Episode 15: Assassin develops new products

I am devoted to the development of new products.

Depending on the memory from my previous life, I am making cosmetics that are not in this world.

Even if I remember a recipe, I still have to change the ingredients to some extent.

I made a list of materials necessary for trial production.

If I ask the procurement department of the Valor business, materials will arrive tomorrow evening.

“They will arrive tomorrow evening, I thought so but…”

Materials necessary for the prototype were delivered to my room during the afternoon of the same day. Most things are easy to obtain but some are rarer materials.

Let’s get started.

The prepared materials are the finest olive oils, groundwater with soft water quality and fragrant essential oil extracted from various herbs.

And it is a wide variety of herbs.

Cosmetic products that are completed by processing and mixing these are the products that I will make.

The olive oil and water are not blended normally.

In order to mix it, I use a little chemistry knowledge and materials prepared separately.

Let’s make it. Though it does not take time for things to make it, I can make innumerable variations with a combination of herbs. It is difficult to balance it perfectly between scent and medicinal effect. I can not make the best one today, but by the end of tomorrow, I will be able to make superior ones.

On the next day, I was going to the headquarters’ room at the designated time.

Since yesterday a prototype of the main product of the new store was made, we were already in contact, I was asking him to bring his wife.

As I entered the room, Valor smiled boldly and his wife narrowed her eyes.

She thinks of me as a boy who Valor made with a prostitute.

“Thank you for making time for me, Father, Mother.” (Ilg)

“Although I thought that Ilg worked quickly, I did not think you would prepare the main products two days after talking about the new store.” (Valor)

“I hope you do not bring something boring. Even if it is not, I will still dislike you.” (Valor’s wife)

She has hidden her face with a scarf.

It is because she came without make-up for my request. She can not show herself in public without makeup.

“I prepared items that will be better than your expectations, the main products of the new store will be cosmetics.”

“I know that, but I do not care much about it. Cosmetic products are not just quality but the brand is the most important item, and it’s tough to enter the market. Even if you can make hit products, we can not expect long-term earnings.” (Valor’s wife)

Everything she said is right. It is truly the wife of Valor.

“Well, it would be so… If it is an existing cosmetic. Makeup beautifully colours a woman, but it will hurt their skin at the price, especially the difficulty of using soap before going to bed. Isn’t the skin badly damaged due to makeup damage and soap damage?” (Ilg)

“… I will not deny that, but I still use makeup to become beautiful.” (Valor’s wife)

In this world there already is lipstick, foundation etc on the market, but there is no culture of using lotion etc.

In the end, there is no idea of ​​protecting and moisturizing the skin even though there is an idea to decorate it.

If you do not protect your skin with lotion it will make your skin painful and you will have to use a lot of soap to remove it.

If there is no lotion, moisture will escape and the skin will become dry and damaged.

As the air of this continent is dry, I am suffering from skin troubles and a woman with makeup suffers more.

It seems to be a more serious problem for women who are wearing makeup every day like Valor’s wife.

“There is enthusiasm for women’s beauty, but it is also the fact that they are in a vicious circle. They make a thicker make-up to conceal the damaged skin by make-up, it further damages the skin. My product will liberate a woman from such trouble. This is a cosmetic product for the skin.” (Ilg)

As I said, Valor’s wife looked slightly interested.

There is no reason to not be interested.

Because this person is suffering from makeup.

I take out the lotion packed in a bottle.

Valor’s wife picks it up, opens the bottle and scoops the lotion lightly with her hand.

It is the lotion that I created.

“The liquid is white and cloudy, what is this?” (Valor’s wife)

“It is a make-up that moisturizes dry skin and maintains a moist state. Normal make-up is a decoration, but this is different. It’s not designed to decorate your skin but to heal your skin, protect your skin, keeping it beautiful. If you try it you will understand. Please try putting it on your face.” (Ilg)

Although she is doubtful, she can not win the temptation to become beautiful, so Valor’s wife takes off the scarf.

She picks up the lotion and paints it on her face.

“This lotion penetrates my skin and my skin gets moisturized. My skin is smooth, for the first time in decades.” (Valor’s wife)

Looking at the face of his wife, Valor who then looked at the lotion opened his mouth.

“It’s like oil… but it’s too fresh to be oil.” (Valor)

“It moisturizes your skin by including a large amount of water and skin-friendly medicinal ingredients, healing it. It does not let the moisture escape with the power of the oil.” (Valor)

“This is wonderful, my skin is pleased, and it’s got a nice scent” (Valor’s wife)

It would be so.

“Please test makeup on top of the lotion, since the firm oil protects your skin, even with normal cosmetics your skin will not be as painful…”

Before I finish speaking, Valor’s wife took out a set of makeup from the bag, paints her skin whitely with foundation, and makes her cheeks red.

“Did you like it?” (Ilg)

“I dislike you, but I admit that this is a very good thing.” (Valor’s wife)

Valor then looked straight at my face.

“I understand that it is a very good product, its good enough for my wife to be pleased, please tell me about the positives of this cosmetic product in the words of Ilg.” (Valor)

“This will be a cosmetic revolution, all the ladies who use make up need this milky lotion to heal their skin and protect their skin.” (Ilg)

I will put a gap here. Doing so strengthens the impression of the next words.

“From now on, using this lotion will become common for all women… its value, if you are a merchant, do you understand it?” (Ilg)

That’s why I chose lotion.

To make a revolution in the way the makeup is used. Instead of making more cosmetics, I made new cosmetic habits.

There is no reason for this to not be profitable.

“I do not understand make-up well, what do you think Mira, will your friends want this lotion?” (Valor) TLN-Finally got her name, I have only known her as Valor’s wife for ages.

“I can not imagine a woman who would not want this lotion. I will say this child of a prostitute is now part of my family.” (Mira) TLN-Bribed her with makeup lol

“Wow, so much…” (Valor)

Valor closes his eyes and ponders. He slowly breathed and started talking.

“Valor Shop will put all the resources into this, Mira, you need to spread this lotion to all your friends and spread rumours of it.” (Valor)

“I have many friends, though.” (Mira)

“Please spread it and spread the rumours, but only give one bottle to each person. If they want a second bottle, tell them that it is going to be released at the Valor shop. Ilg, in a week, how much can we prepare?” (Valor)

“Until I prepare a production system, it will be worked by me so there will only be about two hundred a week.” (Ilg)

“Would it be okay to hire a person?” (Valor)

“If the manufacturing method is discovered, they probably will sell lotion themselves.” (Ilg)

“… At the very least we have to monopolize it until the brand has been established. Mira will distribute it mainly to aristocrats, the wives of the wealthy. She will also spread the rumours among the upper classes.” (Valor)

New things are hard to accept. Even more, if you have to use it directly on your skin there will be resistance.

But, if it is used by a reliable acquaintance you will want to use yourself too. And, if it has a dramatic effect you will want to tell someone, rumours will be spreading quickly.

Only making great things will not make it sell well. It is absolutely necessary to spread good rumours first.

“How long will it take to make a production system?” (Valor)

“Please give me a month… And another problem is how to mix water and oil to make a fresh oil. It is necessary to have special medicine to make such a thing. Towerhades has a secret medicine and you need to purchase it from there. Well, it costs as much as this to make one lotion.” (Ilg)

I present the document.

The material of the lotion, the purchase price is written there.

“… The price is cheap considering the anticipated selling price of lotion, but Towerhades is far away.” (Valor)

“You can not make a milk without that medicine. It may be possible to call a pharmacist of Towerhades and have them work here, but the risk of leakage will increase.” (Ilg)

“I will allow it, I will leave it to Ilg for purchase negotiations with Towerhades.” (Valor)

“I will do the negotiations.” (Ilg)

This is a measure to keep the production method from being stolen.

It is lecithin that I use to mix olive oil and water.

The raw material is soybeans. I squeeze the soybeans and take out the oil.

Filter it, remove the impurities, add water and stir, oil separates to form pasty lecithin.

This is the plant-derived natural emulsifier, which binds water and oil.

If emulsifier cannot be made, water and oil will not mix.

In the case of Towerhades, lecithin can be produced in an environment where information will absolutely not be leaked out, and the presence of lecithin prevents copies by other businesses.

… However, it is also in consideration of the profit of Towerhades.

In consultation with my father, we will do the lecithin extraction by increasing the amount of soybean production and using the surplus.

“I said, as I mentioned earlier, it is worth investing in all the resources of Valor’s stores in this lotion, If you succeed, you will become a new brand representative of Valor’s shop. Its fame will be all around the world, but you know what will happen if you fail this?” (Valor)

“Of course. Let’s make it be successful, so we need to start working at once.” (Ilg)

The main product was decided

I can also get the full backup of Valor.

If it keeps going as it is, the name of Ilg Barol will be known as the man who launched the cosmetic brand of Valor.

If that is the case, it is easy to get into the house of the assassination target. Because I can go as a representative of a popular makeup brand to the wife seeking beauty.

In addition, if I become the new brand representative of Valor, I can use the information network and the distribution network. A huge amount of money will also be available for me to use.

Success is close.

… Initially, it was meant as a joke that I will be assassinated, but I may really be subject to assassination myself.

Tart and Maher, we will have a real fighting experience soon.



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    1. He’s trying to live a different life than his previous one. He won’t act as just a tool for the goddess to kill the brave, he’s preparing to deal with the brave while at the same time building a foundation for his life after dealing with the brave.


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