Chapter 26

In the daytime, wandering around the city without any particular reason, I encountered a scene of a fuss.

The scene is at the train station.

“I will never forgive this molester!”

There is a woman who is raging, there is a man who has been caught there as well.

He is a middle-aged office worker who is nearly bald.

Not only that but he is also very overweight.

Because of his appearance, all the people nearby thought he was guilty.

“No, I have not done it!”

“You are lying! It was definitely you!”

“I saw it, you ugly unsightly old man.”

One of the young men holding him said that.

Not only the victim, but a third party has also testified.

Is he a pervert?

I used [Mind Reading] to check.

My intuition says that he is innocent and she is falsely accusing him.

That’s why I read the victim’s heart.

『I will get some money soon after a bit of threatening.』

It is as I thought.

But what about the person who gave the testimony?

I also used [Mind Reading] on the young man who seized the old man and was going through feathers.

『Well done Saki just a little more. Everyone else is nearly convinced.』

He knows her name so this must have been planned.

『It will be obvious if we are acquainted, that is why she sent me her location online.』

I heard more with [Mind Reading].

They were using messages to make it seem like he is a random person who saw it.

I used [Invisibilty] and went towards them.

I took the smartphone from the man, then whispered in his ear the word password.

I hear his password from [Mind Reading] and unlock the man’s smartphone.

I looked at his messages, it has all the evidence I need.

He was exchanging messages with the woman just before this.

“Give proof that you did not do it if you are innocent.”

“That is impossible to prove…”

“The old man is unsightly.”

They had further made the old man seem guilty.

The old man looks like he is about to give up.

“I will call the police if you don’t confess.”

『I could have said that at the beginning, but he will give more money now.』

I thought for a moment and called the woman from the man’s smartphone.

When a woman takes out her own smartphone and looks at the screen, she panicked and looked at the young man.

『Why are you calling me?』

『Huh? What happened, Saki suddenly glared at me.』

I very lightly flicked my fingers towards the woman’s fingers.

It moved the woman’s finger lightly, she accidentally picked up the phone.

Then I put the smartphone of the man with whom the call was established with into speaker mode and gently drop at the foot of the man.

“What happened?”

“No, nothing.”

“What happened?”

“No, nothing.”

The word that surrounding people and the voice of the woman echo through the speakers.

They came from the phone at the man’s feet that is in speaker mode.

“You, do you know this woman?”

“No, I don’t know her -“

The man is panicking.

The testimony was credible before as he was just someone that happened to see it.

However, if they are acquainted it will change the story completely.

“Well, that does not matter! This man has touched my ass!”

The woman was still insisting that the old man is in the wrong.

However, the reactions are completely different from the previous time.

They were convinced that the old man was the culprit but not anymore.

I gently mumbled a word in the crowd.

“I was watching, when the two of them got into the train, she said she would message him the details.”


“I have not said such a thing!”

They both deny at the same time, but the air has changed further.

The man tried to pick up his own smartphone by releasing the old man but I caught the man’s hand before he could grab it.

“Someone check that smartphone”

As I said that, another man picked up the man’s smartphone. It was not me, I let others do it.

“It is true! They have been messaging online!”

“That is not my smartphone!”

The man tried to escape.

“Please show me your smartphone for a moment then.”

“I don’t have one.”

A woman tried to grab the woman’s smartphone to check it.

I hit smartphone with a shockwave of [Long Distance Attack] by doing a light flick.

The other woman picked it up and read the message,

“”I will accuse them after we get off, you say you saw it.”

As she read it, the man also read it.

“It is the same!”

And they showed the smartphones around.

The flow completely changed, it is not about the molester anymore, it is a man and woman who falsely accused him.

“Give me my phone! Let me go!”

“Wait a moment.”

The woman was caught wrist by another woman.

One guy talks to the old man.

“I can help you.”

“A lawyer?”

The old man got a business card from the guy.

“If you want to sue this woman, I will cooperate fully.”

“I will become a witness!”

“I offer evidence, I recorded all of it.”

The air changed completely, accusing the two of them.

I quietly left the area since it has been resolved.



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    1. The whole wildlife devastation thing is even worse when you remember that he can just smash a colony of termites, fire ants, or hornets. The story has already established that it’s all the same to his system.

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