia0)

“In other words, did Rougue do?” (Kian)

With sharp eyes, my father shoots through Dia.

“No, no, it’s my fault,” (Dia)

“I’m not listening to that kind of thing, I’m asking if Rougue caused it.” (Kian)

“Well, well, well, but it’s not the fault of Rougue, it was because of me if you get angry, do it at me!” (Dia)

Even though she is like an adult, she still seems to be a child, and Dia closes her eyes while trembling.

I wonder if I think I will hurt my head.

But, that is not the case… Because my father does not get mad at all in the first place.

“That’s amazing! Esri, have you heard it?” (Kian)

“Yes, it is our son! It’s like using such a tremendous power magic!” (Esri)

“Well, but its not suited to assassination, it is rather a war-oriented magic, Dia, please tell the magic oriented towards assassination” (Kian)

“Haha, huh, yeah yeah, do you not get angry?” (Dia)

“Well, the first magic of the Rougue was wonderful, it was good to leave it to Dia.” (Esri)

While laughing, my father and mother will come back to the house.

The two parents may not care about the matter except its that their son caused that explosion.

“… They are amazing people” (Dia)

Dia thought very carefully and chose words.

“So, Dia. Although the story will change, can you tell me about that transparent ball, where can I get it? That was wonderful – anyway I want a number of them.” (Rougue)

“That, it is a kind of secret treasure of my territory, it is something of a kind that can not be handed over to other people in the other territory” (Dia)

“Chi” (Rougue)

“Why are you talking about them anyway?” (Dia)

“If you get that in large quantities, it will be useful, you can make amazing weapons.”

In order to get the means to kill the brave, I was studying various other than to train magic and body.

One of them is the development of firearms.

However, I had difficulty obtaining the necessary gunpowder for that purpose. If it is about black powder, you can collect materials and build it on your own, but if it is a higher performance gunpowder, material gathering and mixing are severe.

On that point, this marble is wonderful.

With this explosive power, it is comparable to a tank cannon… or more, you can make a thing of power that matches that of a battleship cannon.

I just wanted a number of them as soon as I thought so.

“… In a variety of ways, it is influenced by my parents, but as I said, I can not hand it over to other people. And I am measuring magical powers anyway, but it is impossible to measure anything but it is enough to know that there is enough amount of magical power. How much does magical power remain with bodily sensation by the way?” (Dia)

“About two-thirds are left.” (Rougue)

“It looks like I’m jealous… but a magician is not the only amount of magical power! Let’s go to next part!” (Dia)

“Oh, Dia” (Rougue)

“What is it?” (Dia)

“That ball, is it really useless to try to get?” (Rougue)

“Give up!” (Dia)

After all, it is regrettable.

At least I found out that you can get it if you go to the territory of Dia. Let’s do our best to get it.

Anything, if you get that high performance gunpowder, the amount of magical release that is too small for the tank. Both of those troubles are resolved, and they are closely approaching assassination of the brave.

I am also looking for ways to avoid the brave, but I will not neglect to prepare for the assassination.

And let’s be careful. Preparation is over. Finally, I can use magic from now.



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