Episode 19: Assassin is assassinating

I was shaken by a horse-drawn carriage.

I am now heading for the Countess of Vencour with a new product for her to test it.

I wore glasses with my silver hair dyed black to act as Ilg.

As long as I am in this disguise, even if they do not know me, I act as Ilg Barol, not Rougue Towerhades.

Sat next to me is Maher. She is normally in a calm mood but today she is in a good mood.

“It’s been a while, my brother Ilg.” (Maher)

“It has not been more than a month since I parted.” (Ilg)

“For me, the ten days without brother Ilg was too long” (Maher)

Maher starts leaning on me.

“Brother Ilg, I asked if I could get one and I was allowed to get one.” (Maher)

“I’m waiting for good news” (Ilg)

That is a sacred treasure.

Apparently, it can never be made with a human hand. Weapons of very high performance exist.

I predicted that the weapons created by the S rank skill [Summon the Demon Sword] remain in various places.

One is possessed by a boy with the title of the clan’s hound dog who is most likely to be the brave.

Demon sword Flagallach who swayed by the hero of the great war.

It might be easier if I use such weapons to kill the brave.

So, I was trying to get as many sacred treasures as possible by using all the funding that I have.

“Maher is always being helpful, thank you.” (Ilg)

“Hey, brother Ilg, were there any developments since you went home with Tart?” (Maher)

“There will not be any.” (Ilg)

As I said so, Maher sighed as if she got tired.

“Every time you went to Dia’s place, Tart cried. But if you use Tart, even more, she will be pleased as well as much as you. ” (Maher)

“Why do you want me to do that kind of relationship?” (Ilg)

“You would want us to forcibly put away from romantic feelings.” (Maher)

“We are a family, I think that we will be together for many more years.” (Ilg)

Over the years we have made a family bond.

“There is no doubt that when I was a child I thought of you as only an older brother who I could rely on, but I grew up, I will have that kind of emotion. Even though we are people who are seen as wonderful by any men… The most painful thing is for you to keep on ignoring, especially Tart will not say one complaint. If she keeps that kind of attitude, she will explode someday.” (Maher)

“I think that there is no problem, she would be fine being second after Dia. She is cute and big breasts are also a good point. You are an aristocrat in the first place, you should have one or two concubines. ” (Maher)

“Is it something like that?” (Ilg)

“That’s it, so could you understand that there are at least two girls who love Ilg?” (Maher)

“Has it not increased by one?” (Ilg

“Of course, I also love you, but I will make aggressive attacks a little later… when I expand Orna and get a better information network, you can never let me go. The success rate would be higher. You taught that if the negotiation is not in an equal position it will not be established.” (Maher) TLN- Basically she will use the information network to force him into a relationship, he is getting backed into a corner.

“You really are an excellent disciple.” (Ilg)

“Well, be prepared for later on.” (Maher)

I reached the Count of Vencour.

It is a lush land with farmland spreading, it somewhat resembles Towerhades.

However, people with swords were all around us.

“Why did you come to Vencour?” (Soldier)

“We are from Orna, we have come to show a new cosmetic product. This is the invitation letter we received.” (Ilg)

With that word, the men said they have been waiting for us to arrive.

I was surprised to see the guarded mansion.

I felt that the territory was somewhat similar to Towerhades, but the residences are not alike at all.

“Thank you, I’m looking forward to the new work of Orna.” (Countess Vencour)

The door of the mansion opens gently, the wife arrives while welcoming us.

She has rings on both hands and a necklace with a big sapphire on her neck.

… And also excessively thick makeup.

“Countess Vencour, thank you for inviting me this time. I am confident with this new work and I thought that I would like to see it on a beautiful lady like Countess Vencour.” (Ilg)

“After I put on the lotion of Orna, my skin feels good, surely the next product is amazing, is not it?” (Countess Vencour)

What I prepared as a new cosmetic product is a new type of lotion.

It improves scent by adding just a little almond oil to the olive oil that I used so far and improves the colour of the skin when used. The medicinal ingredients were also improved.

Although it is a minor change, quality is very important, if they are an aristocrat.

I have repeated flattery many times.

Then, while she is in a good mood, I can draw out as much information as I want with casual questions.

Recently, when I asked why the Vencour economy is good, she answered that business with neighbouring countries worked well.

Even if I ask about its contents, she says she does not understand it well. At first, I thought she was hiding it, but it seems that she really does not know.

I am good at finding out lies. She really does not know what it is.

I think that is good. If she knew the business, I would have to kill her.

This is because after her husband dies, there is a possibility for her to continue the business.

Then I gather more information.

“My husband is looking forward to enjoying wine slowly while watching the moon before going to bed.” (Countess Vencour)

Useful information has leaked very easily.

The Countess tells us that the Count of Vencour is back three days later, his room is in the south of the second floor, and his biggest pleasure is to enjoy wine slowly while watching the moon on the balcony before going to bed.

“I am really glad that my husband’s business is going well because we were poor aristocrats until a couple of years ago, so I am happy that I can beautifully dress up now.” (Countess Vencour)

“Yes, thanks to this I can see the beautiful Countess of Vencour.” (Ilg)

She does not know.

Just for their happiness, how many soldiers lost their lives due to information sold to the neighbouring countries? And it is likely that hundreds of people are going crazy from the drugs in town.

… I became an assassin, the same as the previous life. However, this time I am not just a tool. I will decide whether to kill or not to kill. And this time I decided.

I should kill them.

Three days later, I came with Tart.

Because I only was information gathering the last time I did not take her, but when I assassinate, an assistant is needed.

… I am worried about the previous words of Maher, but for now, I have to concentrate on the assassination.

The mansion is in a good viewing position, but as expected as it is 300 meters away, there are certain places to hide from view.

The security of the mansion is stricter than yesterday. It is probably because the Count of Vencour has returned home.

Since the sun is falling, we should not be noticed from this distance.

Without yesterday’s information, I would have had to watch for days until he came back, and I would have had to take a troublesome step of sneaking in and killing.

In my hand, there is a cylinder made by magic, already filled with tungsten bullets.

Earl Vencour has some magical powers.

Still, his death can be assured.

I am in a deep concentration state, and everything else is driven out of my sight.

Tart is wary of the surroundings instead of me.

That’s why I can concentrate my consciousness only with the sniper attack.

After about ten minutes, a fat middle-aged man with a wine glass in a bathrobe appeared on the balcony.

Looking up at the moon, it seems that he is saying that he is the happiest in this world.

“She said her husband is looking forward to enjoying wine slowly while watching the moon before going to bed.”(Rougue)

Those words were right.

Thanks to that, I’m able to kill them easily.

Looking at the moon on the balcony in a defenceless state is convenient for my sniper.

I Increase concentration. Almost windless, distance 320 m… It will miss if this is the case.

I activate fire magic and cause an explosion in the cylinder.

Because the cylinder itself is covered with a special cushion, it plays the role of a silencer and almost no sound comes out.

Ultra-heavy, ultra-hard tungsten bullets are sent out at the speed of sound, reaching the goal under a second.

It pierces through his cranium very easily, and its overwhelming force makes it go flying from the neck due to its overwhelming kinetic energy.

“Withdrawal.” (Rougue)

“Yes, Rougue.” (Tart)

I tell Tart and we escape into the mountain.

The concept of a sniper is not known in this world. I can escape without any problems.

This world’s first assassination succeeded.

In my previous life, my heart did not move from the act of killing.

But what about me now?

Somewhat, the beating is getting faster.

It beats without stopping. What, this feeling, I do not know the reason.

Tart worriedly came to me and hugged me.

“Tart, what are you trying to do?” (Rougue)

“Rougue seemed to be sensitive.” (Tart)

“… Did you see that?” (Rougue)

I leave it to impulse and embrace Tart.

Tart smiles and hugs me back. She smells sweet and has a good smell.

“I will go now.” (Rougue)

“Okay.” (Tart)

Then, we run along the mountain road.

I’m sure that his wife will hate those who killed her husband.

He would have been an ideal husband for her who did not know the truth.

I will not regret this assassination.

Because that is necessary to be Rougue Towerhades.



10 thoughts on “Episode 19: Assassin is assassinating

  1. “My husband is looking forward to enjoying wine slowly while watching the moon before going to bed.”(Rougue)

    Rougue has a husband? Just a slight error I saw Thanks for the chapter


  2. Is that it . ? a pro ? that was lame, he did not even kill his wife she should be suspicious, that was stupid the way he killed, he let a lot of clues .. Conan will take him down the first day so don’t try learn from him ://


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