Episode 21: Assassin will make it

As I left the mansion, there was a tart dressed in assassination clothes.

“I have equipment of Rougue, I am ready too.” (Tart)

“I have to reach the destination that is 320km away from here in half a day, it is too far for you to follow.” (Rougue)

She is my assistant, it is easier to do work if she is there.

However, I can not rely on her this time. I must make full efforts from here to make it in time.

It is only possible for me because of 【Super recovery】.

“I can not go with you, but I can at least help Rougue up to my limit… Even with Rougue’s 【Super recovery】, if you run at full speed, the recovery of magical power and physical strength will not catch up. I will go!” (Tart)

Tart uses the original wind magic that I taught her.

It is a magic that creates a streamlined wind barrier, reduces air resistance by tearing the air. It is called the wind cowl.

And she is running at full speed.

I run right behind her.

The wind resistance does not affect me, half of the kinetic energy is consumed to cancel the air resistance from around 40 km / h, and as the speed increases, the air resistance increases exponentially. TLN-Similar to how bikes ride in a line in races

If I run at full power to make it in time, 【Super recovery】won’t catch up with the amount of magical power and physical strength used.

However, if Tart cuts through the wind with magic and proceeds forward, I will not receive the resistance of the wind and will advance with physical consumption and magical power consumption at the speed of 【Super recovery】.

Tart is doing a desperate run while I am doing a comfortable run.

Even from behind, I can see her breathing hard and badly sweating.

Still, she won’t slow down the pace.

After over an hour, she is now at her limit. No, she exceeded her limit a long time ago. Going beyond her limit with only the power of her will.

“Sorry, I can only do it to this point.” (Tart)

I sit behind her and put my hands on her shoulder.

“Thank you. Thanks to you, I was able to conserve power.”  (Rougue)

This one hour was within the extent that recovery of magical power and physical strength was able to keep up with the recovery of 【Super recovery】.

“… You really like Dia, don’t you?” (Tart)

“That’s right.”  (Rougue)

“Do your best, please come home with her, I will always be waiting for Rougue’s return.” (Tart)

Tart smiles, although she was about to cry.

“I will be sure to return.”  (Rougue)

While running, I take out the dyes from the backpack that Tart delivered, dye my hair, disguise myself to change the impression of the face, and hide my face with a scarf.

I entered the mountain.

The way to the Vicone territory is not a straight line, there are damaged roads and mountain paths.

As usual, I cover the trunk and branches of the tree with magical power at the moment of impact to make it a foothold.

There are two mountains.

I am on the first mountain now.

After I climbed to the top of the mountain, I jumped off the cliff.

At the same time, I cast magic.

“【Wing of steel】”  (Rougue)

Like [Gunfire] and the others, it is an original magic created with 【Weaving magic】.

It produces a hang glider made of lightweight aluminium.

If it is troublesome to cross two mountains, so I fly from the top of the first mountain and cross over the second mountain.

Hang gliders have no power, it’s just going downhill.

As long as the wind does not blow in the right direction[, the altitude will slowly go down.

If it is as it is now, the altitude will be insufficient and I can not cross the mountain. The wind does not blow… So I just have to make the wind myself.

“【Wind Call】”  (Rougue)

And then I crossed the second mountain.

As expected the hang glider is too conspicuous, that is why I organized a technique to make it disappear in a matter of minutes after use.

After landing, I ran through the border.

On the way, I ate preserved meals and made water with magic.

The time it took me to cross the 320km was five hours and a little.

There is a reason why I was so fast and that I could move without being seen.

That is because I have come many times in order to meet Dia.

Otherwise, there is no way to get here so fast. When I came to see Dia for the first time, I got lost.

I did not think that the monthly secret meeting would be useful like this.

I finally arrive at the destination.

The Vicone territory, the town of Vicone is a battlefield.

I hide my figure in the forest about 250 meters away from the battlefield.

As for Vicone, the mansion is a castle.

Taking advantage of the castle walls, Vicone has survived.

However, it is getting worse.

The numbers are too different.

It is strange, why have they survived so long?

As far as I can see with these eyes, there are a lot of opposing aristocrats. They possess magical power, it is not too difficult for them to jump over the wall.

However, the people of aristocracy are looking at the window of the castle.

… Generally I understand the circumstances. Because there is Dia, this castle has not fallen yet.

I hide behind the trees and kill my signs.

Let’s raise a frenzy here in order to shave off their momentum, before sneaking off into the mansion.

“In order to save Dia, there is no choice but to kill those that are going to steal Dia.”  (Rougue)

As much as possible, I do not want to kill people. But in this situation it is impossible to save Dia without killing anyone.

I create a gun with original magic.

This time, I will not use a silencer.

It is because I need to raise the firepower enough to kill the opponents who have magical Those with magic power is shown the eyes of Towerhades.

In the battlefield, the difference in power between those with magical power and those without magical power is large, and it is said that it is necessary for one hundred people without magical power to defeat one person with magical power.

Conversely, if you kill someone with magical power alone, it is the same as killing one hundred people alone.

The eyes of Towerhades can see magical powers. Normally, you can not feel the opponent’s magical power if they do not come close enough, it is difficult to identify those with magical power.

But with these eyes, I know who has magical power as long as they enter into my sight.

I breathe in deeply, exhale and use fire magic at the same time as making the iron cylinder.

A bullet of tungsten flew out and a large hole was made in the chest of someone with magical power who was fighting on the front line.

I immediately put a bullet in the cylinder and kill another person.

I will kill them indiscriminately.

My movement is pursuing efficiency without any waste or hesitation.

And the change came when I shot the fourth person.

The magical power holder took a soldier as a shield, and from the sound from my explosions, the direction where I am was located, the soldiers reacted to this. The troops are letting a rain of the arrow come down towards me.

I remove the gun and leave the place and start moving to the other side.

The correspondence was too quick.

They identified that the cause of death was a long-range attack and tried to crush the shooter.

The reason is easy to understand.

It is because Dia has been shooting already.

That’s the reason why it has taken them three days and still haven’t gotten through.

Dia’s shooting accuracy is around 300 meters. From the window of the castle, she shot the people trying to cross the castle gate with the power that could kill even magical power holders.

It should have worked very effectively.

However, not only decreasing the number of enemies, but also the fact that they are being targeted by sniper causes the enemies to be scared.

I listen to the sound with wind magic.

The soldiers are crying out that there is someone other than the Countess Vicone, which can use the strange magic.

The enemy’s invasion is visibly delayed.

Four of the 1,500 soldiers dying would not be a problem, but the effect is bigger by killing only those with magical powers.

I have finished moving, I create a metal bow and arrows with magic while hiding in a tree in the opposite forest.

The arrow is special. An attachment has been added.

it is attached with a jewel that contains a red light.

“I did not want to use this card…”  (Rougue)

The identity of the jewel is Faalstone. The magical power that was included in it is the critical point.

Faalstone is a stone that has the ability to store magical power and is originally used to measure the amount of magical power.

It is a special product of Vicone and I was able to generate it with magic by examining the necklace received from Dia.

If you pour the magical power to its limit, the magical power will explode out.

Once, I nearly blew away the house of Towerhades with a Faalstone.

Through a few experiments, the power has the most violence when putting in 70% flame attribute, 20% wind attribute, and 10% of the soil attribute rather than just no attribute magic.

I pull the bow and release the arrow.

While leaving a trajectory of red light, it slips through the trees and lands at the centre of the soldiers.

And after seven seconds.

Light overflowed, a big explosion broke out.

A flame born due to the flame attribute explodes, including the wind by the wind attribute, the magical power of the soil attribute changes to countless iron pieces and it scatters with a blast.

The blast effect range is about 200 meters. Secondary disasters caused by iron blasts blown off can reach another 100 meters.

Like toys, dozens of people are blown away, burned in a blast, and iron pieces are penetrating them.

The Faalstone has the magical power of three hundred magicians of an average size.

I have a magical power that exceeds a thousand times of an average magician but the amount that can be released at one time does not rise easily, it is currently about seven to eight times faster the average magician.

However, with a Faalstone, I can do things like this.

It can be said that it is a kind of assassination.

Assassination means to kill from outside the subject’s conscious without showing the identity. Now, even with the ones that died from my [gunshot], and those who were blown away by the explosion of Faalstone also died without even knowing they were killed.

If I push straight from the front, I will be crushed by the difference in number and killed. It will not change even with a gun or Faalstones.

However, if it is an assassination, they can not even see my figure, while I can eliminate their main strengths.

Well, with the explosion of the third Faalstone, the aristocratic soldiers are completely scared.

They began to realize that those with magical power are being aimed at preferentially, which is accelerating fright.

“Vicone’s soldiers are well trained.” (Rougue)

They had been in defence, now opened up the castle gate and assaulted them.

There is still a difference in number even though a considerable number has been thinned out.

However, the enemies are in an extreme panic state. They can go offensive here.

The battleground is a big mess.

With this, I can earn time.



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