Episode 8: Assassin promises a reunion

Today is the last day that Dia will teach me magic.

We are trying to put together our research results.

It is a magic to make an alloy.

Until now, we could only make single element metals with metal magic so we could not make an alloy.

However, we succeeded in mixing multiple metals by modifying the procedure of material deformation.

The meaning is very large.

For example, there is a metal called titanium.

It has about the same hardness as iron, but the weight is about 60%. It has a very high melting point and is resistant to heat. Furthermore, its corrosion resistance is wonderful.

With a titanium alloy, it can increase its hardness while retaining its merits.

Specifically, add vanadium and aluminium. By doing so it will become beta titanium.

Even though the hardness is nearly doubled, it is light and resistant to deterioration. It is such a dreamlike material.

It is a success. Titanium alloy and beta titanium are completed as desired.

It transforms it further and produces a knife. I make the handle and hand it to Dia.

“Dia, this is the result of our magic” (Rougue)

Deer slashed a tree in the vicinity.

“Light, and very sharp. If you make and distribute a sword with this, soldiers’ fighting strength is likely to go a step further.” (Dia)

As expected of a noble lady, unlike an ordinary girl.

“It may be better to stop it, we will not be troubled by the amount we use secretly, but if you mass-produce and give it to people…in the worst possibility, you will have to keep making it as the slave of your nation for the rest of your life” (Rougue)

It is an era when iron with poor quality is the mainstream of weapons.

If it is known that such a good sword can be made it will be dangerous for us.

“Maybe so… But if I give them to only the trustworthy knights… so they do not die on the battlefield.” (Dia)

“No matter how we can trust the knights, there are opponents who cannot lie. The secret must not be leaked… However, if you can hide the fact you made it with magic and give the sword, But, keeping the new magic made by two people secret. [Gunfire] is only when there is a danger of life without using it.” (Rougue)

“Yeah, I will!” (Dia)

Dear nods and nods, she mimics me and casts it, but fails to make the alloy.

“Why, why?” (Dia)

“Perhaps, the power of the image is insufficient, unlike just creating it, you need to know how to make metals mix with each other, how to complete the image is important.” (Rougue)

In the case of deformation, the image of the caster is important instead of just the normal chant. Unlike deformation just changing shape, understanding of chemistry becomes necessary as we make an alloy.

“That is impossible for me, I do not know how to become a strong metal…” (Dia)

“I want to teach it but it will be a tremendous long story as it is from the foundations of physics and materials science.” (Rougue)

A month is based on the assumption that you have a brain like Dia. If it’s not Dia, then it would take five times that long. TLN-5 months for basic science and physics, since when did it take that long?

“Well, today, I will go back home” (Dia)

“What about asking for the extension?” (Rougue)

“… I do want that and I tried many things to get an extension but it was useless… I still want to make magic with Rougues” (Dia)

I am a little pleased when she says so.

… So let’s do a service.

I made another titanium alloy, processed it and made three swords. They re strong, light swords.

Bonus, I even attached a sheath to the swords. There is no need for sharpness so it’s just titanium.

“The knife and the three swords I gave you are souvenirs. Let’s think of an excuse about how we got these, maybe contact your father, they may think it has been stolen without permission.” (Rougue)

“I’m very happy to have these swords, Rougue is a good boy.” (Dia)

Even without consciously wearing magical powers, a certain degree of magical power always covers the body so she can carry the three swords easily.

“… This is a reward. If Dia was not my teacher, I could not use magic. Thank you.” (Rougue)

“Thank you… Thank you, If I did not meet Rougue, I would never have thought of making new magic, I never came up with it even though I have always loved magic. I will make a lot of new magic after returning home. When we meet again, you will make all the magic.” (Dia)

“I’m looking forward to the magic that Dia makes.” (Rougue)

Surely, she will make interesting magic from a completely different idea from me.

Knowing that I can become even stronger.

“Also please tell me the magic that Rougue has made next time.” (Dia)

“Oh yeah, I will keep making more magic that Dia will be surprised by…” (Rougue)

Although there are still a lot of subjects at the theoretical stage, if completed, it can be realized with my instantaneous magical discharge amount, and strategic class magic with the power four hundred times that of 【bombardment】 will be completed. TLN-400X the power of a tank shot, just how overpowered is this brave?

“I definitely do not want to end today, so I will promise to meet again soon.” (Dia)

Dia put out her finger.

Both are fingers are connected, and Dia laughs.

I thought it was cute.

I guess it is love, I did not know it in my first life.

In my second life, I will get these feelings one by one.

Because it is surely the normal happiness I asked for.

In the evening, it is a little early supper.

It is a farewell party for Dia.

The treats that my mother and I made them line up. She prepared the gratin that Dia likes the best out of all the food she has had in two weeks, and Dia scoops gratin with a spoon and shows a beautiful smile.

“Dia, thank you for teaching my son so far” (Esri)

“I have gained power, too, because Rougue is a genius, I was jealous of a child for the first time.” (Dia)

“I knew there was magical talent in Rougue.” (Kian)

My father laughs at ease and tilts his wine.

“Oh, in fact when I was exploring with Rougue in the mountains, I picked up a sword, Rougue said that I can make it a souvenir, can I really return it home?” (Dia)

From then on, we decided to talk to my father in such a scenario.

“Huh, there is a sword in the mountain. Can you lend it to me a little?” (Kian)

“Here you are” (Dia)

He pulled out the titanium alloy sword you received from Dia from the sheath and my father gently shakes it and nods.

If it is my father, he will perceive the true value of a sword made of beta titanium.

“Hmm, interesting things were buried in the mountains…” (Kian)

The intonation is a bit special.

I received the intention, I reply.

“Father, that mountain still has some buried, so let’s look for it next time, but it is only in that mountain, I guarantee.” (Rougue)

“Well, if it’s only that mountain, it would be okay to hand it over to Dia’s precious people” (Kian)

… By the way, when I say this, my father is convinced that I made it, he can hear that I can make the same thing and only I can make it.

The development of new magic is much easier for Dia.

Also to kill the brave, I need the strength of myself, but that alone is not enough.

I have to make a team. I know that I cannot kill the brave by myself.

For that, I want Dia.

“I am happy you were able to make friends with Rougue anyway and I was worried because this child would not go out.” (Kian)

“Father, you make me sound like a dark child.” (Rougue)

However, it is a reflection point. I spent all my time training and studying.

Individual specs had gone up, but there may be problems with the formation of communication skills.

In the future, let’s go out and make friends of the same age.

“Yes! I will be a friend of Rougue, I will send a letter after I return to the territory and I will come to see you as much as possible” (Dia)

My father and mother seemed to be smiling, as I was watching Dear.

A little scary.

This warmth is genuine, but it is not only that.

I have been thinking about these two weeks.

The meaning that my father called Dia. Certainly, Dia was excellent as a teacher. But my father cannot call a nobleman from another country for just that reason. There is something that matches the risk.

Thus the last supper was over.

After that, when the tea is being served, a servant appears and tells us that the pickup came.

We will go outside.

Dia gets on the carriage.

The horse-drawn carries her away slowly.

“It was a lot of fun! I will definitely come again!” (Dia)

Facing out from the window, Dia shouts.

“I’m waiting too” (Rougue)

“Then, please accept this, do not forget about me!” (Dia)

That said, she threw a pendant that I then hung on my neck.

A necklace with transparent crystal, purple magical power shines in the crystal.

This is Dia’s magical power.

 I was told that she could never give it to anyone in another territory.

“I will never forget you!” (Rougue)

“I absolutely want to see Rougue by all means, please hurry to meet me again if I ask!” (Dia)

“I Promise, I will definitely come running if you ask!” (Rougue)

After a while, the carriage came out of sight.

In the past two weeks, I gained magic and further developed it.

But it is time to get magic bigger than that.

Let’s continue making it from now on.

Next time I will have made enough magic to surprise Dia again.

… Well, when shall I go? Normally there are very few opportunities for me to meet with Dia.

I do not want it. For research on magic, I need a regular exchange of opinions with Dia.

As a result of an examination, it is approximately 320 km across the mountain roughly to her territory.

It is not impossible for me to travel long distances, secretly go through borders, enter the Vicone’s territory without being noticed by anyone, sneak into the mansion and see Dia. It will be the best training as an assassin.



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  1. Thanks for the chapter. Just a thought, won’t he be able to create a nuclear explosion pretty easily then. He would just have to create uranium/plutonium and explode it’s surroundings then BOOM!


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