Chapter 11

The car entered the garage of Executive 1, I got some paper bags from the trunk and entered the cabin.

There is Shiho in the cabin and is cleaning it.

“I’m home.”

“Welcome home, Kazama.”


While Shiho welcomed me, a puppy ran from the bedroom in the back of Executive One.

When the puppy comes to my feet, it uses its small body fully to press it on me.

“It is quite friendly.”

“That’s because Kazama is its benefactor of life.”

“I do not understand, I do not know how it knows I helped it as it was not conscious.”

“I think that’s because animals have that kind of instinct”

“Got it.”

Such a thing happened a lot when I was in a different world.

Animals who live with instincts rather than intelligence often become friendly.

… Much better than the humans.

“Oh, I will carry your luggage. Where should I put it?”

“Oh, it is to give to you.”

“To me?”

“Open it.”

“Yes… is this a maid outfit?”

“Yes, because you are a maid.”

“Is that so… Kazama?”

“Yeah, what’s wrong?”

“It is a nice fabric that I could not possibly know as I touched it for only a moment but… is it really a maid outfit? Is feels like a dress or a suit.”

“You have a good intuition.”

“What do you mean?”

“It’s definitely a maid outfit, but it is custom-made.”


“Because maid clothes cannot be obtained normally, there are some for cosplay, but their quality is too bad.”

“Um… how much was it?”

“It’s two hundred thousand yen.” TLN: Two hundred thousand yen is around £1350 or $1800


“The clothes I am wearing are custom-made and I have five of it, so my wardrobe costs one million yen.”


Shiho is surprised grandly, it is worth the money just to make her surprised so much.

“… I can’t wear something this expensive.”

“Well, look closely around.”


“It’s a pretty decor with a marble floor and other things, so the maid should look like a proper maid.”

“But, but…”

“Please change clothes as soon as possible, don’t hesitate because of the cost, I will pay for any damages.”

I forced Shiho into a room with the paper bags.

I go back to the cabin, sit on the sofa and wait for Shiho.

As the puppy came beside me, I stroked it’s head and turned on the TV.

“Representative Arai in hospital -“


“He shows the intention of resigning from the legislature and the political parties to which he belongs to have removed his name. As a result of this, the possibility of Arai, who was regarded as the next foreign minister, has become zero.”

“What is your opinion, Yamamoto?”

“I think that there is nothing that should happen. There is not any evidence to show anything. What he said was a joke.”

“I think that the behaviour of a man who took the video while invading the House of Councilors is more problematic.”

“What is with that!”

A loud voice from the side came up.

When turning around, Shiho with a maid figure was staring at the television with her eyebrows upside down.

“Why are they trying to defend him, it’s strange.”

“The clothes suit you,.”

“Well… thank you.”

I got up from the sofa, approached Shiho, and observed her maid’s appearance from a close distance.

“Yeah, they look good on you”

“Thank you very much… But this is 200,000 yen… I can’t feel calm.”

“Oh? You will get used to it soon.”

A properly tailored maid dress.

Maid clothes that combine colourlessness and cuteness without discomfort, and elegance.

I returned to the sofa, turning off the TV.


“What happened?”

“Who is Kazama?”

“I am a millionaire.”

“Certainly this camper and car prove that, but…”


“That doggy, it is not possible to explain how you made the dog well with just that.”

“… Certainly.”

I thought for a while.

Shiho probably can be trusted, but to explain it fully is troublesome and there is no need to do that.

That’s why I will just say some of it.

“I am a man that can use some special abilities that others can’t use, that’s all.”

I explain it roughly.

“Special abilities?”

“Oh, you can call it super strength or magic, there is no proper way to call it.”

“I see…”

“By the way, this is confidential information that you can’t tell anyone.”

“Yes! I know!”


“Um… By the way, what else can you do?”

I thought for a while.

The skill was about to fill the final slot in the default 10 frames, there was something that I wanted to get soon.

It’s visually interesting so I will show it to Shiho.

Inside the back street of downtown area.

I defeated the four gangsters who have now fallen over by having their shoulders hit.

I have gained 8 points as it was 4 people, my goal has been achieved.

“Kazama? What do you mean?”

Shiho of a maid figure brought with me asked.

“Well, look at what happens next time.”

A bigger group came attacking, this time it is six people.

I bought a skill before I launched the counterattack.

[Money Drop]

After I bought that skill I gave a counter punch.

A counter punch struck down on his face.

The thug got blown away, and then the next moment, a bill danced in the air from the body of the thug.


Shiho is surprised. There is still more to come.

The remaining five people attacked, they had a lot of anger that I blew away their friend.

Four of them pulled out knives and one took out a baton.

I jumped towards them, handled the knives and the baton, and then beat the gangsters one after another.

The bills fluttered in the air from the side where I hit them.

After knocking down everyone, bills were dancing in the area like confetti.

It is genuine money, money that can be used.

Genuine money that skill [Money Drop] gave me.

“What is that?”

“As you can see, I can make money if I hit them.”

“Isn’t that money just dropped by those people?”

“Oh, by the way, this is also confidential by the way.”

“I understand.”

Shiho is surprised and confused.

“I do not quite understand how it works, but… wow…”



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  1. I guess at the rate he is spending it his money wouldn’t last forever without some income but does the money come from the ppl he fights or would bears give money as well


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