Chapter 25

After drinking a little in the bar, I left with Mihama.

She is clinging onto me.

It is attracting a lot of attention, idol-class – actually an idol but she is only being seen as a beautiful girl as she is slightly disguised.

“Where are you living? Is it far from here?”

“Yeah, about an hour by train from here.”

“That is long, you should get a taxi.”

“Did not you come by car?”

“Because I’m drinking, I did not come by car.”

“Is that so.”

“Hey… Shinji…”


“Can you sure come with me to get a taxi?”


I don’t see a reason to refuse.

Is it because of liquor or another reason?

Mihama blushed and clung to me more strongly.

The envy being from people nearby felt enough to kill someone.

We entered the elevator, we went outside the building.

Mihama doesn’t care about the envious stares, she is still clinging to my arms.

I brought Mihama to where the taxis stop at.

I gesture to a taxi, and its door opened.

“See you.”

“Can I come and see you tomorrow?”

“Sure, I will send the location of Executive One later.”

My house has no address, as it moves around daily.

Because of that, I have to tell her the place every time.

I take out 50,000 yen from my wallet and hand it to the driver.

“Go to the place she tells you.”

After I said that, he closed his window.

When the door closed, screams rose from all around.

At the same time, I heard tires rubbing the ground.

I turn around and there is a car thrusting over here.

The direction of travel is not straight, it is shaking for some reason.


I tried to Mihama from the taxi, but I realise the route of that car.

There are a lot of passersby who are tranced by Mihama that haven’t ran away from the car.

Even though the car is at a low speed, it will hit at least 10 people.

I have no time to think, I jumped over the taxi and stood in the road.

I buy a skill, that increase my defence, but it is not enough to stop the car.

I don’t have many skill points so I can’t buy any more levels for it.

I will be blown away as my defence is currently too low.

I breathed deeply, I gently bent forward and put my hands in front of me.

The car comes towards me, the screams around grow bigger and bigger.

The moment the contact with the car ‘s hood came, the impact came.

But I wasn’t blown away by the car’s impact.

The car in front of me stopped.

From that, the surroundings got quiet.

I opened the driver’s seat door of the car.

“What the hell!”

He has alcohol with him and his breath stinks of alcohol

For the time being, I punched them and they fainted.

I report it with my smartphone so the police can deal with it later.


“What happened?”

On the other hand, Mihama who knows what happened to a certain extent jumped out of the taxi and clung to me.

“Truly Shinji… What did you do?”

“At the moment it hit, I took about 30% of the power with [Defence Up] and pushed back the remaining 70% with [Counter] and [Close Combat].

“I do not quite understand but it is amazing!”

Such a Mihama looked very cute.



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