Chapter 24

In Executive One.

I hit a hundred yen coin with a finger flick, I am juggling with it.

First I threw it in the air, then I kept it in the air without it touching anything using finger flicks.

At first, it was only one coin. I gradually increase it to 2, 3, 4…

It is both killing time and practising the skill to increase my accuracy more.

Beside me, Maid Shiho is staring at her smartphone.


“What happened”

“The subscribers exceeded 4 million!”


“Yes! It’s Kazama’s channel!”


Shiho showed me the screen of her smartphone.

It is a familiar site.

It is my account on the video site that I used for live broadcasting.

“Kazama’s videos are very popular and the number of subscribers is increasing very quickly.”

“It has reached 4 million people.”

Shiho nods with excitement.

I was stupid thinking that people would be scared of me.

“Everyone is waiting for the next video…”

Even just by glancing at the smartphone, I can see a lot of comments of people who are excited about the next video.

“Also, Pandora’s children have started to come out.”

“Pandora’s children?”

“Pandora’s children – those who make videos imitating what Kazama is doing, uncovering evil with a secret recording.

Shiho showed me a page similar to mine but different.

“Videos of them recording the cheating of their husband or wife who cheated are popular, but the scale is small compared to Kazama’s videos.”

Shiho keeps scrolling down the videos in excitement.

Still… Pandora children?

I was expecting people waiting for the next video, but I didn’t think it would go like this.

In the other world, their reactions to me were more along the lines of them wanting me to not go near them.

While I felt a sense of achievement in an unexpected place, my smartphone vibrated.

I check my smartphone, it is a message from Mihama.

“Can I see you tonight…?”


“She is asking if she can see me tonight, maybe something happened, I will go out for a while, answer any calls that come.”


A Grand Hotel’s lounge, in a night view bar.

At the meeting place, I was holding a glass.

I am waiting for Mihama, I am a bit early.

“Is it only you?”


It is not Mihama, it is a different woman.

She is wearing an elegant dress that goes well with this bar.

It’s a chic feeling dress that has a lot of exposure but no vulgarity.

Not just the dress, the person wearing it is also beautiful.

“Can I sit here?”

“Sorry, I am meeting someone.”

“Oh, what kind of person, who would make such a nice man like you wait so much.”

It seems she doesn’t believe me.

he says that with a smile and sits beside me.

“Sorry for making you wait – who is that?”

Mihama came just at that timing.

She came to me to see a beautiful woman sitting beside me.

“As you can see, my companion came.”

“Oh, that’s a shame.”

She smiled gently, she brought her face closer and whispered at my ear.

“This is my address. Please contact me if you get tired of that child.”

She gave me something like a business card.

And passing me that she left.

“Uu… She is trying to seduce you…”

“It only looked like that.”

I shrugged my shoulders.

“No, it’s such a thing”


“Shinji is cool so it to be expected.”

“I am cool?”

“Of course!”

I changed the topic to hide my embarrassment.

“So, why did you call me here?”

“How do I look?”

Mihama span in a circle in front of me.

It was just like a fashion show or something, I noticed that she was in a different clothing than usual.

“It’s really cute.”


Mihama was making a small guts pose.

“It’s a costume I was wearing for photos and because I felt a bit confident, I wanted Shinji to see it, so I bought it to show you it.”

She has the same expression Shiho had when she was pleased from me exceeding 4 million subscribers, it seems that she is delighted with all her heart.

“Yeah, you look really cute, Mihama.”

“Is that true!?”

“I am pleased with it, can you wear it in the future if possible?”


She worked hard to show her idol appearance to me.



14 thoughts on “Chapter 24

  1. Thanks for the chapter~!
    Other than the grammar, I don’t think I want to complain about anything else… Except for this series’ stupidity.
    Though if it had good grammar, I might be even more annoyed…


    1. I thought the same thing. Sometimes he’s too relaxed. If he could teleport than it would be no problem going around, but he has an entire ecosystem to destroy to keep him busy.


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