Chapter 23

I am driving Executive One after a long absence on a mountain path.

It feels like an aeroplane, I am grasping the steering wheel at the driver’s seat next to Shiho who is in the maid’s clothes and Mihama who has just finished modelling for a fashion magazine.

“Wow, this is amazing… this scenery. It is the first time I have looked down on a mountain road from this height.”

“Well, this driver’s seat is at the height of the second floor of an ordinary building.”

“To the second floor!? So is that why it is swinging a bit?”

“No, that’s my fault, this is my first time driving on a mountain path, so I am not used to driving on it.”


“First time!?”

“Even if the car falls a cliff, I am able to escape with you two.”


“Shinji is cool…” TLN – I wouldn’t say the guy that said he might accidentally drive off a cliff is cool…

Beautiful girls having such eyes does not make me feel bad.

If I make it fall, I can do an escape play!

I instantly decided against it though as I don’t want to wreck this car.

“But why are we driving in the big car? Aren’t we just going to a hot spring anyway?”

Shiho remembered we had the smaller car in this car.

“We could do that.”

“There is a car that is loaded in this car…”

“There isn’t any lodging there.”

“Oh, so we are going to stay in here at night.”

“That’s how it is.”

This car that I’m driving right now is a supreme camper car that is as good as a high start hotel.

It is perfect for somewhere without lodging.

The destination we are going to is a hot spring, its every mans dream to take two beautiful girls on a hot spring trip, but in fact, it is also to earn skill points.

The hot spring is secret enough for there to be no inn, there should be plenty of wild animals nearby.

When I came back to this world, I first got skill points from killing the bears.

But then I found a beehive, which gave a lot of points.

By the way, at first I was going to go with Shiho, but Mihama came to visit just before departing so she came with us.


“What happened?”

“Look at that, Kazama, a car passed us at a high speed.”

A passenger car passed Executive One at a tremendous speed at a curve, destroyed the guardrail and flew off.

After a moment, the car has already drawn a parabola and is falling toward the bottom of the cliff.


I stepped on the brake and opened the window.

I jumped out of Executive One which stopped easily without any problems, jumped over the broken guardrail and landed on the car midair.



I attach to the ceiling of the car that is falling.

Acceleration of the fall has already begun, I can not afford to waste time.

“Hey you! Are you OK?”

He is a man that looks about 30 in the driver’s seat, he has his eyes closed holding the wheel.

I pierced the car’s ceiling with my hand and then peeled off the ceiling in the manner of a can opener.

He was definitely aiming at suicide as he wasn’t even wearing a seed belt, I grab him and then kick the car as I jump away.

I jumped towards a cliff and hit it.

I punched the cliff to support me and the man.

I heard an explosion from the bottom.

The man’s car burned in an explosion.

“Completely destroyed…”

“Awesome… it is just like film.”

“It’s more than just a film.”

I return to Executive One and lay the unconscious man on the cabin sofa.

Beside that Shiho and Mihama had their eyes glittering.

“But I would not want to be lifted like that, its like how you hold a dog by its neck.” TLN-Who the heck would carry their dog by its neck?

“I would do it differently if it was you.”

“A princess carry?”

Mihama’s eyes are glittering more.

Shiho also looks the same if you look closely.

When they were doing that, the man groaned and slowly opened his eyes.

“Am I dead?”

“Do not worry, you are alive.”

“… Ehh!?”

I frown my eyebrows.

His reaction is saying he didn’t want to be saved.

“You should be happier you didn’t die.”

“I should have died! I can not do this, I have to -“

I pushed the man trying to get up to the sofa.

“What do you mean?”

“I can’t live!”

“What happened?”

『If I do not die, my daughter will die instead…』

I used [Mind Reading] because I knew he wouldn’t talk.

“Your daughter would be killed… Are you being threatened?”


The man is surprised, Shiho and Mihama were also surprised.

The man is surprised that I knew, but Shiho and Mihama who know me are surprised at the content of the story.

“How do you know?”

“Tell me what has happened, I should be able to help.”


A small bit of hope appeared in the man’s eyes that had given up.

After a while, the man spoke about what happened.

The man, Kota Suzuki, was a secretary under a politician.

The politician has recently been under suspicion of bribery and is being chased after by the press.

“So he said the secretary did it.”

Suzuki nodded.

“He told me that I had to die, and if I didn’t my daughter wouldn’t be safe.”

“So, if you do not die, he would do something to your daughter?”

“Yes, so I have – I have to…”

He started holding his face.

His determination to die has become dull.

He tried to die for his daughter, he tried to rush to die one more time after he was saved.

“Would you want me to do it so both you and your daughter survive?”

“Can you do that?”

Suzuki stood up quickly.



He bowed his head, it went that low it hit the floor.

“I understand, leave it to me, Shiho, I will be gone for a while, answer any calls we get.”


Although bribery is certainly a crime, if I reveal it their power won’t disappear in a moment.

In this case, there will be a regular politician hospitalization.

So I have to do it thoroughly so that they can’t do that.

“Why am I here? Why am I in a car?”

The mountain road at night.

The employer of Suzuki, parliamentarian Tetsu Fukuda was in the car.

He does not remember why he is in the car.

His memory is ambiguous, he went out of the house and went back to the electoral district – and then he was suddenly this car.

Moreover, it is not just that.

“Why, my hands are tied? My feet have been tied on the accelerator as well!”


Fukuda’s car continuing straight ahead broke through the guardrail and began to fall.

“Wow, awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, someone please help me!”

The car fell freely, inside Fukuda is tied up and unable to escape.

Fukuda was attacked by a sense of fear.

Eventually, his consciousness ceased.


When consciousness came back, Fukuda got up quickly.

But he still cannot move.

His hands are still tied, and the car keeps going straight ahead as usual.

“Wh, what’s this!? What do you mean?”

Fukuda panicked.

The car keeps going straight ahead, the guardrail is visible at the tip of the headlight.

While not being able to do anything, Fukuda once again breaks through the guardrail and falls in a state of panic.

He heard a whisper at my ear.

A male voice, muzzled voice.

“This is how I felt.”


Fukuda panicked more.

In the car falling, he was filled with fear and lost conscience and wet his pants.

“Today Tetsu Fukuda who was under suspicion of bribery was hospitalized.”

I was watching the news with Shiho and Mihama.

“He was hospitalized.”

“It was a loop, of course, he went insane.”

I placed Fukuda in the car, fixed his limbs and let him fall off the cliff.

I got in front of the car before it hit the cliff and escaped with the guy.

Then I used another car that was prepared to let him dive again.

Drop him, put him back, drop him again, and put him back again.

I repeated it again and again.

Just before dropping, I played Suzuki’s voice I recorded into his ear.

He thought that Suzuki’s ghost has done it.

It took ten times for him to fully break out of fear.

And now he is in hospitalization.

On the surface, it became “politician hospitalized”.

“Awesome Shinji, you used ten cars in total!”

“Yeah, it’s really amazing!”

Both Mihama and Shiho say so, but the money is not a big problem.

Although I used ten cars, it cost twenty million yen, as I have billions it isn’t a problem for me.

I got a phone call while I was thinking that.

I check the number calling and then answer the phone.


“Hello, it is Suzuki.”

“Have you seen the television? No, as you were his secretary you probably know the situation better?”

“Thank you! Because he was hospitalized, his order to me became obsolete. Thanks to you, I and my daughter are saved! Thank you very much!”

“Do not worry, it wasn’t much.”

I hung up.  TLN – If it isn’t a girl he doesn’t care lol he has priorities.



“I heard them thank you but”

I smiled.

“Don’t you think it is enough just to help them, I don’t need anything in return.”



As I said, Shiho and Mihama both had surprised faces.

What I said is not a lie.


“Yeah, you are cool!”

The two who listened to my speech gazed at me with more and more moved eyes.



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  1. HE wasted 10 cars…….. and wont it generate problems?? 10 cars crash will be found with nobody inside in that place….. also im sure there were better ways to deal with him


  2. Our hero exploit again the environnement today : after destroying bears, dears, bees and fishes he had thrown 10 cars from a mountain side road !
    That’s our hero, destroying the planet one bit at a time… Beware Japan ! One day our hero will prevail against your evil ecosystem !

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  3. Thanks for the chapter!
    At first I thought, he bought some Izanami-like genjutsu technique that he bought but no, he did it the hard way.


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