Chapter 21

In a big bank.

I was waiting for my turn to get money.

Because Executive One was damaged in the previous incident, I came to get the funds to fix it.

I have not used much of the money that I took over from the other world, most of it still remains.

“That’s amazing Shinji, that’s the first time I have seen that.”

I turn to the side. Yamashita Mihama who is wearing a hat and sunglasses is there.

Her profession is an idol, if she wasn’t wearing those she probably would have been recognised by someone.

“You brought a giant bag and you are filling it completely.”

“The Executive One safe has almost the same capacity as this bag.”

“It is because Kazama is amazing.”

The voice was heard from the other side this time.

Shiho is wearing her maid clothes on the other side of me.

The maid clothes, which are clearly more expensive than cosplay, are attracting attention.

I use a lot of money, I will need to get a skill in the future that will help me get more easily.

“How much money will fit in this bag?”

“I have seen a bag of 10 million yen, perhaps if it is this bag, it will be around 100 million yen.”

Unexpectedly the next moment a loud voice echoed.


Screams rose, everyone suddenly panicked.

Two men holdings guns came in, one grabbed the clerk while holding the gun to her head while the other aimed his gun at everyone else. TLN – How can a bank not defend itself against two thugs with guns?

It’s an easy-to-understand bank robbery.

“Get down quickly!”

Inside the bank becoming a panic.

After confirming that the lock had come off, one of the robbers put the case into a bag.

One of the robbers fired at the ceiling.

A hole was made in the ceiling.

“As you can see, these guns are genuine. If you try to call the police, I will shoot you without hesitating!”

“Kazama… What should we do?”

Shiho is frightened. Mihama on the other side is also frightened.

I stroke their heads.

“Its all right, leave it to me.”

I whispered that to them in a quiet voice.

After confirming that they aren’t frightened, I get up from the chair and went to the two robbers.

“Stop! What are you doing!”

“Do not move any further, I’ll kill you!”

The bank robbers shout that, and the surrounding people try to hide.

“I will become the hostage, so let the other people free.”

“Ha, what are you talking about?”

“All of you are already hostages!”

I secretly used [reading] while talking.

『Wha, what is it. Do not come towards me, I do not understand.』

『Because I have never shot anyone, I don’t know what to do.』

I heard the voice of the two people, I confirmed it was how I thought it was.

“You have never shot anyone.”

“What! What a fool!

“I will shoot at you!”

The two even yelled at me further.

『How does he know that?』

『It’s a bluff!』

“So, who is with you?”

“Shut up!”

“I will really shoot!”

『What is this guy doing?』

『It is only the two of us. 』

I see, they have no friends.

I thought they might have had a friend with the hostages, but it was actually just them.

I flick my fingers.


The shock wave of the finger flick.

A gun was hit from the hand of one of the robbers.

Patchin! Patchin! Patchin!

I kept finger flicking and tossed all their guns away with shockwaves.

I catch a gun that was tossed away.


It seems they do not know what happened.

“I’ll kill you!”

Screaming with a trembling voice, he thrust the muzzle at me.

[Long Distance Attack] can use weapons, it doesn’t only increase power, it makes it more accurate.

The bullet that I shot went straight into the barrel of his gun and destroyed it.

“You are slow, you should shoot before shouting.”


The two rushed towards me.

One person aims with his fist and the other person takes out a knife from who knows where and rushes at me.

I avoid the attacks of the two of them and hit their necks.

The two who were hit fainted and fell down.

—You have earned 2 skill points.

—You have earned 2 skill points.

They were thugs without any doubt.


A cheering came out after the two collapsed. Clapping also broke out.


“It looks like a movie!”

While the cheers rose, I looked at Shiho and Mihama.

I shot a gun towards the ceiling.

After the gunshot, it went quiet.

I slowly looked towards the ceiling.

Everyone is just staring at me and I am looking above, still!

[Invisibility] TLN – He tried to get everyone to look up and then go invisible when they weren’t looking, but no one looked up, at least he tried…

“What is that person?”

“He disappeared!”

Because it seemed to be annoying, I picked up my money that had already been withdrawn and left the bank.

[Invisibility] is convenient, but it is more fun for them to not see me disappear so I will prepare a smoke grenade for next time.

In Executive One, I was relaxing in the cabin, but then Shiho opened the door in a hurry.

“It is serious! Kazama!”

“What’s wrong,”

“Look at this video!”

A video that she showed me was a familiar scene.

“Is this the video of today’s bank robbery?”

“Yes! There seems to be someone who took a video with their smartphone, people have commented saying that it was Pandora.”

“I see…”

I stared at the movie.

Pandora, that’s my name online.

Beating the evil politicians, gangsters, biased press.

“But it’s amazing, Kazama, the number of views is growing quickly, the like to dislike ratio is 99 to 1, the comments are all praising Pandora, thanking you!”

“Well, I just happened to be there.”

“Yeah, everyone was very lucky!”


“What’s the matter now?”

“Someone commented help me.”

“Help me?”

There is a comment that just says “Help me”.

“This… They are asking Kazama for help, it seems that they have sent their contacts to your account.”

“I have not seen it.”

I had to turn off notifications because it had too many.

“What should I do?”

“I think you should help them as I think only you can help this person.”

“Why do you think only I can help?”

“Because the person had to ask Pandora, not anyone close to them.”

“…I see.”

Shiho is probably right.

Normally you would ask someone close to you.

Do they have no one close to them?

“Well, let’s get in touch first to check.”




12 thoughts on “Chapter 21

  1. Complaining about his need to get more money when he pointedly ignored the cash drops from most of his recent fights. The protagonist is a moron.


  2. Thanks for the chapter.
    I’m still trying to see if he is coherent or not; sometimes hero, sometimes environmental terrorist.


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