Episode 10: Assassin takes an exam

I head to my father.

“Rougue, how is Tart?” (Kian)

“Training is going well, her talent is not a normal range. She is growing up so early because she has keen enthusiasm and perseverance to continue her efforts, I am surprised by Tart.” (Rougue)

“Well, if Rougues say, it will not be wrong, but it’s not what I am asking about.” (Kian)

“… In addition to monitoring for two years, I am searching for any suspicious speech from daily conversations but she is still just like a village girl.” (Rougue) TLN-The dad thought she was a spy at first

“I was thinking too much, the encounter with tart was too good, I doubted it a bit, it seemed like a spy sent to steal Towerhades’ technology” (Kian)

My father doubted Tart.

For example, someone who knew that I was looking for magical powers by going around in the Towerhades sent a spy with the magical power to steal that technique…

But for the past two years, Tart has never shown anything suspicious. If Tart is truly someone’s spy, her ability is way beyond me and my father.

“Father, is that only what you wanted to talk about?” (Rougue)

“No, this is not the main subject, today’s training is special, it is a training, but also an exam at the same time. If you overcome today’s test and another long-term trial, you will be recognised as an assassin of Towerhades.” (Kian)

Finally, it seems time has come to test whether I have the qualification to be a blade of the back of the country to remove the disease. TLN-Disease as in nobles that need to be killed

“I will accept the exam” (Rougue)

“Today’s exam is over in a day… fighting with me, victory or defeat does not matter, show me your power.” (Kian)

Easy to understand.

Then, let’s challenge my father who is a master of assassination with all my strength.

The exam has already begun.

The stage of the exam is in the forest. Even if it is a simple game, it is a fight between assassins. We do not fight face to face.

While hiding from each other, we are looking for our opponent, aiming for surprise attacks.

I concentrate my consciousness and focus on not missing any traces.

I jump to the side. An arrow was pierced at the position where I was.

The surface of the black arrow was poisoned. It is toxic, if they are an ordinary man, they would sleep for three days… That means that my father is serious.

“… I had confidence in how to erase signs.” (Rougue)

How did he find out my position?

However, with the trajectory and angle of the arrow, the position of the shooter could be determined.

50 meters from here, southeast.

I run away with magical power.

A mountain is rich in plants, and it is hard to run without a foothold.

Kicking off the tree trunk, using branches and going through the sky. If you normally kick a branch, it breaks but using magical powers that cover branches magically only at the moment of kicking. TLN-Basically strengthening the thin branches just before he touches them so he can kick off them without breaking them.

I throw two knives from my pocket.

My main weapon is a knife. I always carry several of them made of titanium alloy. I devised the shape so that it could be used as a thrown weapon.

The knives that are shot with muscular strength reinforced by the magical power is very fast.

One of the knives was avoided, and one was hit towards a tree and then pulled out, but it shortened the distance between us in the meantime.

He throws the knife towards me quickly.

I kick the knife out of the way. It seems that the kick was being read and I was kicked below my kneecap.

When I looked at my opponent, they had disappeared into the forest again.

Concentrate self-healing power by concentrating magical power on the broken knee. Together with the effect of 【Super recovery】, it will be cured in a minute.

“… Is he completely a monster?” (Rougue)

I have more power and speed, plus I am also using material from earth. TLN-The titanium alloy knife.

Even so, I am still being beaten.

I understand the reason. The other person is reading my movement.

From muscle strain, heart sound, pupil, perspiration, breathing, eye gaze, smell, magical flow, every action.

I have the best medical technology in the world and I know all about the human body so I can see this movement.

As expected of, Kian Towerhades, the current head of Towerhades.

From him, I learned it so I can do the same tricks.

Rather it is combined with the knowledge of the previous life, so the amount of knowledge and hands exceeds my father.

However, my father deceives me by putting fake signs to read.

I also try to deceive him, but he completely finds out which the trick is.

It is a difference in experience.

The confidence that I can say I was the world’s best assassin in the previous life seems to shake.

That is why I think like this.

There is still room for learning and I will become stronger.

“But, I have to win” (Rougue)

Close my eyes and concentrate my senses.

Wait for the opponent to move.

Two murderous intentions are found.

The first murderous intent flew.

That’s a knife. A titanium alloy knife I threw a while ago.

At the same time, another one flew away from the blind spot. Exquisite timing and angle, I twist my body with an unreasonable posture.

I do not know how he threw two knives from a completely different direction at nearly the same time.

Another came from above. Unlike the two knives who I could easily notice, this is now a blow that gets rid of all the signs.

I can not avoid it. It barely avoids my key points, I let my shoulder get penetrated, I ignore the pain and hit the hidden person next to the neck.

“I finally won.” (Rougue)

I declare while suppressing intense nausea and dizziness… The knife was poisoned. There is no mercy.

“It seems like that, I am totally defeated by a child of twelve years old… and you still have more hands…” (Kian)

“Because it will make sense for this battle I do it properly, you said, ‘It is a training, but also an examination.’ If you are overwhelmed by force, I will not be able to take away your skills, then this will not be training.” (Rougue)

Yes, my father took the trouble to go and say that victory or defeat is irrelevant. It is obvious that the main goal is not gaining a victory, but learning skills through training.

Today’s fight was me being overwhelmed.

I could not pick up my father’s signs, but my father always knew my position.

I didn’t do well except the last part.

The last trial, what is it?

After the training is over, I clean my body with hot water and change clothes.

Because I fought in the forest, the clothes I had on are now covered with mud.

After changing clothes, I go out with Tart into the territory.

“I made fertilizer as you said, it was a good harvest this year!” (???)

“Thanks for fertilizer, I’d like Rougue to eat these.” (???)

They passed me some onions.

Another citizen ran towards me.

“Can you cure our cows because they have hurt their back legs?” (???)

“Okay, let’s go” (Rougue)

I do simple treatments free of charge.

However, doing too much will make them depend on it.

Noble power is strong in this world.

That is because the aristocracy is a special being with magical power and protects the territory from monsters and other threats.

Compared to ordinary people, they are overwhelmingly superior which leads to loyalty.

That is why the ordinary people obey the aristocratic rule and pay taxes.

However, with magical power alone, we can not persuade everyone. It is necessary for smooth area management to sell favour like in this way. TLN-Basically nobles go around town helping people occasionally to make them more willing to pay taxes.

After helping around the territory, the sun was setting by the time we are returning to the mansion.

“Rougue, you did hard work today, you are as popular as ever.” (Tart)

“It is desirable, but I got souvenirs too. I need to use them before they get rotten…” (Rougue)

The basket is full of crops, cheese and other things given by the people.

I know some medicine, have knowledge of previous life, and the four types of magic that can be used to do a lot of things in the territory.

When there was a drought, the reservoir withered, when I filled the reservoir with water with water magic, I was worshipped as a god.

“Is this bag full too?” (Tart)

I opened my bag, and there was a lot of Faalstones in it.

The more you use magical power, the more magic capacity you gain.

So, I constantly use magical power so that it balances with the amount of magical power of 【Super recovery】.

But, it is too wasteful. I was thinking about how to make effective use while consuming magical powers.

Half a year ago when Dia successfully analyzed the Faalstone, we succeeded in the magic of making Faalstone, I have been continuing to make Faalstone all the time afterwards, and then saving magical power in the Faalstone that I made.

In addition, we investigated various explosions caused by Faalstones runaway, and as a result, the power of the explosion was expanded by three times.

This is also one of the trump cards for killing the brave… The third most powerful attack means in my hand.



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  1. The power of that massive explosion was expanded by 3 times, and it’s still only the third most powerful attack that he was. I’m really looking forward to seeing the most powerful one.
    Thanks for the chapter!


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