Episode 7: Assassin makes good use of previous life knowledge

It is already ten days since Dia came.

She is close to my age, and because we have the same hobbies and goals, we are getting closer.

Yesterday, she said, “because Rougue is a child, you must be lonely to sleep alone.”  Saying that she came into the bed, holding me as a pillow.

Since my age is 7, there is no sexual desire, but my heart beats fast. When I was hugged by Dia, her sweet scent was soft and the warmth was strange to me.

“Rougue, listen to what your older sister is saying today as well” (Dia)

“… From when did I become your brother?” (Rougue)

While eating lunch, I put Tsukkomi a to Dia who said funny things.

“Oh, by the way, Kian is hiding that thing, that’s why Rougue is my younger brother!” (Dia)

No way, you say that Dia is an older sister?

No, it is not.

I am aware of it.

I gathered her information as far as I could.

Dia called herself Vicone.

There is no aristocrat with that name is in the Kingdom of Alvin, and there is an Earl in the neighbouring country called Vicone.

And although my mother is like a commoner, she has magical power and its elegant standing behaviour and courtesy is not something that can be learnt someone so she should be noble.

My mother and Dia are similar. In the Kingdom of Alvin, there are no silver-haired people.

My mother was probably born in the Vicone family, I wonder whether she was married to my father for some reason.

And, if that hypothesis is correct, Dia is likely to be my cousin. TLN-Why give us this info chapters late? I have been shipping some cousins together. But noble families did marry between cousins so the ship could happen…

“I understand. I will follow the instructions of my master.” (Rougue)

“Well, you should understand. Also, the food in Towerhades is delicious, is not it?” (Dia)

While saying that, Dia looks at the food she calls delicious.

Yesterday I went hunting and killed a rabbit, so I made a cream stew with it and today I made some gratin with that.

Add boiled macaroni to cream stew and season with condiments, change the taste by scattering dry tomatoes, and burn plenty of cheese and burn it to the gratin.

“I am not being able to make luxurious food though.” (Rougue)

“I am tired of eating that kind of food. This gratin has a very gentle taste and I love it.” (Dia)

“I’m glad you are happy.” (Rougue)

“… Why is Rougue at age seven so good at everything? I have a lot of knowledge and I am smarter than kids my age, but you are way better!” (Dia)

“It is the gift of my parents’ education, we have a Sparta training.” (Rougue)

My father and mother are out at work, so I cooked for the past three days.

At first, she was looking wondering if I really could cook, but now she wants me to cook more.

Dia and I go out to the courtyard.

On the tenth day,  we keep discovering the regularities in the magic.

I was made aware of it in ten days, but Dia’s intuition is amazing.

Intuition is excellent. That’s a gift I do not have.

“The magic that Rougue was trying to make will be completed!” (Dia)

Saying that she handed over the notes.

We were doing research to make the composite magic of earth and fire.

Even though Dia thinks about various ideas, if she completes magic by herself, she cannot use it.

I need to complete the magic with 【Weaving magic】.

“Awesome, you are analyzing so far and using it in this way” (Rougue)

“Because I am your sister!” (Dia)

No, that does not matter.

… OK, it’s done.

“Long distance high fire magic, fuel efficiency is outstanding, it should be a very good magic.” (Rougue)

Let’s experiment.

Magic good for assassination.

The magic developed by us is very noisy, so we do it in the mountain behind the territory.

It is too narrow to do it in the courtyard of the mansion.

We nod at each other, convert magical power to earth attribute and starts chanting.

It produces iron from the empty space. It becomes a cylinder with a handle, and a groove is dug in the inside of the cylinder.

Continue the chant further, and tungsten bullets are loaded into the cylinder.

Here, the first magic is over. Next, convert the magical power to the fire attribute and perform a chant.

The magical power of fire has risen inside the cylinder… It burst out.

The explosion extrudes the tungsten bullets, give it super high-speed rotation, and they are sent flying.

The bullet exceeded the speed of sound in a moment and landed on the mountain in a straight line that went 400 meters. I hit a big tree, and that big tree broke.

“We did it, it’s a success,  it’s a range of 400 meters, a new magic that changes the common sense of magic, this hitting accuracy and power at a distance that can not be reached by a bow!” (Dia)

“If you get at least this distance, and you do not mind the weakness that you will be unprotected when casting, you gain the ability to kill even opponents who are wearing armour and strengthened with magical powers.” (Rougue)

Normal magic is about 50 meters at most, even if it is a long-range type.

It was a suicidal act to lose the magical power to strengthen the body with only 50 meters away from the enemy.

But this is not the case. With a range of 400 meters, you can cast in a safe place that will not even be reached by the enemy’s bow and arrow.

When I handed over the paper that I wrote the magic on, Dia cast this time, chanting magic and letting out a bullet.

“I did it! I hit the rock! Such a big rock got destroyed!” (Dia)

“Let’s practice a bit more, it’s a magician that this needs to be aimed at, although its power is high, it needs more accuracy.” (Rougue)

Dozens of bullets.

There is no need to cast the magic of making the barrel every time as it gets reused by the next bullet.

Bullets are put in by hand, and the bullets are released only by the explosion of the fire. It will be like this in an actual war.

“It is enticing, I’m going to practice a lot!” (Dia)

Then we got crazy and practised new magic.

I feel that the accuracy gets higher the more I shoot.

What is important for improving the hit accuracy is to suppress the recoil.

The appearance of the gun barrel created by this magic is very similar to a gun, but the firepower and the hit accuracy are less.

The explosive magic of fire attribute is overwhelmingly more powerful than gunpowder.

The penetrating power increases as the bullet’s hardness increases. The hardness of tungsten cannot be compared with iron.

Tungsten is used as tank’s ammo, it is an extremely effective metal for bullets.

Tungsten bullet penetrates steel plates easily.

The shape of the streamlined shape reduces the power loss due to the air resistance, and it enables shooting with extremely high accuracy.

… It’s a useful magic. However, if you oppose the brave, there is still a shortage of firepower.

The body reinforced with magical power is robust.

If it is a magician of the normal level, you can penetrate with this degree of firepower. However, if you oppose an abnormal magician like the brave, even in an unprotected state they cannot be killed.

So, I also prepared stronger magic.

Let’s try that too. The basic idea is the same.

But the scale is different.

It can not be used unless it is my high magical power.

“Rougue, that…” (Dia)

The magic that I am newly chanting becomes a shape.

First of all, we create a gun barrel.

The level is different from the original with the firework gun size. It is a tank gun.

The long barrel about six meters thick is thick and releases a sense of intimidation to an extraordinary one. Of course, I can not hold such a thing by hand. So a pedestal is prepared, and a spike is dug in the ground deeply. If you do not hold on to the ground with this spike, it will be blown away as it shoots.

I could not produce a tank barrel in one chant as it is too much size, so I made it in three chants and joined it with deformation magic.

It creates the bullet to be launched next.

Of course, it is oversized. In a tank, it is a general 120 mm bullet, 14 times more direct than the general gun bullet.

Take a deep breath and exercise the magic of fire.

When I was shooting a gun, I kept my power to prevent the gun barrel from rupturing. But this is different. I got a thick gun barrel enough to endure an explosion with full power.

In the gun barrel the overwhelming power that does not compare with the gun swirls.

“Dia, close your ears!” (Rougue)

“Oh, yeah!” (Dia)

A roaring sound shaking the air.

Super firepower showed up in the play of children.

Despite being fixed to the ground with a spike, the barrel flew away while ripping the ground, and a giant crater was formed on the mountain.

“If you raise the bullet mass and strengthen the explosion, the power will be high.” (Rougue)

I have used tanks in my previous life, but the power of this magic exceeds it. TLN-What kind of assassin uses tanks?

Even this will be prevented if you strengthen with magical powers if you are the brave.

Still, it may be possible to kill when the brave is unaware.

“What on earth is this magic for!? It’s obviously overkill!” (Dia)

“No, there is someone that can not be killed unless it is about this powerful.” (Rougue)

Check the gun barrel that was shot away.

… Bad. There is a crack from one shot. Even though it was quite thick.

With my instantaneous magical release amount, we can not produce a thicker barrel any more, if we raise the power of the explosion, the barrel will break.

Do we change the material of the gun barrel from iron? However iron has some better properties.

In such a case, it is a bottleneck that only single element metal can be produced. Metal even such as iron in an alloy is way stronger…  I need to make the magic to create an alloy. Then I can make a stronger metal.

“The power is as expected but there are so many problems” (Rougue)

“It’s messed up… But, if you shoot like this, it feels good.” (Dia)

“Why do not you try casting it?” (Rougue)

“Uu, I regret it but it is impossible, that is, I need stupid magical powers like you if I want to try it.” (Dia)

As Dia says, the fuel efficiency is the worst.

“I saw the problem with this magic. For now, I am practising this today.” (Rougue)

“Well! Huhuu, if there is this magic, the wars against barbarians will be one-sided!” (Dia)

I do not know what the barbarians are, but they seem to be some enemies.

While raising the precision of shooting, we will fix some problems.

One,  the speed of fire.

It is a hassle to put this bullet by hand. It may be better to create a feeding mechanism even if it is troublesome.

Two, the limited thermal power due to insufficient strength.

The barrel made of iron cannot bear any further increase of the thermal power. If you want stronger firepower, I need an alloy.

Both of them, the solution is visible. Let’s deal with it little by little.

“Come to think of it, Rougue. You have not given this magic a name yet, have you?” (Dia)

“Oh yeah, let’s call this, 【bombardment】” (Rougue)

“I do not really understand, but it’s a cool name!” (Dia)

In this way, I continued shooting guns until Deer ‘s magical power ran out.

Because having a sniper in a world without the concept of guns is almost invincible, I will be the best assassin.

“Four days left… I’d like to keep doing this for a long time” (Dia)

Dia mutters in a lonely way.

There is little time left to stay with her. I have something I want to accomplish before she is gone.



12 thoughts on “Episode 7: Assassin makes good use of previous life knowledge

  1. He is an assassin that works as an alchemist,tankman,engineer, chef and hundreds of different jobs. What a crazy assassin we got here


    1. “I have used tanks in my previous life, but the power of this magic exceeds it. TLN-What kind of assassin uses tanks?”

      Seeing how he is referencing it to the magic he used, the original text was probably something about anti-tank rifles. Though I understand that it is a bit hard to translate, I usually double check by translating that one phrase instead of the whole sentence at once. Thanks for the chapter!


  2. Just so you know, in Asia, cousin marriage isn’t that unusual. In Japan, a cousin, especially from the mother’s side would still be considered okay.


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