Episode 13: Assassin becomes a merchant

It has been half a year since Ilg (Rogue) has come to Murteu with Tart.

The port town of Murteu had another name until a few years ago, but the lord changed the name to his own name, Murteu.

I spent as my time as Ilg of the Valor shop instead of Rougue Towerhades.

In order not to remind anyone of Rougue, I put some black dye on my conspicuous silver hair and wear glasses.

In addition, clothes, tone, voice, gestures and facial expressions all have changed, there is nothing to make anyone think that Ilg and Rougue are the same person.

… At first, there was a lot of confusion though.

Anyway, although Towerhades is prospering by medicine, the territory itself is a countryside with farms.

Everything was completely different here.

Everything is gathered from all over the world.

Merchants, carpenters, alchemists, smiths, and pharmacists are also here. If a wide variety of human resources gather, various things are naturally born, and the economy improves acceleratively.

I have spent six months here, and I like this town.

If possible, I would like to go to this town as Rougue Towerhades.

If I make a store in this town and do business, I can enrich Towerhades more.

To do that, I have to make special products of Towerhades, after spending half a year in this town, I have a rough idea of ​​what I can sell.

… Although Towerhades earns a living from medical and assassination work, I think that it is also important to make other income.

If I only do assassination work I will be truncated someday. It will be necessary to secure a new source of income. TLN-People will realise he doesn’t work but makes a lot of money and will get suspicious of him.

I reached my destination. It is the chairman’s office of the Valor business.

“Father, sorry I am late.” (Ilg)

“No, it was bad for me to suddenly call you.”  (Valor)

I do not know when people are watching, so we are always acting as a parent and a child.

“What kind of message would you like for today?” (Ilg)

First of all, in the first three months, I worked as a clerk at a store in the Valor company and experienced the busyness of the shop, it was like a battlefield.

At first, I was shouted at a couple of times, but I quickly learnt the job, improved by making use of the knowledge of my previous life, and began to be recognized by people when I work smoothly.

Then I got moved to the head office after I learnt how to work on site.

The Valor business has multiple stores in Murtheu. The items lining up in those stores are almost the same.

The headquarters predicts the demand and decides what amount to buy for each store. Thereby improving the sales of all stores.

If anything, the headquarters’ work is more suitable for me.

While making full use of the distribution network and information network around the world, collecting all kinds of information, analyzing them and predicting demand is extremely difficult.

It is exciting to find attractive new products that will grow from now on and negotiate with suppliers.

Because I like it, I improve quickly and I am assisting the head of the head office now.

This position is nice. Without exaggerating, information from all over the world is available.

If you look at the flow of items and people, you can see the world well. Further negotiation with people from all over the world will make it clearer.

“Ilg, you are doing really well… that is enough to make me want to leave the Valor shop to you.” (Valor)

“It is impossible, Veloid is going to be recovered soon and I will need to go back.” (Ilg)

“You have been able to be a good merchant so far and you have healed my son’s incurable disease, I have gained money, I have increased the amount I have borrowed from Towerhades more. ” (Valor)

Since I came here, I took another job in addition to learning business.

It is the treatment of Valor’s son, Veloid.

I examined him, he had cancer. Because it is only in the early stage, I could do a resection of cancer cells.

The medical standard of this world is low, the only people that know surgical operation is Towerhades, cancer is currently regarded as an incurable disease.

“Father, do not mind that, what I got from this place is very important.” (Ilg)

I have been seeing things I could not have seen for the rest of my life if I stayed as nobility in a rural area.

… Moreover, using that distribution network and information network, I gather can useful information.

“I am a merchant, it is shameful to have my son saved, have them employed and do not have anything to return. If you are getting something, I feel relieved… Of course, I’m preparing to return what I borrowed in another form. Well, every other day the amount I have borrowed has become bigger. Today, I called you here for a new job.” (Valor)

That said, Valor pointed at the map. Located a little distance from the main road of the city, the size is about a big convenience store.

In Murteu f you want to buy a store, you can pay it monthly, or purchase it at once.

“This is a nice store, this location, this size, you can do anything with it.” (Ilg)

“In addition to the stores dealing mainly with normal living goods and food that Ilg was involved in, the Valor stores have restaurants, weapons shops, armour shops and drug shops. We are dealing with various shops.” (Valor)

Valor is not one shop but a business.

It possesses various types of shops and develops them.

“Ilg, the shop there was a shop that specialized in liquor, but it has been closed down.” (Valor)

There is no such store in the Valor trading. That means…

“Indeed, this shop is a model case, is it meant to test different stores?” (Ilg)

In addition to increasing existing stores, Valor is also developing new fields. This will be part of that.

Just by increasing existing stores, demand is saturated.

If we put out another completely different field and it fails, we can withdraw while the wound is shallow.

However, if it succeeds, we will improve it and increase stores in that field.

“Well, yes, the stores selling food and daily goods have a lot of competition, so there are fewer sales… also the appearance of demons has also increased recently, because of this we are able to increase the sales of weapons, however, Valor trading company needs to advance to a field with high growth quickly, but we have had three consecutive fails, it is tough.” (Valor)

“You trust me enough to give me a store?” (Ilg)

“Yes, I feel like you can breathe fresh air into the company.” (Valor)

“It’s only been half a year since I came here.” (Ilg)

“Normally I would not ask after half a year, but what you’ve done in the last six months is not normal.” (Valor)

“Father, I will study for it, how long is the preparation period, budget, good people to use?” (Ilg)

“Yes, you have one month to plan, two months for renovation work, as much as you like the budget, and we will prepare the necessary personnel.” (Ilg

I came here to become a well-known merchant with the name of Ilg to help my assassinations… If I succeed in this case, it will come true.

If one brand is entrusted, information networks and distribution networks can be used.

“By the way, if you succeed in this project, we will give you more stores, and 5% of the payment that the headquarters collects from each store will always be paid to you. This is not a special treatment, it is the stance of Valor’s committee that the appropriate reward is paid to the one that opens up a new field.” (Valor)

“I am even more motivated!” (Ilg)

It will not only be used to procure funds but also to gather information.

It sounds like it will not be a big deal if I get 5% of the payment, but there is a possibility that I can expand to dozens of stores by expanding the chain.

“Well, I’m praying for success, my other son.” (Valor)

“Leave it to me, I will make it successful” (Ilg)

“You seem to know what you are going to do already.” (Valor)

“Of course there is no merchant who is in this town for half a year and does not consider what kind of business they would like to do. The plan of the new store has been in place for a long time and even if there was not this case, I planned to submit it soon.” (Ilg)

“… I really regret not being able to make Ilg as my successor.” (Valor)

Then, I received the materials and a large budget and left.

I will make this new store successful.

And let’s get not only make the shop as a Valor shop but as a shop known that it is made by Ilg Barol.



8 thoughts on “Episode 13: Assassin becomes a merchant

    1. Me too, I was looking forward to it last chapter, I’m hoping there is an SS in Valor, the wife or the other son’s pov.


  1. … Moreover, using that distribution network and information network, I gather can useful information.

    “I am a merchant, it is shameful to have my son saved, have them employed and do not have anything to return.

    Should be:

    … Moreover, using that distribution network and information network, I can gather useful information.

    “I am a merchant, it is shameful to have my son saved, employ them and not compensate them in return.


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