Chapter 20

TLN-This chapter is a bit longer than others as it is the last chapter in this volume

(Do you want power?)

“Who are you!?”

Arai looked around with a surprised face.

He is in a “hospital”, a luxurious room where only limited people can enter.

Currently, there is no one else in the hospital room.

(Do you want power?)

The voice echoes directly into his head.

“What do you mean by power?”

(If you want power-)

Something black appeared in front of Arai’s eyes.

Something black, his common sense can only call it that.

The color is jet black, a gaseous mass floats in front of him.

(- then take this.)


Illusion… hallucination?

Those words emerged in his mind and made his vigilance strong but eventually, he lost to the temptation.

This voice is a voice with tremendous charm to Arai.

If you dare say – It is the whisper of the devil.

He could not resist the charm of such voice, Arai reached out for the black mass.

As soon as he touched it, the name “Pain” and overflowing power fill Arai’s body. TLN – Meaning he learnt it is called “Pain” and he got a lot of power.

He felt it for the first time in his life, primitive power.

Arai felt it swell in his body as it filled his entire body.

Arai swung his hands casually, and on the other side of the room – the vase placed at a distance of more than 10 meters shattered into pieces.

“Awesome! If I have this power has this power, I can destroy that man!”

A knocking sound suddenly was heard from the door.


“Sorry for waking you up, there is a woman who wants to meet you.”

“I said no one is allowed to meet me.”

“Sorry, but she keeps saying she wants to meet “sinji”.



The man who has driven him into the current situation.

Looking at Arai’s wrongdoings, Arai is clearly in the wrong, but he does not think he is.

Rather, he is just thinking of Shinji as an enemy who destroyed what has been built over half a lifetime in an instant.

Hatred further increased in Arai.

Hatred swells and rises rapidly.

Hatred got into the deepest part of Arai’s soul.

“Come in.”


Arai smiled as they came in.

He put his hand up towards them.

A new Pain emerges from his hand.

The newly created Pain, a completely new Pain, possessed them.

Arai warped the corner of his mouth with a violent smile.

At night, on the rooftop terrace of Executive One.

Shiho had a surprised look, looking at Sray that changed from a puppy to the figure of an elf under the full moon.

“Wow, she really became a human.”

“Well, its an Elf not a human.”

“Wow, her ears are sharp… so beautiful…”

Shimo was amazed by the elf who has a fantastic beauty in the moonlight.

I think I had a similar reaction when I saw the elves for the first time.

“Nice to meet you, Shiho, my name is Sray.”

“Ah, I am Sayama Shiho.”

Because it was the first time she had seen her in her elf form, she greeted her aloofly.

“Umm… Can I  touch your ears?”


“There are no elves here, your ears are unusual.”

“Oh, I see.”

“I was also like that, but you do not want others to pull your ears, don’t do it too hard.”


Shiho pulled and twisted the sharp ears that are characteristic of elves.

“Sorry, asking for funny things… It’s really an elf…”

“Oh, did you not believe that I was from another world?”

“I have believed it! What Kazama says is always alright! But after all it is true … it is really true…”

“I do not understand…”

“It’s amazing… he didn’t just to go to another world, he saved the world over there.”

“Shinji is a saviour to us, there is no doubt he would save this world too if something happened.”

“Yeah, I understand that Kazama-san is amazing!”

I looked at the full moon, and while I was drinking sake, my smartphone began to vibrate.

It’s a phone from Yamashita Mihama.


“Shinji? It is Mihama.”

“What’s wrong?”

“Um… please can you come and see me tomorrow?”

“I do not mind-“

I was about to ask why but she started talking excitedly shortly saying I could come.

“Really! Thank you! I learnt how to bake a cake, I would like to have Shinji eat it.”

“Yeah, I understand, I am looking forward to it.”

“Yes! See you tomorrow!”

After hanging up, Shiho had a complicated look.

“Handmade cake of an idol… her feminine power seems to be strong…”

Suddenly, my phone started vibrating again.

Did she forget to tell me something?

“… Unknown number?”

“What’s wrong, Kazama?”

“There is a call from an unknown number.”

“Well you should probably pick the call up”

“Okay I will”



“Who are you?”

“Have you forgotten my voice?”

“I am sorry, but I don’t memorise the voice of every man I talk to.”

“Hehe he … is that so? Then look at this, you might remember.”

The call ended, and then I got an email.

I frown my eyes and opened the mail.

The email has a link to a video site.

When I click on it, the video turns out to be a live video.

It is the same thing that I used to catch Arai and Kanada.

The video shows a dark room, in there is a girl detained.

She is tied up and has a blindfold.

It is a girl I remember seeing.

“The ambassador’s daughter…”



To the two women are surprised, I close the video and pick up the call.

“Who are you, why are you detaining her?”

“This girl visited me and asked where you are.”


“She is a foolish girl who is naive.”

“… Arai?”

I heard them laugh again.

I finally remembered who they are.

“Are you insane? That’s the ambassador’s daughter… This is a terrorist threat…”

“Hehuu, Fahahaha… Come to me….”


“I will kill you with this hand…”

“You aren’t sane.”

“Hehuhu, Fahahahaha…”

Arai then hung up.

“What’s wrong, Kazama?”

“What is going on?”

“That is–“

At that time, I tried to explain to them, there was a tremendous sound.

The rooftop lounge shook – No, Executive One itself shook.

I grab the handrail, both Shiho and Sray also grabbed it, I saw a car that struck us.

A few men got down from the car and showed themselves.

“He is showing clear hostility…”

“It looks like it… he looks strange though…”


“he is possessed by Pain.”


Sray is shocked, she looked at the attacker again.

Their eyes are hollow, and their mouths are wide open.

“Certainly, they are possessed by Pain… but why…”

“The cause doesn’t matter, for now, I will defeat the guys, you two go inside.”

I confirmed that they went downstairs and then I jumped to the ground from the edge of the lounge.

The men who are possessed by Pain noticed me and headed towards me.

“When you roll it … … to kill … …”

First check.

I used “reading” towards the person who is possessed by Pain.

“Kill… sinji… kill…”

『It hurts… please can somebody save me…』

After checking the ten people, all the voices from their mouths and the voices from their mind are different.

“I need to make it in time”

I punch the belly of the nearest man.

The body folded onto the floor, he then vomited blood.

Pain then came out of him the next moment.


I flick the air and erase the pane with the shockwave.

With the Pain gone, the man looked saner while crumbled to the ground. TLN-Saved him from the possession, but broke his ribs in the process…

I avoid an attack by another man and then erase the Pain which came out after I punched him.

I repeat the same thing the other eight possessed people.

By the way, the points per person is 10.

I can forcibly remove the Pain like this in the early stages of possession.


At the moment, I felt huge murderous intent.

My body instinctively took evasive actions.

A sharp blade passed by my nose.

After taking a distance away from them and looking at them, I notice it is a face I have seen before.

He is a giant whose upper body is naked and he has a tattoo on his back, he is carrying a  Japanese sword.

It is the chairman of Kanai Enterprises. TLN- He is from chapter 7

“Kill… absolutely… kill you”

Kanai rushes at me, his Japanese sword swung towards me.

I dodge it and the car behind me was hit instead.

The car body is beautifully split in two, the glass breaks into small fragments.

He can only do this because he has been possessed by Pain, he lost control of his body in exchange for power.

“Answer me, are you still sane?”

“Kill… Kill you…”

『Uu… someone… somebody help me…』

I used [Mind Reading], it seems that I can still save them.

Kanai rushes at me, I picked up a piece of broken glass and flicked it at him.

[Long Distance Attack]


[Increase Attack Power (Evade)]

Flicking the glass with the multiplication of three skills, broke the Japanese sword of Kanai.

I rushed towards him, punched him in the stomach to get the Pain out and then erased it with a finger flick.

I take out my smartphone and look at the live video, the ambassador’s daughter is still being detained.

I am sorry for getting you involved… I am going to help you now.

The location that Arai sent me was an abandoned warehouse near the sea.

When I arrived at the destination I opened the shutter of the warehouse and entered, I saw a camera standing up on a tripod and the captive daughter of the ambassador being restrained.


“I’m sorry to keep you waiting, I will rescue you soon.”


“I’m sinji! I am the same person as last time! “

I thought she could be fake, but I know it is actually her after checking with [Mind Reading].

Arai appeared next to me, panting from the side.

“I found you, I found you…”

“You are a kind person, you told me the real whereabouts.”

“Because of you I am, I am…”

“… Are you still sane?”

“Because of your fault yeah yeah!”

Arai is already rushing at me.

A 50-year-old rushed at me at ultra fast speed.

— Buoon!

The punch grazed my nose with a tremendous sound.

『Kill you, absolutely kill you! !』

It is the power that he could draw out since he has fully assimilated with the Pain.

“Arai, stop it now.”

“Die Die Die!”

『Die Die Die!』

The words in his mouth and his mind were totally together.

It was already evidence that Arai was too late.

I bought 2 levels of [Attack Power Up (Avoidance)] to get it to level 6.

I avoid the attack of Arai who rushes at me and then give a counter punch.

[Close Combat] Level 7

[Increase Attack Power (Evade)] Level 6


Arai who eats the counter blows away.

Arai who was beaten with enough power to break an ordinary person into pieces of meat into ordinary pieces smashed into a wall.

Then, his body turned into a giant Pain.

I then destroyed the Pain with finger flicks.

It gave 100 points, that is the biggest amount of points I have gotten on Earth so far at once.

“I know you are watching, please do not stay silent any longer.”

I said that in the deepest voice I could do.

At the moment, the scenery in front of me changed.

From the space where the ambassador was detained, it became that place where the goddess is.

“Were you involved after all?”

“I’m sorry, but…”

I buy the skill [First Strike].

The skill makes the first strike on an opponent have twice as much power.

I approached the goddess and hit her.

The goddess blew off with high momentum.

After blowing off for a few tens of meters, the momentum finally stops, then she gets up.

The goddess walked back other but didn’t give any complaints.

“Why did you bring Pain over to Earth?”

“Will you forgive me if I give you the explanation?”

“I will listen to it.”

“It is true that some came through Slay, but it was naturally drawn to other places.”

“So that is why Arai got possessed?”


“I understand.”

I know the nature of Pain, it is strongly drawn by malice.

“But why send Pain over here”

“For Sray, when you defeat Pain, points accumulate separately, those points will be given to Sray when she returns.”

“… I see, so I will defeat the Pain and accumulate points so Sray can save that world when needed.”


“Why didn’t you tell me that before?”

“I’m sorry…”


The goddess looks straight at me.

“From now on… please… please…”

After the goddess lowered her head deeply, and then my sight was wrapped in a dazzling white light.

In the morning, in Executive One.

While sipping morning coffee I was looking at the TV.

Not only on the net, the name Pandora, is on the television.

Shiho is beside me with a frustrated expression.

The reason for this is the biased footage that is always used on TV.

“Shiho, it is only the TV that has the biased footage.”

I showed her my smartphone.

A lot of people have dissatisfaction with television’s biased coverage.

The majority supports the behavior of “Pandora” and condemns the bias of the press.

“Eventually the TV will have to stop using biased coverage.”

“That’s right.”

“Hey, Kazama.”

This time I heard a voice from the side.

A foreigner who understands the language through the skill [interpreter], the ambassador’s daughter, Reina.

“If you want to, our country could-“

“I am not interested.”

I denied her before she could finish, she wants me to be in the spotlight, but I would rather not be in it, because of this, she looks a little depressed.

I feel a bit bad, but I do not plan to be in the spotlight.


“No, Kazama does not need to apologize.”

Suddenly a Pain came outside the window.

I opened the window, defeated the pane with a finger flick, gaining 10 points.

The Pain mostly come because of the intention of the goddess, but there is more than that.

“The world over there seems to be increasingly getting worse.”

The other world is becoming increasingly chaotic, but it doesn’t affect me much here.

I decided not to think about it much.

I abandoned that world and came back here because I decided to live a lot freer.

Today I will also get skill points and use big amounts of money casually.



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