Episode 18: Assassin gathers information

TLN- Sorry for not releasing a chapter in a while, school started so I didn’t have time.


On the day I returned home, we celebrated me reaching adulthood.

The next morning, when I wake up, my mother is coming into the room. I am an assassin, I wake up when people approach no matter how tired I am.

I am thinking about it again, my mother does not change. I have grown quite a lot in these two years, but my mother has not gotten old. It is strange that she appears to be about twenty although she is already over forty.

… Is there also a secret to keep youthfulness in Towerhades?

“Good morning, why are you here in the morning?” (Rougue)

“You have no problems today.” (Esri)

I got it roughly in one word.

Did Tart speak?

Rougue Towerhades’ biggest black history.

“…. If something bad happens once, I will take countermeasures.” (Rougue)

“You are boring” (Esri)

“Do you want to see something like that?” (Rougue)

“I really want to see it! Because it is proof that Rougue became an adult!” (Esri)

“Oh, I see.” (Rougue)

… The black history that Tart has told her.

That was just a year ago. It was the autumn of me being 13 years old.

Both Tart and Maher usually hide loneliness, but they got too lonely and longed for me.

No wonder, because they have lost their families.

One time they could not put up with the loneliness.

We slept together only at that time.

We just slept together. Still, I feel relieved when I feel someone’s temperature.

This custom is also helping to foster our bonds.

However, I did not understand the body of a man. Especially the body impulses of someone in the mid-teens.

Of course, the reason had not gone enough as to tackle Tart or Maher.

On that day, Tart and Maher happened to wake up at the same time. I woke up in the and said good morning.

Then, the accident happened. Tart tells me there is a strange smell. Maher also agreed. I then noticed my lower body was sticky.

… It was a dream that I slept with them, even more than just being next to them.

This was the first ejaculation as Rougue, it took a small bit of time to grasp what happened and the initial movement was delayed.

Two people were noticed before that.

I can not forget the face of those two at the time.

I wanted to die. Tart and Maher are family members, not opponents to point such feelings to.

Every day we said that we are family, I acted as both Tart’s father and Maher’s brother.

Everything was broken.

“Rougue, that, please tell me next time! Because I am Rougue’s servant, I will take care of that kind of thing! This is necessary care!” (Tart) TLN: I feel like this goes past being a servant…

“… I sometimes think you do not need to choose sister or girlfriend separately, can’t I just be both?” (Maher)

Thanks to them making a joke about it, it was just kept as a funny story to joke about. I kept the dignity as Tart’s father and Maher’s brother. TLN- Just give up and accept your fate of having a harem.

For some reason, the amount they ask to sleep together has increased dramatically since then.

Since then I have been careful not to expose such abomination again.

She said “I want to see the growing body of Rougue” and tried to force me to change clothes, I forcibly removed her from the room, got changed and went to the kitchen.

The breakfast made by Tart is lined up, and Tart went behind me after finishing serving.

As usual, the dish made by Tart is delicious.

When the meal was over, my mother smiled and brought four paintings.

Since there is no cameras in this world, there are no pictures so these won’t be very accurate. TLN- Painters would exaggerate how nobles look.

Although only the medical work of Towerhades is known, most aristocratic people know that there is a tremendous income from being a doctor and that they have a connection to the big noble opponents.

The tart waiting in the back with an annoyed expression.

“No, Mother, I do not plan to get a match with any of these.” (Rougue)

It is unnecessary for me who wants to be with Dia.

Tart has a relieved face.

If it is an ordinary aristocrat, the eldest son’s marriage is a tool to be used for making a connection with other aristocrats, thoroughly examining it, but my parents are not interested in that.

My mother brought these probably because she wants to see her grandchild’s face as soon as possible.

“Uu, I want to see my grandchild’s face soon!” (Esri)

… It is as I thought.

“I think that Rougue is still young.” (Tart)

“It’s not that young since he has grown up already. He is old enough, I can become a grandmother soon! Or maybe Tart can have a child!? If you think calmly, Tart has magical power, and unlike a nobleman’s child, it does not increase troublesome relationships, it is a bargain, it would if you made a child right now.” (Esri)

“Eh, that, that… if Rougue desires it” (Tart)

Being made fun of by my mother, Tart turns red to the ears and she looks down.

“Mother, stop making fun of Tart.” (Rougue)

“I am not kidding, but what is it, Rougue… That way of talking, being cheeky!” (Esri)

“Since I became an adult, I fixed the way I talk slightly.” (Rougue)

“Ahh, it’s useless! My pretty Rougue, such a rough talk is awful!” (Esri)

At night, I send two carrier pigeons.

It is going to Murteu, it is bringing a letter to Maher.

Maher will take care of the makeup brand, Orna, while I am out.

She alone is heavily loaded, Veloid, the son of Valor is her assistant.

He had a teacher from an early age and has connections in various places. He has abundant practical experience.

He came to receive my lessons every day and absorbed that knowledge. It has led to his further growth and is very good.

He says he wants to learn more, and that will come true if he assists Maher.

“Now that’s ready.” (Rougue)

Two letters are written to Maher.

One is to gather information on Count Asba Vencour, the subject of this assassination. Mrs Vencour is a customer of Orna. There should be data on her.

With that as a foothold, we examine the Count of Vencour.

The other letter is instructions to send a letter to the Countess Vencour saying Ilg Barol from Orna wants to test a new product.

Four days later, materials were delivered to Towerhades.

Because the amount of information is large and the material is bulky, it is impossible to carry it with a carrier pigeon, so its transportation is a carriage.

Orna offers periodic home delivery to members, and because my mother is a member, it is not unnatural for a carriage to come from Murteu.

Regular home delivery for members was proposed by me.

We send a couple of cosmetic products every month.

It is a service for rich people and it costs a reasonable price.

In fact, the quality is good. Items that are bought at the shop have to be compromised to some extent in order to suppress the price, but this has no compromise. Just pursuing quality only.

Otherwise, those with resale purpose monopolize merchandise and sell them to rich people at a high price.

Orna can obtain a lot of profits stably from a good partner and also prevents resale.

If you have enough money, you do not have to participate in the battle at the shop, the sense of superiority is there for aristocrats, soon after we started the home delivery, a very large number of orders came, it went over the limit of orders straight away.

Now, in the rich and aristocrats, being a member of Orna is a status.

My mother became a member because it is a means to exchange information with Maher without making me connected with Ilg.

But mainly my mother wanted the make-up.

Narcotics make everyone except the men who sell it unhappy.

Count Asba Vencour got young aristocrats addicted, and in the city, it seems to be spreading using the mafia people.

The drug makes the brain rapidly awaken, the field of vision opens, and there is strong excitement.

At the price of the tremendous pleasure, there is extreme dependence on it, and you can not live without the drug.

For now, Murteu stops the invasion of drugs from coming in, but neighbouring towns seem to be in a disastrous state.

“There is no choice but to kill them.” (Rougue)

I can not grasp the evidence of selling information to neighbouring countries from the information network, but they are worthy of conviction by the drugs alone.



10 thoughts on “Episode 18: Assassin gathers information

  1. Abomination and embarrassment… this guy has got serious psychological issues if he thinks this anything more than natural.

    Plus because of these problems her mother bringing it up will just make him even more self conscious she should have just shut the fuck up if she doesn’t intend to fix those issues.


  2. Wow, you just came from sleeping with someone, or both of them. The novel is getting boring but if you add more of spicy or enthusiasm. The readers will continue.

    Man, just get a harem already!


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