Chapter 19

Shiho and Sray are with me at a canal in Tokyo.

When I got off the car and got off the canal, I saw people walking, jogging and fishing.


“What do you mean by bingo?”

Shiho reacted to my words.

Shiho’s maid clothes are conspicuous here.

In the beginning, she didn’t like the maid clothes as they cost a lot of money, but she gradually became accustomed to them, and now she likes them.

When I invited her to go out today, she came in maid clothes.

Well, it’s cute so there is no problem.

“Look the people who are fishing over there.”

“There are people who have three fishing rods by themselves, can you catch so much?”

“There is surprisingly a lot of fish in these places.”

“Oh, is that so?”

“IF you look at the pillar of the iron bridge over there, the shellfish are densely attached to it so the fish gather there aiming at them.”

“That’s right… still, what did you mean by bingo?”

“Wait and see.”

It is more fun to show it than give an explanation, so I walked on the trail along the canal along with her.

I took out what I bought in advance from my pocket.

“What is this… marbles?”

“Yeah, it’s a marble.”

“What are you going to do with a marble?”

“Look at it.”

I look at the water surface with a marble in my hand.

As I looked for a little bit, I could see the fish swimming in the river.

I aimed the fish I found with the marble. TLN- Bears, deer, bees and fish, what animal will be his next victim?

When I pinched a marble with my fingers and flicked it, the marble flew away at a fish with momentum like a bullet.

The marble raised a splash and then a dead fish came floating to the surface.

—You have earned 2 skill points. TLN – A fish is the same as a thug…

I got some skill points.

By the way, I saw some money in the water, but it sunk straight away. TLN – Someone is going to find a load of dead fish, marbles and money in this canal.

“I explained about skill points, I got two points just now from the fish.”

“Awesome, it is like a game!”

I nodded, once I confirmed that there were no other people around me, I told Shiho.

“I told you yesterday, I was in a different world for a while ago.”

“Oh, yes!”

“It’s the ability I took home from the other world, the ability to acquire skill points by hunting, the skill points will accumulate each time you defeat something.”

“So that was why you were defeating bears.”

“Oh, the bear was delicious, it was a total of 20 points, compared to the least 2 points of this fish.”

“I see.”

“Because you have been doing this a lot, aren’t you very strong?”

“Yes, this thing is -“

“Yes, this thing is confidential, is it not?”

Shiho smiled a mischievous smile.

“It’s a secret between me and Kazama.”

“And Sray too.”

“Didn’t you say that she is a person from a different world?”

We look at the puppy at our feet – Sray.

“Oh, she can also return to the human figure at a full moon.”

“Is that so?”

I was going to wait until the next full moon if she could not believe it, but surprisingly she accepted it straight away.

“But it is hard to think of her a person as she looks like a dog and can’t talk.”

“I can communicate with her any time though.”

“Is that so? Ah… with a skill.”


“That is amazing! Can you talk to other animals?”

“I haven’t tried that yet.”

I look around.

I see a dog with an old couple.

The puppy is running around the old couple.

I tried using [Mind Reading] on the puppy.

“No, it didn’t work.”

“So it is just Sray?”

“It seems to be like that.”

After that, I continued fish hunting.


Skill points: 129/999

Acquired Skills (11 / ∞)

[Close Combat]LV 7

[Long Distance Attack] LV 1

[Increase Attack Power (Evade)] LV1

[Invisibility] LV 2


[Lower Point Cost]

[Double Skill Points]

[Complete Translation]

[Free Visit]

[Money Drop]

[Mind Reading]


It would be better to increase the special skills that can cope with special circumstances because it is not necessary to increase fighting power anymore to deal thugs, but it is necessary to increase the attack power soon so I can deal with the Pain that will be coming here in the future.

I am still too weak now, so I need to become stronger.

[Close Combat] is up to level 7 so I will postpone getting it higher for the time being.

In the meantime let’s upgrade [Long Distance Attack] and [Increase Attack Power (Evade)].

Using the points that I currently have, I raised both of them from one to three.

Then, using marbles, I aim at fish underwater again.

“I wish it was summer.”


“Because there is a lot of jellyfish in the summer, white jellyfish in the dirty water, it will be easy to target because they stand out.”

“I see!”

I keep aiming for fish with marbles, getting two points per fish.

Sometimes walkers and joggers go past.

From there point of view, I am just throwing marbles as they didn’t notice me aiming at fish.

Such a thing did not attract much attention, so I continued to get the skill points.

“Okay, I just got [Long Distance Attack] to level 4. If this is the case I can do that.”

“What is that?”

“Oh, that’s -“

Where I thought it would be better to show it than to explain, I got interrupted.

“Oh, what is it? There is a maid”

“Seriously, it is Maid”

“Why is there a maid here, this is not Akiba.”

Three thugs came down from the top of the levee.

“This is a good opportunity, watch this Shiho.”


Shiho who was a little frightened by the appearance of thugs, but when I said that, she changed completely, she now has an excited look.

I hold my hand out getting ready to flick the air at the thugs.

“Maid, you should come with us.”

“You can just ignore that guy.”

“Maid cosplay should just stay in Akiba…”

Ignoring the thugs voices, I flick the air.


The flick gives a good sound.

The next moment, one of the thugs collapsed.

He has fainted and crumbled onto the floor.

“What’s wrong?”

“Why are you playing around?”

While the remaining two panicked, I flicked the air again twice.

Two more noises, and then the two people collapsed onto the ground.

“Yeah yeah yeah! Well, what was that?”

“Oh, that’s [Long range fighting], it was just a punch at Level 1, but now I can do shock waves with just some air. Although at the current level the power is still about a punch.”

“You are amazing, you can defeat men with just finger flicks.”

At level 9, it will be possible to break iron pipes alone with finger flicks, and of course, not only the finger flicks but also other ranged attacks will have raised attack strength accordingly.



19 thoughts on “Chapter 19

  1. Thanks for the chapter!
    The ecosystem of Japan will be in jeopardy for him to become full build.
    He could go after some warlords of Africa, they are probably worth a huge sum of points.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Legally? Probably not, but he decides a warlord to visit and nobody stops him from entering the first class in an aeroplane to that warlord’s yard.


  2. Oi, the other world is suffering and you’re not even going to ask how? I mean, I get that you don’t care what happens there and all, but Sray is supposed to go back there in the future, you know. You’re not even going to enquire what she’ll be going back to?


  3. Thank for the chapter ^^

    Hm? I feel like I read before that to get the skill point, another party must try to hurt(aggressive) him?

    and why fish? like someone said in past chapter just find a fire ant nest and get infinity power XD


    1. It never said that he had to be attacked to get skill points, it said that he only defeated the bees that attacked him otherwise he wouldn’t have gotten skill points from the deer.


      1. Oh, that right, or else he won’t get skill point from sneak attack ^^

        and after rereading “try to defeat him” come from Money drop but then fish should not drop money right XD


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