Episode 14: Assassin gets a sister

I return home while thinking about my future store and its products.

When I opened the door, I heard two people’s footsteps.

“Welcome home, Ilg.” (Tart)

“Welcome back, brother Ilg.” (???)

One is Tart, who came with me from the Towerhades territory. The other one is an intelligent girl, Maher, who is the same age as me.

She is slender and has gorgeous blue hair.

In Murteu I live a life with these two people.

Even at home, I will not be called by the name of Rougue, nor will I undo the disguise of Ilg nor tone.

There are a lot of visitors from work so I have to be careful to keep my disguise.

“I was late because my father decided for me to do a new job… I can have one shop, not an to increase to an existing store, but a totally new thing from the current stores.” (Ilg)

“It is truly like Ilg, You have only been here for six months and already such a big job to yourself.”(Tart)

“Older brother is doing very well, I will be proudly speaking about you at the shop tomorrow.”(Maher)

“No, you can not tell anyone until I start the shop, because it’s still a secret.” (Ilg)

Two people nod to my words.

Maher is calling me older brother, but father did not have a secret child.

She is a child that I saved in Murteu.

… I have been thinking for a while that is necessary for a team for assassinating the brave, she one of the candidates.

The assassination team needs magical power as a minimum requirement.

Normally, a child can only be born with magical power if they are noble, but it can be born rarely from commoners.

I was more likely to find someone with magical power here than Towerhades.

The orphanage where Maher was had a poor environment, just enough not to die, and sometimes even abused the orphans.

It was easy to take Maher out of the orphanage.

Maher herself wanted to get out of such hell, and the manager of the orphanage accepted it if I paid double what would have been paid by the city before Maher became an adult.

I am too young to take an orphan at the age of twelve, but Valor helped, so I am living with these two people.

“I look after your jacket, Ilg” (Tart)

“Okay, here it is.” (Ilg)

Since I came here, Tart has really helped me. Because I have Tart, I can concentrate on what I should do… And I will say it, but I was also spiritually helped.

My heart has grown since becoming Rougue, and the emotions that I did not have in the previous life are growing.

It also resulted in weakness. Being lonely, faint, uneasy. There are times when I think about such things. But, if Tart is here, such feelings will be blown away.

It is a good thing to have a family.

“Brother Ilg, I cooked dinner with Tart today.” (Maher)

“That’s good because the food of Maher is delicious.” (Ilg)

“Yes, you can look forward to it, because I am confident in my cooking.” (Maher)

It has been four months since I took over Maher.

She was weakened as she had been subjected to abuse, and she was starting to distrust humans… That was why she was easy brainwash.

Using the brainwashing technique I learned as an assassin, I got into her heart and planted affection and loyalty for me.

Thanks to that, she came to love her brother like this.

“Are you doing well at the shop?” (Ilg)

“Of course, I cannot disgrace my brother” (Maher)

After recovering from her weakness, and education for a while after the mind settled down, she came to work at the Valor shop at noon.

Maher was a daughter of a merchant and she was educated until her parents were killed by burglars, and she is smart.

Unfortunately, her combat sense is lacking, and the aptitude as an assassin unit is low.

However, I will be able to entrust information gathering, goods procurement, backward support, and I can train her to protect herself on her own.

“Maher, you’re likely to be my right arm as a merchant.” (Ilg)

“I will do it if brother Ilg wants it.” (Maher)

After I leave this town, I will have Maher stay in Murteu.

She will inherit the information network built up in this area for Ilg Barol, and have her collect the necessary information and goods and send it to me.

For that, it is best to have her work at the Valor company.

Maher sings a song, while she brings soup, meat dishes and bread.

When we started eating, Maher was staring at my face.

She would like to hear my impressions soon.

“Maher, the bacon and soup are delicious, have you used the grease from baking bacon in the soup?” (Ilg)

“It is a very good bacon, It has delicious fat.” (Maher)

I think it was good to have friends of the same age as Tart.

In the case of Tart, she is superior in reflexes and eyesight, and the method of using the body is well suited for the active force. On the contrary, she is not good at thinking about difficult things and is not suitable for backward support.

It is interesting that the role is divided pretty well with Maher as she is suitable for the back support.

While chatting with each other, meals are progressing happily.

“So what kind of store are you going to make, brother Ilg?” (Maher)

There is an answer, but I will organize it my head again first.

There are two necessary conditions.

The first thing to make a profit. This is an absolute condition. I can not fail this project.

The second thing, it has to be goods that aristocrats want, for when I use it for assassination.

There is only one that meets that condition.

“I’d like to make a store that is pleasing to women. I want to make cosmetics as the main, I also want to make a store for sweet candies that can be preserved. But doing that needs extensive research from the beginning, I will make it only for cosmetics at first.”

Women will be more willing to purchase than men.

If you are a nobleman, that tendency will be even stronger.

Noble ladies are greedy with beauty and sweet things, cosmetics and tasty sweets will be perfect.

… In addition, noblemen love special treatment. If one of the leading cosmetic brand representatives in the country prepares special cosmetics and sweets made just for them and asks to visit them, they will be happily invited to the residence without them even thinking about risks.

No matter how a robust mansion or a castle, if I can go inside once and see the internal structure, placement of the barrier and security system, I can easily sneak in.

“Ah, cosmetics and sweets are nice!” (Tart)

“I think it’s good, I think that the economy is good and there is a lot of demand for cosmetics, but there are many cosmetic stores in Murteu… You would need a product with overwhelming strength…” (Maher)

It seems to be acceptable for the two girls.

I will let Tart and Maher use the prototype once it is made.

Anyway, Maher is sharp. There is nothing as difficult as being a new entrant to cosmetic brands.

“In fact, I have ideas of new things to sell… it will have overwhelming charm.” (Ilg)

“I look forward to it.” (Tart)

“Please let me help with it!” (Maher)

Bustling dinner is not bad.

I remember when I was in Towerhades. The family of Towerhades was warm even though I was doing assassination work, and this table is just as warm.

When the meal was over, there was the sound of the door, so I say to come in.

“Sorry to come late at night, I came today as well.” (Veloid)

As I said that, Valor’s son Veloid.

He is three years older than me.

He was suffering from cancer, an incurable disease, but its treatment is now over.

There is no necessity to come here anymore. Nevertheless, he visits almost every day at a fixed time.

In his hand, there are some souvenirs and behind there was a big guy as an escort.

Tart and Maher, both like candy, so they are happy with the souvenirs, but his visit makes me feel complicated.

“Veloid, it’s just a good time, I was about to do the class from now.” (Ilg)

The purpose of Veloid is to attend classes that I am doing for Tart and Maher.

Assassination requires extensive knowledge and skill.

Pharmacy, science, physics, psychology, and more.

These are essential, and they taught to them little by little.

When he came to this house and received treatment, he was very interested in seeing the class.

“What are you teaching today?” (Veloid)

“It is the continuation of yesterday’s physics” (Ilg)

“It’s a pleasure to listen, I especially like physics, I can understand the phenomenon that is familiar and its reasons.” (Veloid)

“That’s the great thing about physics.” (Ilg)

“Oh, congratulations, I heard that you have been entrusted with a new store. When it succeeds it will become an executive in the future. Please call out to me if you need help, I will support you with full power.” (Veloid)

I think that it is a strange person.

It is only Valor who knows the secret of Towerhades, and so Veloid thinks of me as a child from an affair.

Ordinarily, if a good younger brother appears, and if they come in handy to their father, they will be jealous because they might take away the seat of the successor, but Veloid isn’t.

I do not dislike him… It is worth using him.

He is an excellent merchant, the Lord of the future Valor trading company. It is worth keeping friends with him.

“Let’s start today’s lesson” (Ilg)

I distribute handmade texts for the three people.

In this way, it is quite fun to train someone.

Every student is enthusiastic as the teacher.

I continue to consider the cosmetics handled in the new store and classic items while teaching.

If it can be made, the way of makeup in this world will change. TLN-Goddess reincarnates him to kill the brave, so he goes and makes a makeup brand and teaches science

If that happens, the profit I generate will be astronomical, and no one will not know the name of Ilg Barol. I am trying to make such a thing.



11 thoughts on “Episode 14: Assassin gets a sister

  1. I wont be suprised if he ends up recruiting the brave at this rate. The Godess did say that he could save the world with alternate means if he so pleases- so keeping the brave from going drunk on power should work.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Actually I had more of a notion of him either recruiting the demon king and/or killing the goddess as she’s using him as a tool.


  2. “I was late because my father decided for me to do a new job… I can have one shop, not an to increase to an existing store, but a totally new thing from the current stores.” (Ilg)

    Should be:

    “I was late because my father decided for me to do a new job… I can have one shop, not just to improve an existing store, but a totally new format to the existing stores.” (Ilg)


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