Chapter 22

A boy is sitting in a park.

He is sat on a wooden bench with an exhausted look.

He was waiting for the person who he contacted.

He does not know the person’s face, he does not know their age or appearance.

The only thing he knows is their voice is masculine and they are called a messenger of justice.

Suddenly a ball rolled over towards him.

“A ball?”

Suddenly, the ball exploded, causing smoke to diffuse at once.

“What is it?!”

The boy is surprised, and because it is outdoors, the smoke quickly cleared up, and a man appeared from the smoke.

I combined a smoke ball and [Invisibility].

From the place where the boy couldn’t see, I activated [Invisibility], approached him, rolled a smoke ball to make a smoke curtain, and then waited in the smoke for the effect of [Invisibility] to expire.

The boy who was sat on the bench stood up surprised with his eyes wide open.

“Are you Pandora?”

“What is your name?”

“Shota, Shota Miyamoto.”

“You really came…”

“You did comment asking for help.”

“Yes, but I did not expect to see it.”

“So, what happened?”

Shota looked at me for a moment with a sad look on his face.

“I want you to help my Father and Mother.”

“What happened to your parents?”



“Yes, it is a newly emerging religion, Father and Mother got into it… Although they both worked properly, they quit their jobs, now they are training with guru’s stone every day”

“What kind of training is it?”

“I do not understand it. That stone brings them closer to the guru apparently”

“I see.”

That’s right, I do not understand.

“Is that stone expensive?”



“Not only the stones, but also the water.”


“Yes, water to prevent cancer, water that can cure diabetes, water that has more oxygen.”

“More oxygen?”

“It is said to be water containing ten times as much oxygen as ordinary water.”

“So it is H20O?”

“Oxygen is essential for the human body, unlike the hydrogen part of water, oxygen in the water is the source of power, it is being called miraculous water that is the same as the sea of 4.6 billion years ago…”


Although it is a nonsense story.

“Apparently it rejuvenates them as well.”

“There is no ten-fold oxygen water in the first place, and the ingredients in the sea of 4.6 billion years ago is poisonous, it was just water and volcanic gas.”

“Yes, but they have pictures of the rejuvenation.”

“I see…”

His parents believe it, but Shota noticed how fake it is.

I thought it wouldn’t be a problem if it is only them but as I thought that.

“Recently my Father and Mother are selling the oxygen water to various people.”

Shota folded his waist at a right angle and bowed his head deeply.

“Please help my Father and Mother”

“I understand, I will try to help them.”

“Thank you!”

I heard about the religious group’s name from Shota.

The group name is “mother of the earth”.

When searching by that name, a very bad looking website came out.

Stone and water.

A website that emphasized how powerful the two of them are, honestly, I got a headache just by looking through the site for a minute.

It is 99.9999%… no, 120% just normal stones and normal water.

The problem is the guru, a guru who is clearly rejuvenating every year.

Let’s investigate it…

Mother of the earth, headquarters.

I visited without an appointment.

I was surprised honestly by the building.

It was a building of a Grand Hotel grade. TLN – What sort of description is that lol.

“They must be very profitable.”

I entered the building.

The ceiling is very high – The vast lobby looks like a two-story building will fit in it completely.

I go straight to the reception.

“I came to see the guru.”

[Free Visit]

This skill that would allow me to meet even the President of the United States or the Pope.

I invoked it and asked the receptionist.

“Sorry, the guru is not here now.”

“Where did they go?”

“They are hospitalized at the Kuroi clinic.”

“It’s Kuroi clinic, I understand”

I left the building.

It is probably information that will not be told to an ordinary person.

The information that guru who produces the powerful stone and oxygen-rich water which is the source of life is hospitalized would be normally hard to get, but I got it casually with the power of [Free Visit].

I got out and got into the car I had stopped, then checked my smartphone.

Kuroi clinic.

It is the industry’s largest plastic surgery clinic, even celebrities use it.

I combined a camera, a microphone, and a communication unit to create a terminal that can be broadcast live.

Combining it with [Free Visit] and [Invisibility], I entered the Kuroi clinic, I went to the guru’s room.

And -.

“This time I made you look even younger.”

“Truly, I love how much younger it makes me look.”

With the director of the Kuroi clinic, the guru’s interaction was showed to the whole world with the live broadcast.

The rejuvenation of the guru was actually just plastic surgery, and two-thirds of the people using the stone and water stopped using it straight away.

Still, that one-third remain… Shota’s parents were luckily in the two-thirds.

After waking up, the parents once again have decent jobs, the family gradually returned to how it used to be.

“Thank you very much!”

After solving, Shota repeatedly thanked me again and again repeatedly with his head lowered to the waist.



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