Chapter 17

“Who are connected with them?”

『Can I say that there is a list of officials who received money?』

“Well, is there a list of people who received money?”

“No -“

“Where is it?”

“Why do you know… I have not answered yet…”

『It’s a hidden basement of my villa… No way… Did he just…』

“Thanks for telling me that it is in the hidden basement of your villa.”


After reading his mind repeatedly, the old man is now scared to death.

His face has turned pale and he is shivering, I suddenly turned my eyes towards him and he fell down.

I guess that was too much for him.

Well, he deserved it.

I turn around and headed for the girl who was given to the old man.

She was standing at the entrance to the study.

“Are you okay”

“What do you want?!”

As I approached, the girl hid her own nakedness and crouched in fear.

She is almost naked, and I am a man.

It is natural for her to be frightened.

I looked around the house, entered the bedroom, and stripped off the bed sheet.

I brought it in the room and covered the girl with it.


“It is already okay, I will not do anything, so please calm down.”


The girl who is wearing a bed sheet is watching me, she nods with a red face.

“Mitsuki asked me to come here.”

“From Mitsuki?”

“You consulted her, right? I noticed her suffering so I decided to help.”

“Are you Shinji?”

“Yeah, how do you know that?”

“Because the account of the person who helped Mitsuki was similar to that.”


I forgot about that.

The account I used for the live broadcasts of Arai and Kanada was under the name sinji. TLN-It is sinji in english

“…Um, thank you for helping me.”

I heard her name from Mitsuki, so I did a little investigating before I came here.

Yamashita Mihama, a child who has been called an idol of one thousand light-years.

Her singing is good and she is also good at dance, and her appearance is a beautiful girl.

I also give her my name.

“I am Kazama Shinji.”

“Thank you very much, thank you for helping…”

“Mitsuki asked me, of course, I can not overlook this story…”

The old man is passed out on the floor, I ignored him for a while, him being unconscious is helpful.

“Ah! Is there anything I can do for you?”

“… Then, stay in this room for a while.”


Mihama looked depressed from my request.

“Do not get me wrong, I don’t mean it like that.”

“Well, then what do you mean?”

“I will take this old man with me to find the other corrupt people… I do not know what will happen, but the other people think the old man is currently playing with you so it would be bad if they noticed you were somewhere else.”

“Ah… I will stay here then…”

On the night road, I started talking to the old man who is rolling in the back seat. TLN-He got injured by the MC so he can’t move

“Is it okay to go straight this way?”


『Bad, bad. This way is to the villa. I have to escape somehow… 』

Even if he doesn’t speak, I got the answer from [Mind Reading].

『Who the hell is this guy, what magic is he using? When he was against Kanada, he disappeared,  he could easily infiltrate me and Arai’s apartments. Who the heck is he?』

The old man is completely frightened of me.

The powers I have shown so far … not only the fighting power but the [Free Visit] and [Invisibility] I used for infiltration, and now it is my [Mind Reading].

It is clear that he is frightened by these powers.

I collected a list of evidence that the television station and that country are connected from his villa with the help of [Mind Reading] as he was too terrified to talk.

In the morning, in Executive One.

I was sipping coffee while watching 100-inch television.

“This is a very serious misconduct.”

“Some cancellations of broadcasting licenses are also underway.”

I made the list of corrupt people public online.

I saved data to overseas servers and made it impossible for them to erase it easily.

I also published it as my accounts name – “sinji”.

“sinji” is attracting attention because of the Arai and Kanada cases, I am starting to be seen as a messenger of justice.

The list of names that I put online spread around Japan in the blink of an eye.



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