Episode 17: Assassin returns home

After a long absence, I came back to Towerhades.

I came back several times to purchase lecithin for use in lotion, but in those cases, I was not here as Rougue but as Ilg of the Valor stores.

“It has changed a lot in two years”

The big difference from two years ago would be the soybean fields spreading all over.

Soybean is growing all over, it takes time and effort but the harvest volume is quite good so that it is quite effective to heal the land, but it is thought that soybean is only an item for livestock to eat, so the demand is low. TLN-Healing the land means growing it where there aren’t many plants to get new nutrients.

In this country, soybeans are raised to be used as livestock feed, or raised with the intention of healing the land.

So, until now, it was raised only in one small area of Towerhades.

However, it is a material for the lotion, and so it makes a lot of profit. So now there is a lot of soybean fields.

We get out the carriage and Tart looks around.

“We finally got back, but now I feel like a city like Murteu will suit Rougue better than here.” (Tart)

“I like Towerhades a bit more than Murteu though, this is where I grew up.” (Rougue)

The hair that was dyed to become Ilg has returned to its natural silver colour.

When heading to the mansion with the horse-drawn carriage, the people waved hands and ran over.

It seems that they remembered me properly.

… In the past, I was not noticed when I was disguised as Ilg. It proved that the disguise was successful but I got a bit sad.

“Welcome back! The soybeans can be sold at a high price and the salary from making soybeans is great!” (???)

“Thanks to your trade route, I could buy two cows!” (???)

“Even if you go out, you still worked hard for us!” (???)

My father has been saying I made a route to sell soybeans at a high price. People say that living has become easier because of that.

… Again, I think that it was a good idea to have lecithin purchased from Towerhades.

As a matter of fact, Valor’s Shop has noticed that soybeans are the raw material. TLN-What did you expect when Towerhades turned into Soybean land.

Although Valor is a merchant, he is passionate as a father. While I was there as Ilg, he always treated me as a real son.

“Rougue, please have this.” (???)

“Please do not hold back.” (???)

The citizens handed over a lot of crops, cheese, meat from hunting, smoked fish etc.

I received it without refusing, soon both I and Tart had our hands full.

“Rougue is loved a lot!” (Tart)

“Yes, that’s why I want to make this district prosperous.” (Rougue)

Just like my father and grandfather did.

When I returned to the mansion, my mother suddenly jumped at me.

“Welcome back, Welcome back, Welcome! It was lonely without Rougue! Oh, it smells of Rogue! You are terrible, you have come back before this, but you just go went to Kian and talked about work!” (Esri)

“… Mother, at least do this later.” (Rougue)

“That’s impossible because it’s been a long time! I was lonely!” (Esri)

“…” (Rougue)

“Oh yeah, Tart was with Rugue the whole time, if anything happened with Rougue, I will rely on you to tell me!” (Esri)

It turns red and the face is upright immovable.

“Mother, how is Father?” (Rougue)

“Oh, yes, he asked to tell you to come to the study, I will talk to Tart about what happened at Murteu while Rougue is talking to Kian.” (Esri)

“I need to hurry, I spend a lot of time talking.” (Rougue)

… It is embarrassing for my mother to hear stories from Tart.

Tart is weak against my mother’s pushing, she will end up talking about it.

I already have given up hope. Let me pray that Tart will not talk about that story.

I was on the verge of that time… Even though I was an adult before being incarnated, I am fourteen, a creature to be swayed by an impulse.

She pulled Tart away as I head for the study.

When I enter the room, my father sees me. Should I say that he is looking at me, as he is confirming growth over the two years.

“Rougue, you became an adult.” (Kian)

“Yeah, since about a month ago.” (Rougue)

In the Kingdom of Alvin, you are an adult by fourteen.

It is the age at which marriage is possible.

If you are a nobleman, it is normal to be engaged at fourteen and then married at a later date.

… However, from around five years ago in this country, it became mainstream to get married soon after an engagement.

“Unfortunately this country is full of big kids, Rougue became an adult in a true meaning… I ordered you to become a merchant in Murteu, and there is no aristocrat who does not know your cosmetic brand now.” (Kian)

“I made a plan to make and spread lotion… But with the power of Valor it went was bigger than planned.” (Rougue)

The development of the lotion was because I anticipated that it would sell well.

But, it has proceeded with more than five times the momentum of my assumption.

Now Orna the brand that made the lotion, it has gained fame as a top brand.

“I made Rougue a merchant to help the assassination work, to learn the world and to make a mask, they are not lies, however, I had one more meaning in making you a merchant.” (Kian)

I could always read my father’s thoughts, but I could not imagine what he is thinking this time.

“I wanted you to find a way to live that isn’t Towerhades … Rougue, if you are a man who desires to succeed as a merchant, not as an assassinate aristocrat, there are many people who can take over for you. Even if you choose the merchant route, I will not stop you.” (Kian)

“Father, what are you saying? I was a merchant for assassination, not out of focusing on being a merchant.” (Rougue)

“Rougue, I can not do any other way of life now, but you are not dedicated to assassination yet so you can choose a different way of living… If the assassination work of Towerhades gets found out by chance the country will dispose of us as sinners.” (Kian)

“Let’s hear it again, Rougue, will you still live as Rougue Towerhades?” (Kian)

From an early age, I have learned that Towerhades’ work is precious.

Towerhades is protecting the Kingdom of Alvin.

After two years, after learning the world outside, before assassinating anyone.

… Before the incarnation I was brought up as a tool to assassinate, I didn’t do anything other than assassination.

With no hesitation. Just as a blade.

But my father was different. While teaching the techniques of assassination from an early age, I was still loved.

“Father, no, Dad, I will choose to stay in Towerhades, there is something I can not do without being in Towerhades” (Rougue)

“Do you say it from a sense of justice? Are you ready to give up your life to protect this country?” (Kian)

“… That’s different… I will be a Towerhades to do only that.” (Rougue)

Whether it is the royal family as the client or the goddess, I will continue doubting them. Are they going to dispose of me after using me?

My father stares at me without words. I carry on with my words.

“There is one more reason: there is something that can not be obtained unless I stay in Towerhades.” (Rougues)

“What is it? I have no idea what that is.” (Kian)

“I am in love with Dia Vicone, I actually speak with her about once a month, I go through the borders without being noticed by anyone. It is a good training to get through both the border and the guards of the Earls. We are both thinking of marriage, but to be connected with Dia, I need a certain position.” (Rougue)

I had some free time and met Dia even when I was in Murteu.

Using【Ultra Recovery】, my enormous magical power and my fast movement by making full use of the original magic, I can make a round-trip back and forth in one day.

“ahaha… I thought that you were a son who was too overwhelming, but it seems that you are even better than I thought… Ok, Dia, I understand… If you assassinate the aristocrats, it is an important job… There is someone who is selling military secrets to neighbouring countries, receives drugs as payment, it is necessary to cut them from this country.” (Kian)

“I will do it, two weeks is enough to do it.” (Rougue)

“Well, I will leave it to you.” (Kian)

This is the first assassination in this world.

It is an extremely harmful nobleman.

Let’s do it reliably. I will leave nothing but a trace.



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