Episode 22: Assassin goes to the princess

I killed a large number of aristocrat soldiers.

The total number of enemies that have magical power is much more than I had expected if I didn’t kill them the castle would have fallen before I could fake Dia’s death.

I only killed bad guys. However, there are probably some that came to the battlefield because of an order they didn’t want to do.

… My heart aches because of that. It is an emotion that I didn’t have in my previous life.

If it is to save Dia, I will kill those who try to take Dia away from me.

Therefore, I do not regret it.

I will repent after saving Dia.

For now, I will focus on saving Dia.

“It is good that the worst possibility didn’t happen.” (Rougue)

We have been gathering information about possible heroes and sacred treasures in the information network of the Valor trading company.

Among them, I grasped information about the man who is most likely to be the Brave and the sacred treasure that the man possesses.

Clan’s hound, Magic Spear.

That guy is currently in this country.

However, there is the possibility of them just having high power and a sacred treasure, and them not being the Brave.

However, there is a possibility that he will come as a reinforcement soon as it has taken days and they still haven’t won.

The battlefield became a havoc so the intrusion into the mansion has become much easier, but it is still difficult to reach Dia.

Dia’s death being fake can never be revealed. In other words, no one else will know that Dia is still alive.

The defeat of Vicone is inevitable, and many vassals will become captives that will be subject to interrogation and torture. I have to be careful so that Dia being alive doesn’t get leaked out.

I must sneak into the castle where no one could invade even after three days. It is impossible to do that without being noticed if I was an ordinary person.

Still, I can do it.

Even if I fully erase signs of me, that does not mean I am not there. Even though I will not make a noise, my body still is there, breathing, smelling, releasing body temperature.

As long as a person is alive, they continue to release these signs.

Eliminating signs is a technique that puts themselves outside the perception range of others.

To do that, I must have a broader perspective than anyone else.

I use an original magic to do that.

The flood of information carried by the wind entres into my brain. If I was a normal person, my brain would have been burned out… However, I trained every day using my brain to its fullest, raising my brain’s performance with 【Super recovery】 and 【Growth limit breakthrough】. That is why I can endure this amount of information.

This magic converts the change of the wind flow into a stereoscopic vision.

Furthermore, it picks up the sound, breathing and heartbeats, and also reads the body heat of everyone in the range.

With all that, I can somewhat predict the future.

… I could do something similar before incarnation without relying on magic. Something of this degree can be easily done by me.

I sneaked into the mansion with the use of that magic.

I go straight to Dia.

I know where Dia is.

I used Faalstone bombardment not only to change the war situation.

There are more meanings to it.

It is a message for Dia.

Me using Faalstones will tell her that I came, she will then look out of the window.

As expected, at the same time as the third bombing, Dia looked out the window. I can understand the location of her because I saw that.

I reached the room where Dia would be without being noticed by anyone, and put my hand on the door.

It is locked. I open it using metal manipulation magic.

There was a Dia and a mature man in the room.

“Rougue! You really came!” (Dia)

Deer jumped straight onto my chest.

I noticed that I have exceeded the height of Dia, I am a little happy.

I shut the door and check Dia.

The smell and softness of Dia that I love.

However, her complexion is pale. My eyes have seen the reason.

She has almost exhausted magical powers, it is a magic deficiency.

She has been desperate to protect everyone.

“I promised, I definitely come running when Dia needs me.” (Rougue)

“… You remembered that promise of such a long time ago.” (Dia)

I can not forget the promise I made with Dia.

A mature man looked at us with a complex face.

“I am Dimle Vicone, her father ‘ (Dimle)

“I am Rougue Towerhades, I came here to respond to your request.” (Rougue)

“Dimle set fire to this room. The scenario is Dia’s suicide.” (Rougue)

“Is that a dead body in that big bag on your back?” (Dimle)

There was another reason to use the Faalstone.

That is the procurement of a burned dead body. I collected one corpse blew off by the blast. I am processing it now to make it look like Dia.

“Well, I will put Dia’s ring on this corpse, after the fire, it will look like Dia’s corpse.” (Rougue)

In my previous life, I would have to imitate tooth shape etc, but I don’t have to worry in this world about that.

“Kian has a wonderful successor.” (Dimle)

I take out oil from my backpack.

I apply plenty of oil around the bed.

“When it is ready, Dia, shout out the window this: ‘It is painful for everyone to die over me’. After that, close the window, then we will light the room on fire.” (Rougue)

“That will work. I will escape with the vassals while there is confusion on the enemy side.” (Dimle)

“Yes.” (Dia)

Even if he escapes after this, he will surely struggle to survive.

But still, there is more hope doing that than continuing a fight without hope here.

Dia did not go against this plan because she knows that.

In truth, she wants me to win this fight.

Dia knows that it is possible for me to win this fight.

The magic we experimented on an uninhabited island… It had enough power to make the Faalstone look like a toy.

But I will not use that. There is no point in winning this fight.

In order for more people in the Vicone territory to be saved, she understands this is the best plan.

“Rougue, I am ready at any time.” (Dia)

My work is almost done now.

Afterwards, only with Dia, we will return to Towerhades.

The plan will work… The moment I thought that an intense chill ran down my spine.

I enhance magical power at full power, and pull the shoulder of Dia and shield her behind me.

This is bad.

It is the worst possible thing that could have happened…



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  1. Thanks for the chapter!
    I don’t think he will use the nuke spell now, even if the Brave is here since he need to wait him kill the Maou.

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      1. Is it dropped?
        You said that your mock exams finished on the 18th, it’s been more than 3 months from that time…


      2. I’ve just picked up on reading this and so far, I really enjoy this story very much. I’m very thankful that you managed to translate it this far, despite it being a cliffhanger. If you are ever in the mood to translate this again, I’ll be extremely grateful. If not, I’ll just wait for the manga since it’s just been launched. Kudos to all the hard work you’ve done so far


    1. You came to like a dropped project?

      I have a novel that is extremely phenomenon, especially in the genre in Harem.

      The novels name is Sono Mono and it’s my #1 out of all in the novel section. Though it was been axed in the manga. But the novel I Guarantee that you will love it.

      Please give it a try.


    1. Thanks for all your work on this translation, I really hope if you find the time you’ll consider picking it back up, but regardless I appreciate all you’ve done so far 🙂


  2. F*CK … HIS DAMNED JAPANESE TRASH GENE ARE KICKING!! .. don’t want to kill ?? heartache ?? its better to let them f*ck his girl place for people sake ?? unreasonable ! if this shit goes on i’m gonna drop it, not worth my time


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