Chapter 14

Next morning, in Executive One.

As I was eating breakfast, Shiho was staring at her smartphone while grinning.


After an incident of yesterday, she exchanged contacts with Mitsuki Kondo so that she could contact us if anything happens again.

I could have done it, but I let Shiho do it.

Shiho has been looking at her contact list for a long time.

She is very happy, having the private address of a famous singer.

Today’s breakfast was quite delicious.

Although it is not like the atmosphere of Executive One, the Japanese style breakfast such as miso soup and white rice, and salted baked salmon, which was ordered by me, worked fine. TLN-He is saying the meal doesn’t fit with the luxurious room.

I turned on the TV.

“This is a video published on the Internet”

“Is this about yesterday?”

Shiho came back from grinning at her phone.

The live broadcast became a video which can be seen at any time, and the television broadcasted it.

“What do you think? Yamamoto?”

“This video was not allowed to be recorded, the person who took it is a voyeur.”


Shiori was confused at this comment, her voice contained clear dissatisfaction.

“No matter how you look at it, it was a voyeurism.”

“I agree.”

“There is no evidence, but there is a 99% of him being a criminal.”

“I have a slightly different opinion  – we will enter the adverts at once.”

As soon as a different opinion came on. he forced the adverts on.

“What is that! That is completely biased coverage!”

“That is how they will try–“

“What’s wrong, Kazama?”

“The video… It is frozen.”

I say while looking at my smartphone.

“The video got taken down!”


“Did you see it broadcast on TV now?


“So this video became part of “television broadcasting”, that’s how it got taken down by a TV station.”

“How is that allowed!”

Shiho is increasingly annoyed.

“Do not mind it, humans are always rotten.”


“Oh the video is okay now, the TV stations claim quickly went off, so it’s okay for now. Well just in case, I will make a comment on this video.”

I said so, while I entered a comment on the video.

It is not me who froze the video, I want this video to be seen by everyone.

With this, reuploads of the video will spread freely. TLN- That would have happened anyway, people will re-upload anything that could get views.

Incidentally, after it came back from the adverts, there were no comments about the video.

I drove a car by myself into the city of Tokyo.

While driving, I check my skills.


Skill points: 21/999

Acquired Skills (9/10)

[Close Combat] LV 7

[Increase Attack Power (Evade)] LV1

[Invisibility] LV 2


[Lower Point Cost]

[Double Skill Points]

[Complete Translation]

[Free Visit]

[Money Drop]


I got 20 points from breaking the car yesterday, but the skill frames are almost filled up.

The 10 skill slots of the initial frame is about to be full, after the next skill I will have to get [Unlimited Skill Slots].

To do that, I have to earn more skill points.

Bears and deer are nice, but the places to hunt are far away.

As I saw a scene in the street, I stopped the car.

There are many reporters, and beyond that, there is a hospital.

A number of helicopters are flying over the hospital.

Did an incident happen?

“Misaki Shizuka, the actress who was carried here in an emergency, still has not returned to consciousness.”

From the nearest reporter, I roughly understand what has happened.

But this is…

“It’s annoying.”

“Oh, especially the helicopters, it’s so noisy.”

“And at night a light beam comes from them.”

I heard that from two guys who passed me.

Both of them are patients at this hospital.

They entered a nearby convenience store with annoyed expressions.

From hearing that story,  the patients seem to be annoyed at it.

“… This is a good opportunity.”

I buy the skill, [Long Distance Attack] Level 1 using 8 points.

I could only buy one level, I wonder how effective it will be.

Taking a distance from the reporters, I went to an empty area.

I pick up a pebble from the ground and hook it between the thumb and middle finger.

[Long distance attack]

As the name implies, it raises the attack power and hit rate of long-distance attacks.

The pebble flipped from my fingers flew straight and hit a helicopter.

The helicopter lost its balance and swayed a bit.

As it was impossible to fly stable, the helicopter that was hit slowly leaves the site.

Alright, there is no problem with this.

I picked up more pebbles and shot the remaining helicopters – helicopters from all the stations leave one after another.

Of course, I do not drop them, if they drop it will be a catastrophe.

Although they can not fly stable, they won’t crash, but they left the area.

Soon after, all the TV stations withdrew all at once, the tranquillity returned to the hospital.



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  1. Did he just use up his 10th slot just like that? I thought he said he was saving it for that ‘Unlimited skill slots’ thing, and he just used it up on the same chapter like that?


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