Chapter 15

While wandering around the city, I opened the skill window that only I can see, and I looked at it.


Skill Points: 13/999

Acquired Skills (10/10)

[Close Combat] LV 7

[Long Distance Attack]LV 1

[Increase Attack Power (Evade)] LV1

[Invisibility] LV 2


[Lower Point Cost]

[Double Skill Points]

[Complete Translation]

[Free Visit]

[Money Drop]


Because I bought [Long Distance Attack], all the initial 10 frames have been filled.

There is now the possibility that something could suddenly happen that I can’t deal with.

It is a top priority to get the skill to increase skill slots.

Besides, at one of the hospitals, I’m thinking about stopping the media a bit.

To do that, I want to have additional skills.

There is some tremendously strong and appropriate skills.

Even though I was a cheat with [Invisibility], [Complete Translation], [Free Visit] and so on, this is a super cheat combination that exceeds them.

I did not buy the skill until now, as it is a skill that is irrelevant to the point dash of the start.

The cost of the two skills I want are 360 and 240, that is 600 points in total.

Hunting 30 bears will take a lot of time.

Is there any other good way to do it?

While thinking so, I saw a television in a shop window.

The program was a documentary about honeycombs.

You can search for almost anything you want to find on the net.

There seems to be a honeycomb in a huge park in Tokyo. TLN- He has hunted a ton of bears, deer and now he is aiming at bees, is his goal to destroy the ecosystem?

I found a honeycomb in a place without many people.

Probably it was a warehouse in the past, but there was no trace that it has been used for many years, and a huge beehive has been made in the part under the eaves.

The size is 50 centimetres in diameter, with bees flying around it.

After waiting for a while, one of the worker bees flying around the nest came out of the nest and went towards me.

As I am waiting for it, I made my fingers into a flicking shape…

I do not throw anything, but the bee got hit.

It became possible with [Long Distance Attack].

It is a technique of throwing air.

To break the helicopter using the air was impossible to do without the pebbles, but even without an object, just by throwing the air has the power of an ordinary adult punch. TLN- If just a pinch of air is a punch, just how powerful were those pebbles? And this skill is only level 1 at the moment…

And that was enough, the bee shot by the air was blown apart.

—You have earned 2 skill points.

Points rose by 2, and a one thousand yen bill flew out and fell to the ground.

I left it because I did not need it at all.

The bee gives the minimum of 1 point, 2 points because of [Double Skill Points].

It gives the same amount of points as a thug, and there are far more bees than thugs.

There should be several hundred bees here.

I went a distance away and hit only the bees that came from this nest toward this direction one after another.

I was wiping out with distance magic like it was in the other world.

If it’s this world… Should I use grenades or a flamethrower?

But both of them will make a loud noise and it is going to be a tricky thing to buy.

By the time it was night, my total points went up from 13 to 697.

This amount of points is enough, I will buy skills quickly.

I will pay 360 and make the frame have infinite slots.

Next, I paid 240 to get a cheat skill.


Skill point: 97/999

Acquisition skill (11 / ∞)

[Close Combat] LV 7

[Long Distance Attack]LV 1

[Increase Attack Power (Evade)] LV1

[Invisibility] LV 2


[Lower Point Cost]

[Double Skill Points]

[Complete Translation]

[Free Visit]

[Money Drop]

[Mind Reading]


I confirmed that I got the skill.

I left the forest park and walked down the sidewalk.

There are some pedestrians nearby.

[Mind Reading]

『Today, I will go to the love hotel again.』

『I got a present, I will say goodbye to him soon. I have to go home early and list it in the auction. 』

They were holding hands like a couple, but they are not thinking like that.

While seeing such two people, I try out skill’s usability with various pedestrians.

Using [Mind Reading], I am able to hear the voice of the heart of the target I aim at.

The way to hear it feels like I have invisible earphones on, the sound goes into my ear and I can only hear it.

By the way, I can also listen to the dreams of people sleeping.

[Mind Reading] is easy to use and it is very useful, it is not different from the other world.

Using it with [Free Visit], information can be drawn out easily.



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  1. This guy is slowly becoming the ultimate stalker for the sake of information…well considering he knows what he’s getting, he was already one in the other world

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