Prologue: Assassin gets incarnated

Isaac – This is my first translation, it is only auto translated with an edit, so it you find an error in grammar please tell me.


I am sat on the seat of a passenger aircraft.

I have finished my overseas work and am returning to Japan.

Assassins are only present in fiction.

That would be common sense for the majority of people.

But, please think calmly.

There is no way to eliminate enemies more efficiently and quickly than assassination, and those who have money and power have more enemies to eliminate.

If there is demand, it is natural that there is a supply.

So, there are assassins like me.

“… the last job also ended as usual” (Unnamed MC)

That assassin’s work is retired today.

I was called the best assassin of the era but even a president of a certain country “died of illness” I cannot win over old age.

My next job is decided.

I will become a teacher at a facility where you learn the skills necessary to be an assassin.

In order to be an assassin, it is necessary to have extremely advanced and professional skills and the firmness of the mouth that never leaks information out.

Such talent is not found often.

From now on I will grow up the children who have found talent.

And it produces an assassin like me.

I thought so…

Unfortunately, the story seems to be different.

The aircraft shakes greatly with an explosion.

The altitude of the aircraft rapidly goes down.

“Although I can understand that you can dispose of unusable tools to seal their mouths, you should not do it here to kill one person… You think that you can not kill me if you don’t do this, it seems that it has been done. ” (Unnamed MC)

Again,  I got old. I could not predict such a situation.

Rising from the audience seats, I ran into panicking crews who heard the sounds.

Hack the door of the cockpit room and push it in… Of course, there were those who got in the way of me coming here but I put them to sleep.

In the cockpit room, the captain and the head of the deputy manager were blown away.

It is still good if only that.

Assassins require a wide variety of skills. I can do as much as manoeuvring a passenger aircraft.

… If the console had not been blown up with the head of the deputy manager, it’s a different story.

Close my eyes.

In any situation, I will do my best if there is even 0.01% possibility of survival. That is my policy.

Mobilise all kinds of experience and knowledge to find the best hand.

… There is still something I can do to survive.

Altitude gradually goes down.

Even though it is impossible to successfully land this aircraft, it is possible for only one person to survive.

“It was faster than I thought” (Unnamed MC)

A fighter plane loaded with missiles was approaching outside the window.

Currently, it is flying over the city area.

In this state, the aircraft will crash into the urban area, causing huge damage.

In the calculation, it should take up to ten minutes for arrival, but it seems that is impossible.

A missile was fired.

Well, regrettably, if only it crashes there was a way to survive.

Close my eyes.

An air-to-air missile, AIM-92.

There is no passenger aircraft or even debris left.

Its the case that I will not even feel pain.

My life was regrettable.

As a tool of the organisation, I was betrayed after killing my emotions and just fulfilling their orders faithfully.

After being trampled on even with my loyalty, I  have doubts about my organisation and my life.

If there is a next life, let’s live for myself, not as someone’s tool.

If I use this technique, knowledge and experience for myself…

Open my eyes.

That was a shrine.

If you say, it resembles the Parthenon temple. A stone old white shrine.

Let’s analyse the current situation. I can not help but do that in this situation.

Was it just a dream just a while ago?

“No, it is not. It was the reality. When you were a retired assassin, you were assassinated.” (???)

A woman with white hair and white clothes smiles. No, it’s not only hair and clothes, everything is white even the pupils.

What could be more beautiful?

Every element is made too perfect with golden ratio too perfect, a deviation from a person.

But why is there a frank tone that spoils all this?

“… Hmm, can you explain this?” (Unnamed MC)

“I invited your dead soul here, by the way, I am a goddess.” (Goddess)

“Something like calling a dead man each time, huh? Well, considering the number of deceased people, does God have as much time as the number of stars… or is it special to call me, does it mean something? ” (Unnamed MC)

“That’s right.” (Goddess)

I got a bad feeling.

From the moment, I am trying to confirm the genuineness of the movement of the facial muscle, the intonation of voice, sweating, such elements.

However, the goddess and the fellows are too natural as if unnatural, as if they know the points that I am trying to read, they feel uncomfortable as if they are acting.

I can do something similar, but I can not do it perfectly so far. As is an impossible area for people.

That fact confirms that at least the presence in front of you is not a person.

“Then, let me know why you called me.” (Unnamed MC)

“You are clever, you have the choices: One is to be reborn as someone who is unknown by emptying the soul, the other one, I will incarnate you into another world leaving knowledge and experience after receiving my request ” (Goddess)

The former, it is no longer me but a different person.

In the latter case, it would be synonymous with this life in a sense.

It is attractive that life will continue.

I lived as a tool to kill people and regretted it at the last minute because I was betrayed by my owner at the end.

However, considering the reason why this goddess chose me, there is only one request to be asked, which is not preferable.

“It’s about the request, but who would you want me to kill?” (Unnamed MC)

“The story is to assassinate the Brave in a sword and magic fantasy world, the deadline is until 18 years after you were born.” (Goddess)

“A world of sword and magic? Brave, is not it fantasy?” (Unnamed MC)

At the same time as I ask questions, information of the world flows into my head altogether.

The structure of the world, the definition of magic, the culture of that era, the level of technology, about the brave… Indeed, this is different from Earth.

“Why the Brave? Why do you need to kill them?” (Unnamed MC)

“After sixteen years, the hero will save the world by defeating the demon kingdom,  but then using their great power for their desire and personal interests which will become a great turmoil much worse than the demon kingdom, and after 18 years the world will be completely ruined so please kill them and save the world. ” (Goddess)

“After the defeat of the devil, the hero is unnecessary?” (Unnamed MC)

Somewhere, there is something like affinity between them.

There is a technique called magic, and some human being’s physical abilities surpass the humans on Earth.

At the technical level between the Middle Ages and early modern times, however, magic is abnormally developed.

So, to reincarnate just to kill the brave?

“Because the brave who killed the Devil has become unnecessary, we will dispose of it?” (Unnamed MC)

God put her hand to her chin and smiles to my spirit.

“I chose an assassin because it is not a warrior, a knight or a magician, only an assassin can kill a brave within the framework of humans.” (Goddess)

“Well, I guess I have to kill a monster outside the standard while being a normal human being within the standards?” (Unnamed MC)

With the common sense given earlier, there is a limit to the performance of a human being born in the world.

A brave is an existence that has largely penetrated its limit, and it is an overwhelming superior existence from the time of being born.

And the goddess can not make a special human besides the brave, and only one brave can exist at a time.

There is no one to stop them if the brave fights against humans. In “Battle” no one can defeat a brave.

That’s why “assassination”?

“I understand with the information I got from you, the brave and the strength of the brave, with the information you gave me. To kill them performance close to the upper limit of a person is necessary.” (Unnamed MC)

“Yeah, I will cooperate with that, theoretically the strongest spec of people… let’s pick the skills that should be random.” (Goddess)

Numerous skills that float in my mind.

In the world of sword and magic, people are given up to five skills when born.

From as many skills as the number of stars, 1 to 5 are random.

It is great to choose it freely.

It’s not only the merit of choosing powerful skills.

You can exercise great power by combining.

“I will give you three days … To learn the skills and choose five if you accept my request. ” (Goddess)

“I will accept the request, I still want to continue my life, let me hear a couple of things before that, in the common sense I got, the goddess seems to be unable to excessively interfere with the world, but it does not hurt to reincarnate me from another world Is not it?” (Unnamed MC)

“Yes, it is safe, just supplementing with a soul shortage due to the lack of soul, it happened that the soul’s bleaching was sweet and memory and knowledge remained, just happened to be a high-performance body, I just luckily withdrew a strong skill by luck. Well, in a human body, whatever is “normal” can not win against the brave. ” (Goddess)

It is easy to understand.

“Next, you said that you can kill within 18 years. Is it okay to get rid of it as soon as it is possible?” (Unnamed MC)

“Ah, that’s no good. At least, please wait until the brave man kill the demon king since the king cannot be killed unless he is a brave man, the world will perish if they aren’t defeated.” (Unnamed MC)

“Of course, I only want you to save the world, if you can save it without killing the brave, that is also good.” (Goddess)

The goddess replied laughing meaningfully.

It conveyed her intention not to allow further questions.

“I understand, I will incarnate in the world of sword and magic… There is one request, can I incarnate into a wealthy house, where there is an environment to train skill and body” (Unnamed MC)

“Oh, do not worry if that’s the request, because you will incarnate into the house of the best assassins in the other world, the assassin aristocrat house Towerhades.” (Goddess)

The goddess has disappeared.

And I laugh.

Even if you are reborn, I have to assassinate.

It also has an assassination that is more difficult than any target in my previous life.

If there is another life, I swore to decide on my own will, but it is hard to hear that I will become someone’s tool right from the beginning.

But I’m not going to complain.

Because we have a grace period of 18 years, we get the reward of being alive after the end of the life just by killing only one person.

I will live with my own will, next life I will find and get what I call happiness.




16 thoughts on “Prologue: Assassin gets incarnated

    1. Have you thought about using Grammarly? If I remember correctly, it should be a free service for PC and for mobile.

      As a native English speaker this is a bit hard to follow along. Might I suggest using a symbol of some kind to break sections of the text where needed? Such as at the top of the text where you have a Translator Note then jump into the story, there is no defined break there. Using something like this:


      Or this:


      This can really help break apart text where needed; not just between a TLN but also with scene changes that may be obvious if there were images with the text but is not as obvious when just reading text.
      At first it was confusing as to whether or not you were mentioning something about yourself or it was the start of the story.

      I hope you don’t take this as some sort of complaint, but rather advice from a native English speaker on things he noticed while reading this chapter.


    2. I’m sorry, I’m sorry but what the fuck is this shit, i mean I know this is your first time but only using Google Translate will do something like this, try Grammarly, it will probably help alot


  1. Thanks for the translation, I think this migth turn out to be really interesting. I am not sucha an expert in english to go around correcting people, but it will be fine to define where he is speaking to himslef only or to him included in a group, like this line here ‘Because we have a grace period of 18 years, we get the reward of being alive after the end of the life just by killing only one person.’ who we is he refering there, I though he was alone, shouldn’t be I or me?? Just stuff like that, but a really good translation none the less, keep up the good work.


  2. here are four suggestions

    I am sat on the seat of a passenger aircraft.
    get rid of am

    In any situation, I will do my best if there is even 0.01% possibility of survival. That is my policy.
    In any situation, I will do my best if there is even 0.01% chance of survival. That is my policy.

    That was a shrine.
    There was a shrine.

    If you say, it resembles the Parthenon temple. A stone old white shrine.
    If you say, it resembles the Parthenon temple. An old white stone shrine.


  3. This MC doesn’t learn a damn thing
    Gets assassinated after retiring on Earth
    doesn’t think the Goddess will send another assassin after him once he’s done his job


    1. It does make sense, the goddess doesn’t give a damn about the individuals in the world but, she does care about the big picture.


  4. Well at least the translation is better than pure MTL. Though it’s hard to follow the dialogue at times. .

    I hope the mc doesn’t kill the Hero/Brave, since the god herself said it he just needs to prevent the hero to lead the world into ruin after the demon king is dead, maybe he can become a friend or a teacher to the hero.

    I’m tired of harems where no other male character has a place in the story.


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