Episode 12: Assassin departs

TLN- I added the table of contents for this series at the top and I edited all the previous posts by putting names by who is talking and also I fixed some errors.


I listened to my father, and after three days I decided to depart.

If you spend two years as Murteu territory as the son of the Valor shopkeeper, I will be accepted as one of Towerhades and will be entrusted with Towerhades’ work.

For business and assassination technique, there is the rule of doing a trial outside and at the age of 12, it is the youngest so far, the record youngest had been given the trials by age 15, that was my father.

And it seems that it is usual to gather and celebrate with relatives before leaving for the final trial, and it is being held today.

My relatives are here, my family and the branches of it.

The branches do not have as deep blood as the head family, but they still have magical power.

As much as possible, I want to make friends with my family… but I have been stared at strongly from before by someone.

That is my cousin. his name is Ronaha.

Ronaha suddenly rises, swallowing and drinking and then he threw the glass towards the floor.

I was alarmed already from his staring, so I catch the glass softly so as not to break it and put it on the desk.

“I do not accept it! I do not accept that the next owner is such a brat!” (Ronaha)

From a long while ago, I knew he was thinking about that.

It was because of the attitude.

Even in occasional joint training with his branch, he has been glaring at me.

His frustration has exploded… Because Tart waiting behind me has released a slight murderous intent, I do a hand sign to behind me.

Ronaha’s father tried to shout and raise his voice, but my father said it was unnecessary and opened his mouth.

“Hmm, what is wrong with Rougue?” (Kian)

“Next to Ruff I was supposed to be the house head! It is strange that such a weak brat is becoming the head! I am stronger, I should be the next main owner.”  (Ronaha)

Ruff is my older brother or older sister from before when I was born. My father and mother do not talk about Ruff at all, there is no records, I do not know their sex and age.

Ronaha thought that the position of the head should have come to him due to the death of Ruff so it is annoying for me to become the head.

My father keeps on speaking.

“That is your good part, but you are not suitable for Towerhades, you are misaligned in a fundamental way, it sounds as if you insist that the strongest person becomes the head of Towerhades.” (Kian)

What my father says is right.

At the time of battle, if you have murderous intent, the assassination can fail.

Strength is an important factor.

However, if you think strength is the most important, you are not suitable to be an assassin. The ideal assassin can approach without being noticed, to kill without being recognized by the opponent.

“Noisy, you should kill them from the front!” (Ronaha) TLN-How does he know so little about assassination in an assassin family?

My head hurts.

In the unlikely event that the assassination by Towerhades is discovered, the royal family will truncate the Towerhades without mercy.

We must absolutely not admit that it is a request from the royal family, and it is punished as a murder by Towerhades.

We must not let it get found out.

Ronaha’s father is holding his head… Well, I understand his feelings.

“Ronaha, there are a lot of things I want to say but if Rougue is stronger than you, will you accept as the next head?” (Ronaha’s father)

“Of course!” (Ronaha)

His eyes glitter and he slightly smiles.

“Well, am I stronger?” (Rougue)

“Ha? … A, aa” (Ronaha)

Ronaha let out a stupid voice.

This is because I was holding a knife with magical power on his throat.

A piece of leather is cut… If I wanted to kill him, I could kill him. Yes, in battle, Ronaha would be dead without understanding what happened until the moment of death. This is assassination.

“Apparently, Rougue is stronger than you, have you been satisfied with this?” (Ronaha’s father)

“Oh, uh, tha, that”

It is impossible.

I predicted it would be like this from the flow of conversation, and went away.

“It is an assassin, not like a knight, as I said earlier, Ronaha seems to misunderstand Towerhades… Rougue put the knife in the sheath.” (Kian)

I put the knife in the sheath he said.

Then, the muscles of Ronaha bulged.

“Eh?” (Ronaha)

Then, I hit him with the sheath like a demon.

… Completely, why did you think that you would succeed Towerhead with this?

I hold his arms, put them behind his back and then throw him on his back, and hold them with joint techniques.

He tries to rampage, but he completely stuck and cannot escape. He still endures uselessly. So I dislocated a bone to stop his resistance.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaa” (Ronaha)

You do not have to make noise. I dislocated it cleanly so that I could connect it immediately.

“I knew it would have worked, even if you fought normally, Rougue was stronger… Although it was said that strength is not the most important before, it is still necessary.”

Do not battle.

However, the condition that the battle should not be done narrows the usable hands.

That is why my father trained me… Well, in my case there is a circumstance that I can not assassinate the brave if there is not enough power.

Looking at Ronaha, his mind was broken.

He will not be more violent.

“How about everyone else, I guarantee my son is quite good, medical and assassination, both are geniuses better than me, now the move was also good, it is right as an assassin” (Kian)

When my father says so, the stagnant air brightens.

Although Ronaha’s parents have a complex face, the other members are complimenting me for being a reliable successor.

Perhaps my father messed with Ronaha for this reaction.

However, I need to go to Ronaha later.

Because he will be one of my men anyway.

Finally, it became the day before departure.

I visit Ronaha with a souvenir.

“What, have you come to tell me something disgusting?” (Ronaha)

“That’s not it, I came to tell you not be so depressed.” (Rougue)

The tone was not polite like I use for my father and mother, but I was daring to do things.

It is better for him. I felt that these types are better when I touch with a low polite feeling.

“That rumour, it’s a stupid thing for me to compete with the best Towerhades of all time from the beginning.”

Ronaha laughs.

“Oh yeah … Ronaha cannot win against me… but there is no need to win. When I become the head, Towerhades will prosper and I promise better treatment now than we do now. Last year I watched the competition where the young knight participated in the kingdom, but only four of the twenty participants were convinced that they were stronger than Ronaha. I want Ronaha, I want Ronaha to be a knight of Towerhades and I look forward to your success on the battlefield.”

Lie It is a truly disgusting feeling.

A knight is a permanent soldier formed by the second son or the third son of a nobleman aristocrat, or a rare civilian that is born with magical powers.

It is too short to be suitable for the assassin, but Ronaha isn’t missing strength, he has enough to be a piece of Towerhades.

In addition, it seems like his skill of being a doctor is not bad either.

“Hey, are you trying to praise with that?” (Ronaha)

“Oh, yes, I am going to be recruiting you in future.” (Rougue)

“I’m not an idiot. Who is pleased to be told that there are four stronger people in the age bracket? But, well, it’s not bad, it is better to be told frankly than to be strangely discouraged.” (Ronaha)

“This is a souvenir” (Rougue)

“… Is this a sword, incredibly light, it also has a good feeling, a magic sword or something?” (Ronaha)

“Ronaha is better with this than a knife, you are a better knight than an assassin, you have neither personality nor physique for assassination, but there is a knight’s job in Towerhades, be my subordinate I would like you to wield that sword as my knight.”

Ronaha hangs the sword on his waist and thinks a lot.

“Ronaha, come back.” (Rougue)

Is recruitment a failure?

Considering Ronaha’s character, I took it as a type that is easy to persuade…

I open the door to leave.

Well, is it that these types can not become obedient?

Let’s remember that.

Anyway, I got an excellent knight.

Let’s make effective use of him when I become the head.

The next day, my parents and my citizens were sending me off by a horse-drawn carriage.

I plan to change to another coach at the next town.

“There is no need to forcefully follow me, Murteu is a commercial city, it is too different from here.” (Rougue)

“That does not matter! Because I am an exclusive employee of Rougue, I will follow you anywhere and take care of you.” (Tart)

Tart is accompanying me.

By the way, yesterday my mother called Tart to her room and was talking for a long time. She probably told her the things that she didn’t know yet.

After getting into the carriage, I used dyes to hide my silver hair.

It will not be possible to act as Rougue as I am Ilg during the next two years.

It would be better not to take Tart, but she is too loyal. TLN-That is karma for brainwashing absolute loyalty into her lol.

Let’s make a simple disguise for Tart later.

“Rougue, I’m looking forward to Murteu” (Tart)

“Same.” (Rougue)

Now, how is the commercial city of Murteu?

I promised to learn the world, make personal connections, get an information network, and succeed as a merchant.

I need to succeed to be able to be an assassin.

With only two years, it is impossible to do it by ordinary means.

That’s why I have to use unordinary means. I am already starting to make plans for that in my mind.



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  1. Always confused when an ’employee’ character is ‘very/too loyal’, yet they don’t follow orders. Pretty sure loyalty includes doing as told.


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