Episode 6: Assassin creates a new magic

Magical expressions are floating in my mind are drawn with unknown characters, and magic cannot be used if I cannot read it.

I am learning magical characters from Dia.

There are 36 types of magical characters, and after learning the sounds, I learn what changes their pronunciation depending on the order of the letters.

In any case, I would like to know not only the pronunciation but also the meaning of magical characters, but it seems Dia doesn’t know.

…using【Weaving magic】to create new magic seems to be a struggle.

If you do not know the meaning of magical characters you can not write a new magic.

Even so, Dia is a really good teacher.

Her pronunciation is beautiful.

I understand again the meaning that the partner to be taught is important. As for pronunciation, it is very important who taught from the beginning. If you remember bad pronunciation, you will have a hard time correcting it.  TLN-Like being taught a second language by someone with a weird accent and learning it wrong. 

There are one hundred and fourteen kinds of magical characters with thirty-six letters, and special patterns to change the pronunciation.

After Dia read it out once, I remembered all of it.

“Why can you remember once by listening?” (Dia)

“I am confident in my memory, though my tongue is not catching up” (Rougue)

After-acquired know-how for strengthening memory ability existed, I was running as a matter of course.

In addition to that, the eyes of Towerhades are overlooked, so that it continues to exert an overwhelming load on the brain by the amount of information. I have 【Super recovery】 and 【Growth limit breakthrough】so I had evolved the brain to withstand that load.

In addition, since I had learnt ten languages ​​in the previous life, it is easier to learn languages.

However, comparing my pronunciation and Dia’s pronunciation is still awkward. My tongue does not turn around because I use muscles I usually do not use. TLN-He can’t pronounce the words as he hasn’t even spoken words similar to them before

“Muu, I can not accept it… I had a hard time… Anyway, since I have only one magic that Rougue can currently use, I will read it first.” (Dia)

Dia, of course, is talking about the first magic of earth attribute. She wrote out the magic that produces lead and pronounces it slowly while tracing it with her finger. Then lead was created from the palm.

I urge her to try the next part.

She nods and reads it with me.

It somehow became a shape, and we were able to produce the lead. Although I was watching the invocation of the magic of Dia with eyes of Towerhades, I still have a lot of magic wasted compared with Dia, and compared to the case where Dia made a square of lead, this one is distorted and consumed more magical power.

Let’s confirm the magic waste with this eye each time when practising. By doing so I can approach the correct pronunciation.

There is no doubt that I am immature, but there is no guarantee that Dia’s pronunciation is perfect.

“Is this a magic or just fun?” (Rougue)

It is troublesome but interesting. I would like to use more magic.

“Yeah, I was also excited when I used magic for the first time but we can try a better magic.” (Dia)

“Well, we don’t have to wait for another magic to come to my mind, can’t you use it if you read what you had someone write down for you, you can activate if you read magic and read the technique?” (Rougue)

“Indeed it might be so. Let’s try it? I will write one magic of earth attribute that Rougue does not know… Would it be better to chant this now?” (Dia)

“No, it’s okay just to activate it.” (Rougue)

The technique and length are almost the same as before. Instead, it is the same operation formula for 90 percent of it. He might have chosen such magic as carefully as to be easy to cast.

Magic is completed.

Metal is born just as before. It is iron this time.

The amount of magical power consumed has increased, as the metal that it produces has changed.

“Lie, I really can do it… Wonder … I would think it’s natural it I was told, why did no one ever think of that?” (Dia)

And by activating the iron and lead articulation ceremony, there was one inspiration.

The technique to produce iron and lead is 90 per cent, the same formula.

It seems natural to think that you designate metals that will be created in the fifth part of the difference.

… Would it be possible to produce the desired substance by rewriting this part of the formula?

However, I do not know yet how to rewrite even if I know the difference. Because I do not know the meaning of magical characters and formulas.

Still, there is a way to identify.

“There is a dependence on Dia for my idea, I want all of the techniques that Dia knows to be written out, demonstrated, and teach the effect” (Rougue)

Analyse and analyse various surgical expressions and effects.

Even by analysing each operation type to some extent the meaning of the formula can be inferred, but it is more efficient to compare the effects of multiple types of magic more than that and see common points and differences to understand the meaning of the magical expression.

As the number of magical samples increases, its accuracy goes up.

“Why are you asking for such a terrible thing?” (Dia)TLN-She is talking about the high magical power cost of using them all as it will fatigue her

“Comparing the techniques of iron and lead, I realised that they are almost the same, I am changing the metals produced by that slight difference… if you look at more techniques and you look at common points and differences, you can specify the meaning of the magical expression, if you understand the meaning, you can rewrite it and create new magic.” (Rougue)

“… Wow, I understand, I will show them all” (Dia)

She started working.

Dia uses nine dirt magics, seven fire magic, writes everything down, gives an explanation of the effects.

When they are over, we will find the common part and the difference of the operation type based on the effect of the operation ceremony.

… Her head spinning is very fast. She has more intuition than I imagined.

She found out some regularity that I overlooked.

And when we discuss the regularity between us, a new idea is born. We didn’t notice the time going quickly and the sun had started setting.

This time is truly a pleasant experience. Suddenly, I thought that she was pretty, looking at Dia who shines her eyes and speaks her own way. I am feeling this for the first time.

“Rougue, are you listening to me properly?” (Dia)

“Oh, oh, I’m listening properly” (Rougue)

“I think that figures are written here, but here is the difference between the magic that produces lead and the magic that creates iron magic, if you look at these three techniques, there is a number that will fit… The numbers are written in each of the three items, lead is 11.3, 327.5, 207.2, iron is 7.8, 1540, 55.8… I do not understand the meaning. If you do not understand the meaning of the numbers, I do not know if I can rewrite it.” (Dia)

If it is said, if that magical character is a number, there are parts that it can be understood by other techniques.

Besides, the numbers written on lead and iron are not proper figures.

“Lead is 11.3, 327.5, 207.2. Iron is 7.8, 1540, 55.8… This is not coincidental, well noticed… Can you make a replacement table of numbers and magical characters?” (Rougue)

“Yes, I can, yes, this” (Dia)

While looking at the table made by Dia, we will modify the technique to produce a lead.

11.3 to 10.5, 327.5 to 961.9, 207.2 to 107.9.

I only rewrote the three items.

But, if my assumption is correct, I will get what I want.

Started chanting, the magic was completed, and a silver cube was born

“This is silver, I have never heard of magic that produces silver” (Dia)

“It is as I thought, the three numbers were parameters that specified the metal to call” (Rougue)

“Please say somewhat easier to understand” (Dia)

“The three figures show specific gravity, melting point, atomic weight, so if you use lead parameters as silver parameters you can produce silver.” (Rougue)

“I do not understand any more…” (Dia) TLN-What did he expect talking about science from Earth, they might slightly understand the melting point but i doubt they know anything about atomic weight or much about gravity.

While being excited, I will modify it to two more techniques.

I did both.

“Hahaha, I got it, titanium and tungsten I thought would never get in this world …… There must be some magic to deform the metal freely” (Rougue)

Immediately, cast it there.

I changed the shape of titanium to a knife and shook it towards the garden tree. It’s a good sharpness. It’s lighter than anything.

In the era when weapons were made with a lot of impurities, we could make a knife of titanium that is 60% heavier and highly resistant to deterioration, although it is somewhat inferior to iron… In this world, it is the ability to make even a magical sword and you can bring it anywhere no matter where it is.

Then tungsten. Extremely rare metals with extremely strong and extremely hard metal. You can make it as long as you have magical power… This is a terrible weapon.

“Yeah, as you might imagine, the new three magic will produce silver, titanium and tungsten respectively, and Dia can try to cast it, too.” (Rougue)

“Yeah, I’ll try it… Ah, I can truly make silver, I can not believe it” (Dia)

I am surprised that Dia actually tried.

However, there are things that I am interested in.

In order to make the operation ceremony on your own, you should need 【Weaving magic】. If Dia can cast new magic, was not this skill necessary? I am going to regret choosing 【Weaving magic】.

“Well, Dia, do not you want to create one this time?” (Rougue)

“I want to do it, I’ll try to organise the operation ceremony myself, if I know the parameters of gold, I can do it!” (Dia)

It was when Dia finished modifying the manipulation expression with the numbers I taught and started chanting.

Suddenly her face turns pale blue and she falls on the spot.

“Are you OK? Dia!” (Rougue)

“U, okay, I suddenly have an amazing headache and soreness.” (Dia)

I look at the operation ceremony, but the specific gravity, melting point and atomic weight of gold are shown properly.

Indeed, writing and exactly the same technique as Dia.

It is like this so that you can not make a new magic if you do not have【Weaving magic】.

Even if she modifies the operation ceremony and create a new technique she cannot cast it.

However, if it is a technique I made, other people can use it.

This is only an assumption. I want to verify it if I can.

“Dia, you can refuse it if you do not like it, I wrote the exact same technique as Dia on the paper, read it and I need it to explore the conditions that can create new magic” (Rougue)

“That way of saying is cheap… if you are told so, curiosity cannot be suppressed” (Dia)

Dia who has a blue face casts the manipulation expression that I wrote.

Then, the chant was over and the gold was born this time. Although it is said that it is exactly the same operation formula.

“It’s strange, but this is that I can use it once after Rougue if you make a new magic. if we investigate more magic, then you can make more amazing magic!” (Dia)

“I am thinking is the same. I can use the water and wind that Dia can not use, I will remember the new magic, I will ask Dia for fire and earth.” (Rougue)

“Of course!” (Dia)

We shake hands.

Dia is excellent, it is better to cooperate. In fact, without Dia, I did not notice that the difference between iron and lead was numbers. Or it would have taken more time anyway.

… More than anything, doing this with Dia is fun. To the extent that can not be helped. I wanted to do things like this as Rougue.

With this, I made the first step in creating new magic.

Let’s make a goal first… In this way, you can make the metal you want and have magic to deform the metal. Then you can make a gun if there is magic that will cause an explosion.

Even so, as long as I have magical powers, bullets are infinite and they have much higher precision compared to those of my previous life.

Both range and destructive power are compatible with each other, and weapons that can materialise in my hands at any time are also available. Nothing is more suitable for assassination. First of all, let me realise this.

I was excited the most since I came to this world, making magic with Dia, how far I can go.



12 thoughts on “Episode 6: Assassin creates a new magic

  1. The parameters somehow feel wrong for one thing the units used for weight and temperature are artificial human constructs so why would a god of another world use units from earth?

    We have scientifically defined what 1kg is or what 0 degrees Celsius is but who is to say another civilization doesn’t set the base value to something different?


    1. Because the author is a person of earth, writing to other earthling to read. If he did not use earth measurement then he need to bullshit the whole periodic table of another world and another reader would still pick on him thinking he did not do his research.


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