Episode 11: Assassin receives the last trial

My father has taken me to work since I passed the exam.

I help as a doctor with his surface job as well as an assistant for the work on the back.

My father in the field of actual battle is stronger than when training.

My father said that he can not teach anymore, but there are many things I can learn from watching.

What I am aiming for is the blending of assassination in my first life and assassination in this world. TLN-In his second life he still has to learn more about how to assassinate when magical powers are involved.

Both versions of assassination have advantages and disadvantages. I am aiming for the best combination as I need to be as strong as possible.

“The work today was brilliant.” (Rougue)

“Rougue seems to understand why I’m walking around as a doctor.” (Kian)TLN-Meaning he acts as a doctor to understand the building and the target of the assassination.

“Yes, to remember the structure inside the building, the placement of the escort, the competence of the target and when to assassinate, there is no better opportunity to learn these.” (Rougue)

The nobleman’s mansion is not just a place of residence but a fortress to protect them.

Earls and marquises, they have a castle, not a mansion.

If you want to sneak in as an assassin, knowing its structure becomes a good weapon.

It is convenient to have the cover of a doctor.

Legally, you can visit the aristocratic residence like this.

Even if it is not a target now, there is a possibility that it will become a target.

It is important to look at it while you can.

“That answer is correct, Rougue is very suitable for assassination, it is scary.” (Kian)

“Because I am my father’s son” (Rougue)

For a moment my father smiled with sorrow.

I can not understand its meaning.

No way, there is hesitancy in making his son assassinate?

… How does a person with a hesitancy wield such good technique?

The great thing about my father is that it is easy for him to show off any difficult job. Because everything is perfect and it ends without anything going wrong, he makes it seem like something nothing.

It is possible to trick the aristocrats because there is so much skill.

“Rougue, I have not talked about the last trial yet.” (Kian)

“Yes, I have been worried about that.” (Rougue)

My father said that “There is a last trial” on the day the exam was taken.

That last trial has not been done yet.

“The assassination of Towerhades is normally as simple as sneaking into the mansion and killing the target like we did last time, but a cautionary aristocrat has countless boundaries. It is very difficult to infiltrate a target with a security system etc… In such a case, you approach the party by falsely identifying to a party hosted by the target etc, or you will be in a position to be invited by that target.” (Kian)

I did it in the past life as well. I got closer to the target by acting as a chef, a university professor, a pianist,  a coordinator, an architect, a dealer and various other positions.

You need has aliases, knowledge, skills, qualifications for that.

“Towerhades can enter as a doctor and can make it look like a diseased death, but it is rare that the patient is a target conveniently. The aristocrats always have a chef, but when it becomes a large party, there normally is a man-shortage, asking a cook union to dispatch a first-class chef, we can get in there. “

“I was surprised because I have not seen you cook before.” (Rougue)

“In any case, the same as when you cook, my wife will be sour when I cook, so I decided not to cook at home, however, I am proud my cooking is high class.” (Kian)

It would be so, you need a high ability to cook at a big noble party.

“Well, I should also use my skills as a chef” (Rougue)

“I have prioritized skills to that, I want you to become a merchant. The aristocracy is greedy, it gets whatever they want and so you can find something that they desire… a treasure of a country abroad, beautiful jewellery that no one has seen before, art born by transcendental skill, aristocrats with such desires will happily let you in without doubting you.” (Kian)

Even though greed is a terrible opponent, a peddler would be paying for the gate. I would like to use the name of the big business.

“Yes, I have three names, the baron of the Kingdom of Alvin Kian Towerhades, chef of Ulster Toari Bach, the young head Dwarf Gharna of the Carrad business, all of which have a clear family register and record … If you forge it later on it will be obvious, that’s why Toari and Dwarf were born at the same time as my birth.” (Kian)

“In other words, I also have some family register in addition to the name Rougue?” (Rougue)

“At the same time you are born, two other people were born: Ilg Baror, the son whom the valor shop owner had with a prostitute, and son of a blacksmith, Safil Ogma.” (Kian)

It is thorough.

Distortion will occur if you forge your family register later.

So, at the same time as the birth, they will make a family register of two fictitious humans. Doing so will not cause any discomfort, and there will be no problems if investigated.

… However, if you do that, you will continue to pay the taxes of two nonexistent people.

Even so, I guess it is Towerhades.

“Regardless of the blacksmith’s Ogma, the valor shop owner often cooperated in counterfeiting the family register. When I speak of valor, it is one of the leading companies in the commercial city of Murteu territory.” (Kian)

Murteu territory is located in the south from Towerhades, facing the sea, the largest port town of the Kingdom of Alvin. The most commercially active territory in this country.

Therefore, becoming one of the leading businesses, it is much stronger than Towerhades.

“In the next two years, until you become fourteen, train as a merchant as the son of Valor. When you appear as Ilg Barol, the shopkeepers’ wife’s mood will take a while to fix, this is because you are supposedly a child from an affair.” (Kian)

In that case, it will not be surprising.

However, what is worrisome is to have to be there for two years.

My father does not order useless things. It has meaning to spend there for two years.

Murteu is the country’s largest commercial city, a port town.

The place that things gather from all over the world is a place that is good for gathering all kinds of information.

It can be said that Murteu is the centre of the world more than the capital.

If I can work as a merchant, I can make various connections and create good personal connections.

The company is putting up information networks for business. You can use the information network to help assassinations.

Finally, with the name Ilg Baror, I will be allowed into any aristocrats homes if I become a popular enough merchant.

It is necessary to assassinate aristocracy, but it is also useful for killing the brave.

Far from finding the brave, I do not even know if it is already born. I think that it is necessary to gather information from all over the world. It can not be done by individual power. TLN-Its obvious they are already born, a 3-year-old isn’t going to defeat the demon king

Funds, information, networks. Every one of them can be a weapon that is stronger than combat strength sometimes.

I will surely get them all.



10 thoughts on “Episode 11: Assassin receives the last trial

  1. I think he did not mean “born” but “awaken” as a hero, like being recognized as one, or the deal was to kill him before the hero was 18 and not himself? or is it the author mistake? Hmn


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