Episode 5: Assassin does an aptitude test

Instead of a marble-like stone Dia exploded, she took out a new stone.

Magic is more dangerous than I thought, it can cause a massive explosion just by measuring magical powers.

Therefore, it also becomes a powerful weapon.

The magical power put in that stone is one-third of my capacity with the power of 1000 people.

In other words, the magical power of three hundred normal wizards has been drained.

However, it only happened with magical powers.

If the aim is to make an explosion could be taken into consideration, it will be able to raise the power more… wonderful.

I want that ball.

“Why are you watching over with greed?” (Dia)

It seems that my greed has been read, Dia who is my teacher holds a marble like it is.

“I can’t get it now, but what is the name of the ball?” (Rougue)

“Faalstone” (Dia)

I will remember it.

It says that it can be taken in the territory of Dia, but surely it can not be only mined there.

“Rougue, I will give Faalstone a second time, but we can’t have another explosion, so now pour in magical power for only ten seconds. Normally, if you really measure it, I measure the amount of magical power and see the stone to see attributes, but it’s a hassle and we have do it twice because of the explosion.” (Dia)

“I’m sorry” (Rougue)

“No, you do not have to apologise, I knew it would explode if I exceeded the limits” (Dia)

After pouring magical power as she is said I return the Faalstone.

Dia holds it.

“Well, first I will try fire” (Dia)

The transparent stone glows red.

“The aptitude attribute of Rougue is fire, there are possibilities of double attribute, so. we will test the others” (Dia)

After saying that, the colour of the crystal returned to transparency again, and then the colour changed to light blue.

“Ah, great, there is also water aptitude, a child with a double attribute, for the first time except me, super rare, I can brag about it” (Dia)

“Well, then, would you try out the remaining two attributes?” (Rougue)

“Okay… but I have never heard of more than double attributes… Why is it the attribute of the earth!? No way! All attribute magician! What? It was a real existence!!” (Dia)

I was chosen by the goddess.

However, with the of using four attributes, there is a disadvantage that the improvement speed of each attribute is less than half… Well, it is a demerit that is easy to compensate with the power of 【Super recovery】.

“It seems like that, if you know the amount of magical power and its attributes, what would you do next?” (Rougue)

“… I can not believe it… Well, I guess I may have gotten used to it. I no longer will be surprised about anything with Rogue… I’ll tell you exactly, it’s magic next.” (Dia)

That’s it, stand behind me and her the slender hand against my neck. It is cold.

“Good? You seem to use magical powers from every day but magic is another thing. To use magic you need to convert the attribute of magical power… I will help that… The first attribute transformation is intense that it will be an experience that remains in memory, so if a poor teacher guides it, you will get a strange habit.” (Dia)

“Dia is not a bad master?” (Rougue)

“I promise a wonderful first experience better than anyone… Ah, that is not in the strange way!” (Dia)

There cannot be such a meaning.

It is a strange child.

Mysterious force flows from into my neck.

Did you convert the magical powers inside of me like you changed the magical power put in the Faalstone stone?

“Concentrate on it Rougue. It’s my good attribute, feel the change in magical power with your skin, carve it into your heart.” (Dia)

As she says, I close your eyes and feel the change in magical power in your body.

I will memorise the sense that magical power is transformed and changed shape.

It is comfortable.

However, the end will come to such a comfortable time.

Dia takes her hand off.

“You remembered it, now you try it.” (Dia)

“Thank you for a wonderful first experience…” (Rougue)

I remembered the feeling in my body. So I can now do it.

As Dia leads, change colourless magical power to earth attribute.

“It’s still very rough, it’s not meaningless even if you can’t convert it well because your magical power is large, at most its 60% conversion efficiency for ordinary magicians, but since I am teaching, the goal is at least 80% conversion efficiency.” (Dia)

Only the magical power whose attribute has been converted can be used for magic.

In other words, all magical powers that could not be converted become lost.

Indeed, my father carefully selected my master.

If you make a strange habit from a poor master, that magician suffers a loss of magical transformation all his life.

I got a really good master.

I know by trying it myself.

How wonderful is the Magical Conversion that Dia casually caught?

I will remember, that technique.

“Well, even I will not be able to do that easily, I have been training for years, it is so amazing, the made progress you made so far.” (Dia)

“The model is good, but still far away from Dia.” (Rougue)

“My pride would be crushed if you catch up with me from the first day… Even though it is said that I am a genius… Magical attribute transformation is fundamental. I enjoy training every day. And Rougue has four attributes so it is quadruple the amount of training.” (Dia)

Let’s practice little by little everyday.

That kind of thing like a figure floats like a letter which I have not seen in my mind when I am enhancing the magical power of the soil attribute.

“Ah, that face, you learned magic” (Dia)

“Is this magic?” (Rougue)

“Yeah, when you make more than a certain amount of attribute magic, you receive a revelation from God and you learn magic.” (Dia)

“… It certainly floats in my mind, how do you use this?” (Rougue)

I can not even read it, characters I do not understand.

“Cast while enhancing the magical power which converted the attribute… You should read the letters floating in your mind.” (Dia)

Pronunciation, accent, it is completely different from the language of this country and heterogeneous. A chunk of lead is born from her hand when the cast is over.

“This is the magic that first comes up in the soil attribute, the magic that creates lead. The more you use the magic, the more new magic will float on the mind. The god gives us new magic. This is a soft lead I created it, but if I train more, I can produce a harder iron! ” (Dia)

Iron certainly has hardness, but separately lead is not backwards compatible with iron.

And, I finally understood. Does this mean that you can use only the technique given from God normally?

It is interesting that more magic repeatedly increases magic that can be used to the mind.

“I want to try it, but I can not read such a strange letter, tell me how to read the characters floating in my head.” (Rougue)

“Yeah, that’s basic, since magical letters are correct pronunciation, the correctness of pronunciation affects accuracy and power” (Dia)

“Magical transformation and pronunciation, both are important, it is quite difficult” (Rougue)

“Because there are a lot of troublesome weak points, too many people do not use magic at all from the beginning.” (Dia)

“Is it true? Even magic that produces lead that I showed now seems convenient.” (Rougue)

Even just throwing a lead mass makes it a good weapon.

To be able to take out weapons at any time is a great strength. Especially in assassination, it saves the trouble of hiding a weapon.

“I said that not only is it troublesome but also has weak points. The magical power has been said to have the power of 100 people of the general public in the battlefield, but that is by wearing magical power it improves physical ability and defence power. But while chanting, since magical power is poured into magic, physical ability and defence power will not change from ordinary people, it is quite dangerous, so you can understand that you will not use it from the beginning after learning it.” (Dia)


It is fatal to become unprotected especially at such a distance that a blade reaches.

Still magic has a possibility.

… and besides, I gained the power to create the magic of 【Weaving magic】, it is a waste not to use.

Magic that produces lead, and magic that produces iron in the upper part.

Then, by modifying the technique with 【Weaving magic】, is not it possible to create magic that can produce more suitable metal for battle?

For example, Titanium is suitable for weapons with about 60% of the weight while maintaining almost the same hardness as iron.

Ultra-heavy and super hard tungsten.

A titanium lightweight and durable knife weapon, if you make a spear or bullet with ultra hard and penetrating power with tungsten, it will be a big increase in fighting power.

In this era technology, weapons are poor quality iron with at most impurities mixed.

The ability to use weapons of stronger metals has great advantage alone.

In itself, it is amazing to say that you can produce metal from scratch. For example, if you create a super-heavy metal after jumping high, you will be tremendously kinetic energy simply by dropping it.

… In addition, is not it a pseudo firearm if you bullet bullets created by soil magic with the explosion of fire magic?

If you can produce Faalstone with magic, you can make a big firebomb at any time.

At one stroke, countless possibilities have come to light. Just use one magic. If you know other magic I will have more ideas.

First, I do not mind that I can not protect my body with magical power while chanting. I am not a warrior but an assassin.

“Well, what have you being thinking?” (Dia)

“Oh, sorry” (Rougue)

Just thinking, I’m excited.

However, such verification is still good.

I need to remember magical characters first, I must be able to pronounce and perfect the chant.

It can only be applied until ordinary magic can fully be cast.

Dia will tell me the perfect pronunciation.



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