Chapter 12

The next day, I also left Tokyo and went north on Executive One.

I came to Iwate same as before and put the Executive One at the proper place, I went into the car and entered the mountain.

The target is bears.

As soon as the bear encountered me it swung its arm towards me, after avoiding that luscious arm and doing a counter-attack between its eyebrows, the bear flew away.

The bear comes with blood running onto its eyes, it didn’t die from only one shot. I avoid its nails, turn, and then kick it away.

As a result of that verification, the drop of gold is higher for any opponent who takes two hits rather than taking it down with a single blow.

“Awesome… Bears can drop money…”

“It will drop from anything, all it needs is for the opponent to have the thought of defeating me.”


“Well pretty much.”

“A mosquito?”

“Mosquito? Oh yeah… Killerbee’s nest – When I burned all the beehives inside, it was raining lots of bills.”

The scene at that time was wonderful.

“That’s amazing, Kazama”

The bear dropped 40,000 yen (skill point was 20), when I picked it up I heard some noise.



“What, do you dislike deer?”

It was a surprising reaction.

As soon as I saw the deer, Shiho frowned her eyebrows.

To this lovely animal, Shiho looked at it like it is disgusting.

“Yes… because I am a former farmer”

“What do you mean, because you are a farmer?”

“It is a pest for farmers, it is an opponent worse than a bear for a farmer.”


“It is a herbivorous animal, it can eat anything, crops etc.”

“Oh, that’s why its hated by farmers.”

“And there is this here.”

Shiho went a little farther away. She waited for me in front of a single dead tree.

As I came towards her, she pointed at the base.

“This is a tree that has been killed by a deer because the deer ate the tree’s skin and it then withered away.”

“Deer kills trees…”

This was a little surprising.

The withered tree, it happened because of a deer.

A tree thick enough that an average man cannot easily destroy it.

It got killed by being eaten by a deer…

“King of pests, deer. A cute face… Oh, it sounds like a slime!”

I was convinced somewhat now.

There is no relationship between a cute face and no harm.

The slime in the other world is pretty cute, but it is a bad thing that can eat even humans.

“If that is the case, why do not you defeat them?”

For the farmers!

I go towards the deer from before.

The herbivorous deer tries to escape, but I around and swing an uppercut.

The deer flew away, its body rotated round and round, spreading bills in the air.

“A deer is dropping bills…”

The deer rolled around and finally fell into the ground on its the head, and after several spasms came, it stopped moving.

I gained 4 skill points.

Not as much as a bear, but a deer gives a decent amount of points.

“It’s twice as much as a thug.”



Until now I have only been searching for bears, but I will hunt some deer now.

I walked around the mountain.

Bears, and deer.

In half a day the number of bears hunted reached 4, the number of deer hunted reached a total of 12, that increased the points by 128, I have now accumulated a total of 129.

In the evening, in Executive One.

Shiho is taking a bath, and I am relaxing in the cabin.

By the way, Shiho is the faction that likes a long bath.

I relaxed in the cabin, I look out of the window.

The cloud covering the sky opened a little, and the moon came out.

“It is the full moon today.”

The moon looked beautiful as there are no other lights nearby.


The puppy came beside me.

The puppy is looking at the full moon seen from the window.

I was not surprised – but I was surprised about what happened right after.

The puppy became a human figure.

Sharp ears, a girl with a beautiful rare appearance.


“Nice to meet you, hero Shinji.”

“Hero? Are you from the other world?”

“Yes, I came to this world with the power of the goddess.”

“… Oh, that thing?”

I remembered the thing the goddess said.

“Yes, I am Sray. I’m sorry, I kept silent until now because I could only return to my figure when the full moon is out.”


“And also… Thank you for saving me before.”

“It was rabies… you were bitten?”

“Yes, I got caught up in territorial fighting.”

“I understand.”

Awesome beauty filled with the mysterious beauty peculiar to elves, a figure that can not be imagined from the puppy appearance.

“I understood the story, but why were you chosen?”


“What happened?”

Sray has bitten her lower lip.

It’s just not a matter of regret.

“The village of Elves was destroyed.”

“What did you say?”

I stood up unintentionally.

“What do you mean?”

“Human’s …. It is an order from the human called Ereboss”

“Ereboss? Duke Ereboss?”

Sray nodded.

Ereboss, the most radical person among the humans who interfered with me.

Saying things like a person from a different world cannot be trusted, the world should be saved by humans from their own world.

He is a bastard who continued to chant that claim until the end.

“Why was it ordered?”

“Since elves are not human beings, they said we are monsters, so they got rid of us.”

“Racial discrimination? Because the most foreign object me was gone, he targeted the next most foreign object?”

Sray nodded.

I remembered something.

Something very serious, there is a certain “providence”.

“Mana is produced by elves.”

“Yes, although it is not exactly produced by us.”

“I know, the elves are catalysts.”

Mana is born from elves.

That said, elves do not do any action to do this.

They just convert the air to mana.

The nearest phenomenon is an experiment of chemistry done in junior high school days.

Oxygen is produced when manganese dioxide is added to hydrogen peroxide. However, the mass of manganese dioxide does not change from before the reaction.

Hydrogen peroxide is air in another world, oxygen is mana, and elves are manganese dioxide.

There are few people who know that, because I needed to master magic, I just happened to learn it.

“Does magic will disappear in the different world?”

“It will not disappear soon, maybe, gradually though…”

“They are very stupid people.”

I am amazed.

In that world, magic is used in everyday life.

Mana is like gasoline… No, it’s the only power, so it is closer to electricity.

Now the elves are gone, mana will be slowly destroyed and then permanently disappear.

In other words, imagine if all electricity disappeared on Earth, with no method to make more.

“The nobility will be the most troubled by the disappearance of mana.”

“Yes, the amount used by ordinary people for daily life will remain until the end, but a large amount of mana is needed to activate the magic to maintain the nobility’s luxuries.”

They are truly idiots, even deer are better than them.

The full moon moved behind the clouds outside the window, and Sray returned to the form of a puppy.

Maybe because she got reminded of the situation of the elves, she has a sad looking face.

I stroked the head of Sray.

“I will protect you, I will protect you until you return to the world over there.”



23 thoughts on “Chapter 12

  1. This novel has quite interesting concept as elf does provide mana in air similiar to plant does for oxygen. Its first time happened. Still, soon earth become able to have magic when mc keeps saving more elf?

    Thanks for the chapter!!


  2. Even if he calls the nobility stupid, he’s not too much better. Why did he start massacuring the dears when he heard that they killed trees? Is he planning to single-handedly destroy the entire ecosystem of the forest? Hopefully he finds another threat to face before he breaks too much for his points.

    Thanks for the chapter!


  3. 1) I get the feeling the bears and deer will become endangered species in Japan soon…
    2) Congrats duke, you’ve just given the order to cause a permanent global blackout in that world. Well, if MC found this out, I’m sure there are other human mages that did as well, so when all magic disappears and the reason why gets out, I wonder if that Ereboss guy and his whole family will get executed? Along with everyone that wholeheartedly supported him?
    3) Why is she a dog? Is it to prevent her from spreading mana in this world?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 1) The deer are safe in Nara, the bears might be extinct.
      2) Who knows, it might be a plot device, a foreboding or just sad news that won’t matter much in the long run. That will decide their fate.
      3) Maybe it is, or maybe is a Harem control tool? We’ll have to wait and hope to get an answer in the future.


    1. It makes you wonder if the elf will truly returns into the other world. If she does truly returns, high chance that because of her race, she will be made pregnant to create more elves to make more mana.


  4. Thanks for the chapter!
    This chapter was full of revelations; deer are pests and can kill trees, elves produce mana, humans in the other world are way dumber than first predicted by the MC.


  5. Thank for the chapter ^^

    Um, after replay Skyrim in the past few weeks…Kazama, please kill all the bear, I mean, a Snowbear kill 3 people at Dawnstar, I wonder what’s the Guard doing but it appears the bear also kill two guards, Two Guards!

    by the way how to delete the image of The Rock with painted nose tip, deer ears and say “I’m Bambi” out of one memory =_=;


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