Episode 16: Assassin gains success

After a month and a half after finishing the recipe of the lotion, we opened a new store dealing with cosmetics.

I have named the cosmetic brand Orna, and half a year after opening, there is no one that does not know its name.

The make-up shop focusing on lotion became a big hit item, several times bigger than what we imagined.

It was probably thanks to the rumours of the lotion originating from Valor’s wife.

Thanks to that, the shop has a big line every day, and it is sold out immediately. We are building up our production system in order to catch up, but we have not caught up yet.

Regardless of how much we can produce, further positive reviews will expand the demand.

We even have customers from neighbouring countries that are arriving at Murteu, and multiple letters have arrived asking for us to sell to the royal family of multiple countries.

… There is a fierce information fight spreading behind the scenes of such glamorous success.

To steal the lotion production, every day a spy from another company enters the production plant.

Herbs formulated with olive oil and water… It is mixing with a mystery medicine.

However, how to make lecithin which is called the secret medicine has not been found out.

It is not made in the city of Murteu, and no one has found out where it is from because Valor is camouflaging what he is purchasing from Towerhades.

Even if it is found out that it is made with Towerhades, the production system is prepared with extreme care so that it will not leak secrets.

If you sneak into the property of the assassin, you can understand what will happen.

Towerhades was struggling in another field though, the amount of lecithin required was extraordinarily large, and the soybeans made in the territory disappeared in a blink of an eye.

However, because you can not convince with “I can not make it any more” we buy soybeans from other towns secretly.

Valor hides the purchase of lecithin from Towerhades, and Towerhades is concealing soybean purchase.

“Other people want to sell lotion, the manufacturing method cannot be stolen, it is reasonable for them to target people who know exactly how it is made.” (Ilg)

My expectation has come true.

At midnight, someone sneaks into my house, approaching my bedroom hiding their presence.

It is top notch because it is evaluated well with my standards.

But it needs far more to kill me.

It is easy to deal with them, but this is a good teaching material for Tart and Maher. I will stay still until just before I am killed.

Perhaps they will use a poisoned needle with a blowpipe or something. Their purpose is not to kill but to abduct and to find out the secret of the lotion.

… Well, how well will Tart and Maher work?

The answer will come soon.

There is no sound Tart comes into the room, she rolls up her skirt.

There is a knife on her right thigh, the metal rod attached to it tripled as she pulled it out.

The rod is connected, and it is made into a spear by being connected with a knife.

Spears are the most powerful weapon in close combat. When there is fighting between a sword and a spear, it is said that there is three times the amount of skill required for the user of the sword. In addition, Tart has a talent with spears. She probably has the【Spearsman】skill. TLN- C rank skill that makes the user a lot better with spears, Rougue has 【Body art】 which has half the effects of 【Spearsman】 but with all weapons.

The spear is a birthday gift I gave. Tart says it is her best treasure and she does not do a day without maintenance on it.

Tart uses the spear or knife option according to the circumstances.

Although her hit may not be a fatal injury, the knife Tart has is painted with neurotoxins.

With it they cannot even move a finger, they are not even permitted to commit suicide so as to hide the information of the client.

Maher came out from where she was hidden and tied up the enemy.

“I was able to capture them safely… and I made it so that they cannot commit suicide.” (Maher)

Tart and Maher, who noticed the intruder, Tart instantly intercepted them, and Maher was closing the escape route.

I give it a passing score.

“Both of you did well, you were able to repel an assassin of high ranking.” (Ilg)

The speed to notice the intrusion of the assassin, planning and the execution of the plan. It was not perfect but it exceeds a certain level.

“I’m happy.” (Tart)

“I’m going to get into a lot of information from them.” (Maher)

“The torture was only recently told how to do at the lecture. It will be a good card if you can find out the information about the client. If you can devise how to get the information without allowing them to suicide, try it, I already taught the necessary way to do that.” (Rougue)

“Yes, I will do my best! Because they were trying to do terrible things to Ilg, I will not pardon them.” (Tart)

“Yeah, I am also very angry… and then after, if it goes well praise me, brother Ilg.” (Maher)

Anyway, for me, it’s better for them to not to hesitate to kill people.

Unlike me, it was impossible for them to kill death row prisoners.

However, there is no feeling of guilt, as the feeling of wanting to be praised has outweighed it.

Well, while they are torturing, I will clean the room that is dirty with blood.

Today’s night will be longer than usual.

Two years passed since I came to Murteu, it has passed in no time.

I look back on what I have done so far.

It was very busy every day with the new store, but thanks to that I was able to learn about the world.

As the person who made the Valor trading cosmetic brand Orna, I was called to various places, so I have made a lot of connections.

The funds I have are tremendous.

As Valor promised, I keep getting 5% on all the Valor chains that deal with cosmetics.

Today is the day I return to Towerhades.

The carriage was in the yard of the mansion, and I and Tart are getting on it.

“Maher, you need to manage the information network of Orna.” (Ilg)

“Leave it to me, Brother Rougue. I will protect the Murteu store here.” (Maher)

We have become 14 years old, and her impression has changed significantly as she grew up. Tart is cute, and Maher has grown up to be a beauty.

Age 14 is the age considered to be an adult in this country.

I tried training Maher over the two years, but she is still not suitable for the assassin force. However, she grew to an extent that she could be delegated backward support.

Together with the opening of a new store, I appointed her to be my secretary, she is working as the right arm of Ilg Barol and she also has skills as a merchant.

While I leave the town of Murteu, she will do all the work.

… And she knows my real name and core business. That is why she called me brother Rougue, not brother Ilg.

She is needed to gather information necessary for assassination, provide funds and secure necessary supplies, while acting as a deputy representative of Valor’s cosmetic brand, Orna.

“Maher, sorry, only I am following Rougue” (Tart)

“If I say that I am not jealous, I will be lying, but I am proud to be able to become the strength of brother Rougue… Tart, your role is to help brother Rougue.” (Maher)

“Yes!” (Tart)

As my exclusive servant, and as an assassin’s assistant.

Tart and Maher encourage each other.

When that was over, Maher stared at me. There are tears in her eyes.

“Sometimes, come and see me, brother Rougue” (Maher)

“I promise, even if I do not have assassin work, I will come to meet Maher.” (Ilg)

“Well, if you are going to see Dia far away every month, but you do not come to me… I will cry.” (Maher)

“Maha is an important disciple and an assistant to me, I will definitely come to see you regularly.” (Ilg)

“Yeah, I’m waiting… I found something I was asked for by brother Rougue. An uninhabited island which is out of the merchant ship’s route. Here it is on the map. What will you use an uninhabited island where no one approaches for?” (Maher)

“When I met Dia two days ago, a new magic was completed, which would be tough to use if it’s not an uninhabited island” (Ilg) TLN-Is this guy building a nuke or something similar?

It is a new magic to kill the brave. The basic theory has been completed, but we have not been able to experiment yet. It has too much power and the effect range is too wide. It can not even be experimented unless it is an uninhabited island.

The carriage departs.

The figure of Maher has disappeared.

… The last trial, becoming a merchant in two years, I became a top-notch merchant.

Cosmetic brand Orna representative, Irg Barol. There are no noble ladies and ladies who do not know the name.

When I return to Towerhades, I will begin real assassination.

Outside that basement, I have not killed anyone yet.

What kind of emotions will I have when I kill people now?

The horse-drawn carriage travels along the highway.

Tart is a little homesick.

“Is it hard to part with Maher?” (Rougue)

“… To be honest, I am lonely because it was my first friend of the same age.” (Tart)

If possible, I wanted to bring Maher, but I can not give up the information network of Valor’s trading company.

Moreover, it is great that there is a base that can be relied upon if a situation involving Towerhades occurs. At the worst, it is possible to disguise the death of Rougue Towerhades and to live as Ilg Barol.

“I can leave transport of lecithin to Tart, there are many opportunities for you to meet Maher.” (Rougue)

Tart has grown in two years.

Her of handling magical powers has become the top class, and it became possible to use the wind attribute well.

… There is also original magic that I made, and she can now show her power as an assistant to the assassination.

“I would be happy to do it, but I think Maher will be delighted if Rougue goes instead.” (Tart)

“Really?” (Rougue)

“Yes, Maher loves Rougue, so it’s not like the friendship with me, that’s what I mean.” (Tart)

“I understand what you want to say, but it’s different, Maher’s admiration is similar but different.” (Rougue)

They are similar but different.

Maher adores me, not love.

While saying such a thing, the carriage came to a sudden stop. It is stopped by wolves.

The driver jumped down from the carriage and ran away from us who are guests… became prey to the wolves.

It is not just normal wolves.

It was a little bigger and the claws were bloated abnormally.

I feel a slight amount of magical power.

Is it a demon? The definition of a demon is a magical animal. As humans gain power with magical power, animals become stronger by using magical power, and in many cases, their body changes.

“The result of the training, can you let me try it… It’s a distraction.” (Tart)

“I’m watching from here.” (Rougue)

As I say so, her whole body is enveloped with magical power, and Tart that strengthened her physical ability jumps out.

Three wolves, they take advantage of having a herd, move to surround Tart.

One jumps to bite Tart. However, the mouth which was supposed to eat Tart was penetrated with a blade. A spear is being grasped in the hands of the tart was unnoticed. The skirt was turned up, she took out the hidden knife and made the spear in a flash.

The second wolf who came strikes from the back, and in the next moment, the chin is hit and it dances through the air.

It is due to tart ‘s wind magic.

Magicians can only activate magic from the palm.

That is because the magic given by God is only that way.

However, by changing the magic with 【Weaving magic】, it can be activated from anywhere within the magic area. TLN-The magic area is like an aura around the magician.

Tart’s magical area is about 40 cm from her body. At the moment the opponent steps into the area, she can puncture them with wind bullets.

Even top swordsmen are convinced that magic will not activate from anything other than hands and are not wary of anything else.

It is a plain but very effective attack.

The last one tries to escape. It is very fast, Tart can not catch up with its speed.

However, the wolf was penetrated with a spear from behind.

She used a spear with the force of the wind magic and used it as a bullet.

“It’s stunning.” (Tart)

“Because Rougue forged it for me, I had a big success in the battlefield.” (Tart)

While Maher became my secretary at the company and refined her skills necessary for backward support, Tart refined her fighting skills.

There was a limit to becoming strong only by training, so a real battle was necessary.

Tart came back to the carriage with a happy face, so I stroke her head which makes her feel pleasant.

“… Is it about time that the brave will appear.” (Rougue)

I was incarnated to kill the brave.

After the hero kills the demon king, they bring a lot of harm to the world.

As demons start to increase, it is said that a demon king appears, and a brave will come to kill the demon king.

In two years, I trained Tart as an assassin’s assistant and trained Maher for support.

I am starting to make more trump cards for killing the brave.

I am looking forward to experimenting on the deserted island.



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  1. Well gotta say that author is taking assassination very lightly like a child play.
    According to author anyone can be a assassin or able to intercept them if they had a transmigrator really kills the mood like typical JP
    novel taking everything casually like everyone can do it gonna drop this

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