Chapter 13

I turned the 100-inch television on.

“I am here in front of Budokan. Mitsuki Kondo is on the final day of their national tour – ” TLN-Budokan is an arena, Nippon Budokan


“That was surprising!”

Shiho, who had been doing cleaning until now, suddenly shouted.

“Are you a fan?”

“Yeah, my mum is also a fan, we often listened to songs together when I was a child.”

“You have been a fan for a long time.”

I know the singer Mitsuki Kondo as well.

Her age is probably 40. She is an extremely popular singer, most of her fans are young girls, she made her debut as a teenager and is still popular.

Even after all that time, her CDs are selling well.

“Oh… She was doing a live tour… I did not know…”

Her sparkling eyes have gradually calmed down, and an expression of sadness came up instead.

“… Hmm”


“Would you like to go see her?”

Shiho couldn’t understand what I mean, but after she thought about what I said she suddenly realised.


Budokan at night, behind it.

It is filled fans waiting to see Mitsuki after the live concert.

I and Shiho are attracting attention.

To be accurate, Shiho is attracting attention.

This is because she is dressed as a maid.

It is not a cheap maid costume like cosplay ones are, it is custom-made maid clothes that cost two hundred thousand yen.

“That… Kazama…”


“Should we just go home after all? Even if we are waiting here, we will only see her for a moment.”

“It should be fine.”


“Leave it to me.”

I know what she wants to say, however, I have a certain skill.

[Free Visit]

This skill that would allow me to meet even the President of the United States or the Pope if I wanted to lasts until the moment I actually meet with the person.

After a while, a car appeared from the parking lot at the back of the building.

With the effect of the [Free Visit], I found out that it is the person that I am aiming for.

“Go for it, Shiho.”

“What, yes.”

I go along with Shiho who is in a hurry and arrived next to the car stopped.

I knock on the window and asked if I could come in.

The doors on both sides opened.

There is a voice from the other side of the car. It is a woman’s voice.

The people in the surroundings are loud. I can hear voices saying “Lie” “How come?”.

“Get on quickly.”


I urged Shiho to get in.

While being sent off by fans, the car leaves the premises of the Budokan.

Mitsuki Kondo is in the back seat of the car.

The skill [Free Visit] is expired here.

Mitsuki who came back to her normal state after seeing us looked surprised.

“Who are you guys?”

The driver is surprised grandly, well it would be like that.

“I have been a big fan since my childhood!”


“Can I have a handshake?”

“… Haha.”

Mitsuki who was looking at suspicious people, an unknown man and someone dressed as a maid.

She shakes hands as requested.

“Really! I am a big fan! When my mother died and I was depressed, your songs helped me a lot, thank you!”

Mitsuki is very puzzled looking at Shiho.

But her expression was not only that.

She is looking outside the window for some reason.

This is–

“… What is frightening you?”



Shiho and Mitsuki at the same time raised their voices.

“I know that face well, a face of a human that is being frightened by something.”

“Are you scared? Are you okay? Mitsuki!”

“That is–“

Don! The sound and shock came.

The car shakes grandly and screams echo in the car.

I looked behind me.

There is a car that just collided with us!


The driver stepped on the accelerator.

With the acceleration, our bodies were pushed into the seat from the inertia.

The other car also raised its speed further and it hit our car again.

Screams echo in the car again.

“Hey! You that are driving!”


“Do not step on the brake no matter what I do, proceed normally.”

“I know that sort of thing -“

I moved while the driver replies.

I pierced the rear window with a single punch.


I jumped onto the front of the car that is chasing us.

I dropkick the windshield as I land on the car.

The kick broke the windshield into pieces and cleanly hit the lower jaw of the driver.

At the moment, the car spun.

I thrust the car into the guardrail while it is spinning, as I thrust it, I jumped and left the car.

In the car that the airbag had jumped out from the shock of hitting the guardrail, I then pulled out the driver.

That guy has lost consciousness.

His age ranges from roughly 30 to 40.

The man is in the classification that is generally regarded as handsome.

And there is another thing.

The clothes and hairstyle, he looks like a celebrity.

Why did a celebrity do something like this?

Colliding a car from behind several times.

It is not like an ordinary celebrity.



I turn around as I hear a voice.

Mitsuki and Shiho have returned.

A car that I jumped out of a little while ago has stopped.

Well, I told them not to stop but they stopped anyway.

Shiho who came has eyes of respect to me.

“Kazama is amazing… it’s just like an action movie!”

I smiled from the comment.

“You called a name just now, do you know about this person?”

I asked Mistuki, but it was Shiho who answered.

“Kanada Masatoshi, a popular actor, who was reported to be in a relationship with Mitsuki two years ago.”

“You were scared of this guy.”

“… Yeah.”

Mitsuki nodded, then she sighed.

“I was asked out by him a while ago, I declined him because I do not have feelings for him, so he made an article without my permission to make it look like we are together.”

“Is that so!?”

“He has been stalking and threatening me recently.”

“Well, did you not tell the police?”

“Can you tell the police about matters between celebrities?”



Kanada woke up.

He woke up his body and looked at the surroundings.

After using [Invisibility], I stood between Kanada and Mitsuki.


“Please stop it, it’s really annoying.”

“What is it, Mitsuki, why did you say such a thing, do you hate me now?”

“I did not like you from the beginning, I hate you, why did you write that fake article?”

“I know, Mitsuki, I know… Even if you say such things, you like me, don’t you?”

“It is differ-“

“Shut up!”

Kanada raised his hand, Mitsuki tried to avoid it by tightly closing her eyes.

It has been twenty seconds, so I was stopped being invisible, then I immediately got the punch from Kanada onto my face.

“Where did you come from?”

“It’s not good to hit people.” TLN- Coming from the guy who beats up thugs, bears and deer.

“Noisy! She is my girl! What’s wrong with doing as you like your own woman!”

“The person herself has denied being your woman.”

“There is not such a thing! So, it is you, you have made Mitsuki strange!”



Kaneda further raised his fist and tried to hit me.

The second punch was stopped at the sound of his phone.

“Why is it at such a time!”

Kanada picks up the phone in a bad mood.

“I told you, don’t contact me today – ha? Live video? What are you talking about?”

His face turned pale.

Shiho noticed the reason for it.

“Kazama… Maybe from before?”

There is a smartphone on the roof of the car, the lens is facing towards me.

As in the case of Arai, I got him with a live video confession.

Ikemen actor, the whole story flowed into the net.

It is already too late, his career is over.


Kanada shouted, his face turned distorted, trying to punch me in the face.

Just by avoiding that punch, Kanada lost balance and collapsed on the ground.

“Uuu… Wow Aaaaaaaaaa!”

He is screaming on the ground.

I wonder what will become of him after this if the current scene is shown worldwide.

I turned around to Mitsuki.

“It is all right now.”

“Yeah… Thank you.”



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  1. Thanks for the chapter!
    He is starting to establish a modus operandi with Free Visit and live transmissions from cellphone.


  2. Lol how shameless. But I’m extremely curious. Is he using the same account from before? If so, then it’s probably popular for getting crazy live streams all the time!


  3. My guess is that he’s going to become some sort of heroic icon, while the media will continue to criticize him for his brutish ways or something.

    Thanks for the chapter!


      1. Sounds like it. After all this is his home world. What are you going to say other worlders shouldn’t stick their noses in our problems?


  4. Thx for chapter. Even though i know he kinda deserves it, i still feels bad for him with me imagining him becoming homeless. Also i hope MC doesn’t create a too big harem or doesn’t ignore the girls and women that fall in love with him. Another problem is : doesn’t it create a problem for the country with how much money he can create and have ?


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