Episode 20: Assassin decides

The first assassination as Rougue is perfect.

First, as requested, I killed them so it gives the message “anyone could be killed, even an aristocrat”.

It seems that the royal family wants to show that this would be the case if you go against them.

If there is proof that the royal family did it, it will be a big problem, but without the evidence, the aristocrats cannot blame the royal family.

If it gets exposed, it will cause a revolt, but the royal family will blame Towerhades as the mastermind if it gets exposed.

I have not left any evidence so that it will not be the case.

Materials created by magic will remain by default but they can disappear by editing the magic. The bullet that dug into the wall disappeared after ten seconds.

There is no concept of a gun it this world.

There is magic in this world, so weapons have not developed.

Rather than that, they have a tendency to deliberately impede the development of weapons.

Aristocratic society holds power because aristocracy with overwhelming magic power will protect citizens from monsters and invaders with that power.

Only because they are protected, the citizens pay taxes and have no resistance to being ordered around.

However, if there is a gun with sufficient firepower, ordinary people will be able to kill demons and aristocrats. They will be able to protect themselves.

If so, the aristocratic society could collapse.

With mo need to rely on aristocrats, people will try to escape exploitation.

For that reason science and technology is not developed, magic using the knowledge of modern weapons can be a powerful weapon.

Besides guns, I have some powerful weapons.

“I wish the Brave will die from just that” (Rougue)

Murmuring while running over the mountain road.

I could not do that, if the Brave could die from that, the goddess would not call me here.

Three days later, we will experiment the magic for killing the brave on an uninhabited island that Maher found.

Magic with a radius of hundreds of meters if released at full power. It cannot be tested unless it is an uninhabited island.

Three months have already passed since the first assassination.

In the meantime I was busy with training, magical development, raising funds as Ilg Barol, strengthening information networks, and also went on to assassination two more times.

It is abnormal to have three assassinations in three months.

This country is more rotten than I thought.

Basically, the aristocrat pays a certain amount of taxes and then does as they like. They can also decide the laws within their territory.

Speaking of the other obligations, if war happens, they have to give soldiers, money and food.

Many of the aristocrats do not feel that they serve the Kingdom of Alvin, and think that they are kings with their own small country.

Is serving this country useful for Towerhades? That has floated in the corner of my head.

“Against Ronoha today, I had an overwhelming win, one close win and one loss.” (Tart)

Tarts is lying on the meadow next to me, in a good mood.

In her hand, she had the folding spear that I gave her for her birthday.

“Well, if you can win against Ronaha, you will not lose to anyone on the knight team. Was Ronaha be a bit reluctant to train with you?” (Rougue)

“… just a bit … a message to Rougue is that he wants to practice with you, he wants to see Rougue’s training which made me this strong.” (Tart)

“It is a shock that Ronaha who has high pride is asking me for training, but I can do it.” (Rougue)

My cousin, Ronaha, has a high level of training with magical powers, even though it is a branch.

Even two years ago he had the ability to compare with the young knights, but in the past two years, he has further increased his strength.

I thought that he and Tart had close ability, so I ordered her to challenge him to a practice game.

There is too much difference in ability between me and Tart, I can not fight seriously against her.

Her first game was a defeat, the second game was a win, and the third game she won with a considerable margin.

Tart is definitely growing.

“I am an exclusive servant and assistant for Rougue, I have to be able to do this… There is Maya.” (Tart)

Maya is a servant.

That employee is running here.

Maya has been told by my father to call me.

As I entered the mansion, it smelled of blood. It seems to have been wiped off, but traces remain.

Looking at the place where there is no evidence of fighting, there must be a seriously injured visitor.

Whatever it is, it seems to be a bad thing.

I enter the study as usual. He is an expressionless father when he is in work mode, but today his expression is stiff.

“Rougue, I received a request for work just now.” (Kian)

“Is that the back?” (Rougue)

“Of course, you can refuse this request, it’s better not to receive it, but I’m daring to say, it is up to Rougue to decide whether or not to accept… The contents of the request is the assassination of Dia Vicone. ” (Kian)

A shock runs through my head like it got hit with a blunt instrument.

Dia, my magical master and my friend. And the person I love.

Want me to kill them?

“Father, there are two doubts, one, we aren’t meant to interfere with neighbouring countries? Two, our belief is that we assassinate only for national interest. I do not think that assassinating Dia leads to this.” (Rougue)

“The assassination of this time is not a true assassination as a Towerhades. It is due to a personal reason. That is why Rougue can decide whether or not to accept it.” (Kian)

If it is made public that we killed a nobleman of another country, war can develop easily.

“… Please tell me the circumstances of why should I kill Dia, perhaps it is due to the civil war of Souigel, where Dia’s father, Earl of Vicone, lost with the royal side, but the Vicone family should have finished the post-war process, including payment of reparation. (Rougue)

I know that the civil war occurred in Souigel.

I have the information network of Valor. I can not be ignorant of such a big incident.

Souigel also has the same problem as the Kingdom of Alvin.

And, there is no Towerhades in Souigel.

As a result, the unhappy aristocrats continued to grow, arguing that the royal family is incompetent and negligent, also saying that they were suited as the rulers of Souigel, they were victorious in the civil war.

As the civil war broke out and Vicone sided with the royal family, I immediately ran to the place of Dia, to check her safety, to prepare for her family to exile with the power of Ilg Barol if the worst happened.

“How much do you know? I can only tell the continuation, Vicone lost the majority of its property and territory… but it was not over. They have a beautiful daughter, she also has a lot of magical power and they expect that the successor will be born with excellent magical power.” (Kian)

Even after paying the reparation money, they were not safe. I was overlooking the greedy nature of human beings.

“The Earl of Vicone was just going to obey them, Dia also wanted to do it to not drain excessive blood, but the vassals could not forgive them, and when the messenger who came to pick up Dia came, all at the same time, the vassals thrust up their resignation papers and declared themselves to move with their own intention, and furthermore they gathered soldiers from the people to form an army, to stand in the castle, it has caused a civil war, the army has already been sent and the battle has begun.” (Kian)

Earl of Vicone and Dia seem to have a great deal of popularity.

Traditionally, the citizens do not care who the nobleman is who governs them. They think that no matter who the ruler is, it is irrelevant to their lives.

In fact, the nobles are puppets of the royal family and no confusion of the people will occur even if the rulers change.

But the people of Vicone challenged the nobility, just to protect Dia.

“So, do you intend to get the heads of Dia and her father in order to quell the civil war in the early stages, to save the Vicone citizens… I do not think it is a request that Towerhades should accept.” (Rougue)

“The client is the Earl of Vicone himself, he has said that saving Dia is worth the price of his life.” (Kian)

“Why?” (Rougue)

“Listen to the story till the end, the content of the request is to take away Dia after faking the death of Dia. The reinforcement will be sent soon. This is to save Dia, and only Towerhades can do it.” (Kian)

I finally agreed.

It is no longer possible to stop the deaths of those who caused the rebellion, that country will no longer protect Dia.

Then I have to fake her death and bring her to another place.

“I understand the situation, but I do not understand why Father got the mission, I do not think my father would bend Towerhades beliefs.” (Rougue)

“I have bent my belief once before, as Esri is a lady of Vicone, and Dia is your cousin. I have to pay back to the Earl of Vicone, I would like to do so by saving Dia, Towerhades can do that much.” (Kian)

“If I refuse?” (Rougue)

“I can not do anything, but I will go myself, however, I will not be able to make there on time, everything will be over before I get there. Only Rougue can get there on time.” (Kian)

Although it is a neighbouring country, it is necessary to cross the two big mountains, in addition to about 320 kilometres to get to the Vicone territory.

Although using magical power you can run faster than a horse, magical power will run out if its ordinary magical power.

My Father can perhaps get there in two days with a break.

However, if it is me, it takes only half a day.

If I can reach in half a day, I will be on time.

There is no justification, while we are the blade of the Kingdom of Alvin, what I am going to do has a risk of damaging the national interest of the Kingdom of Alvin.

I’m not just a tool this life, I will choose by myself.

“Dad, I will undertake this assassination.” (Rougue)

“Can I listen to the reasons, why Rougue receives this request.” (Kian)

“There are three reasons: One, I learn magic with Dia. Two, I have fallen in love with Dia. Three, I promised to Dia that if she asks for help, I will come running.” (Rougue)

I grasp the necklace that Dia gave me when she left Towerhades.

“Is that so… Only once in my life, I have bent down my belief of using Towerhades only for the Kingdom of Alvin, do you know what it was for?” (Kian)

“No, I can not imagine that my father would do such a thing.” (Rougue)

“For the sake of Esri, though I thought you were unlike me, however, you seem to have resembled me with this.” (Kian)

I see, my father also bent down his beliefs for my mother. That made me feel the bond of my family.



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  1. Wow, the quality has significantly improved since the last time I’ve passed this site. I applaud you for your efforts and apologize for my attitude in my past comment. Keep up the good work.


  2. Thanks for all the work so far. Im curious how did you do the translations. If it can be done without having to speak the original language, us fans of the series could try and continue the translation instead of bothering you for more.


    1. I don’t know how he did it, but from experience Google’s translations can be pretty decent, depending on the story/author/writing style. Sometimes running the translation two or three times can result in different wording, making it easier to understand some of the weirdly translated sentences.

      I am mostly a reader by context, so even if a word or 2 make no sense in a sentence, I still get the gist of it. For example, on a story I tried they kept saying someone was ‘made to sit down’, while I’m sure that wasn’t the correct translation, I understand it was something that was bad from from the reaction of everyone involved.


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