Chapter 27

In Executive One, Shiho hurriedly ran into my bedroom to wake me up.

I raised my body, rubbed my eyes and opened my eyelids.

“What happened?”

“Kazama has a guest”


“Yes, he gave a business card.”

Shiho gave the business card to me.

“President of Mori Electric Works, Ryosuke Masumori.”

“That is a very big company!”

“Yeah, it is a company that has more than 10 trillion yen in market capitalization.”

I looked at the business card on the back, turning it over.

Why would such a person come to me?

No, that isn’t the problem.

Why do they know where I am?

“Let them in the cabin, I will be there soon.”


Shiho runs to the door.

I hear somebody enter the cabin.

I changed my clothes and went out to the cabin.

There is a man in his forties sitting opposite me on the cabin sofa.

The man is wearing a fine suit that just from a glance, you can tell it is high-quality.

A young lady is standing behind the man.

The woman is wearing glasses.

10 out of 10 people would say that they look like a secretary.

Meanwhile, Shiho is also behind me.

She is swearing 200,000 yen maid clothes custom-made by a famous brand.

It is a little surreal sight.

“Nice to meet you, I am Ryosuke Masumori.”

“I am Kazama Shinji, why did you want to meet me?”

“I saw the videos online.”


Shiho was surprised behind me.

“Well, how did you find me?”

“It wasn’t hard to look it up, it is surprising you didn’t do any concealment work on the electronic side.”

“I see.”

I just use live streaming on a  video site with my smartphone.

It is a situation where if someone has money and wants to find me, they can.

“I am thinking of scouting you.”


“I saw your video, you seem to be an owner of a transcendent force”

“Don’t you think it could have been fake?”

“What do you think of the word unprecedented?

I did not understand the intention of the question, so I decided just to answer it.

“If something hasn’t been done before it is an unprecedented case, even if it hasn’t happened yet it doesn’t make it impossible.”

“It is exactly as you say.”

“So, what if I were a superman?”

“I would try and scout you.”

“Is is the same as before, but what would you want from me?

“Frankly, I want to get your strength.”

Ryosuke raised his hand, the woman waiting behind took out something and gave it to him.

He receives it and then hands it over to me.

It is a chequebook and a fountain pen.

“It is a cheque, write the amount of money you would like.”

“It looks like a movie!’

Shiho shouted out. It certainly does look like a movie.

For a while, we gazed at each other.

Two men staring, Shiho who is surprised at the check, and the secretary who has a still expression.

After a while, Ryosuke sighed.

“It seems you won’t be moved by money.”

“I am not in trouble with money.”

“Even people like that wouldn’t ignore a blank cheque.”

“Is that from experience?”


“Apparently it seems like we will have to think about another method.”

After thinking for a while, Ryosuke opened his mouth.

“Pandora is currently a messenger of justice, but it might not last forever.”

Well, that’s right.

“If you join me I will make Pandora’s power last.”

“I see.”

I nodded and used [Mind Read].

『Is there anything else? It is best to reveal everything to this kind of person, if I keep a secret, it will probably go badly.』

I have no doubt that he is telling the truth for now.

“Why would you want that? It is not related to the main business of the Mori group?”

“Do you know Alfred Pennyworth?”

“I do not know them.”

“What about Garrison Tokita?”

“I do not know them.”

“Both of them are the butlers of heroes in stories, I adore them.”

“Oh, are you the type that wants to be in a story?”

“I do not mind being called that.”

I read his mind again, the two seem to be characters of Budman and Daitan 3.

I realised that Ryosuke seriously admires it.

“So, are you going to accept?”


I leaned deeply back on the sofa and looked up to the ceiling.

I thought for a while.

“I will refuse to do it.”

“Okay, I understand.”

Ryosuke stood up quite well.

When Ryosuke raised his hand, the secretary picked up the chequebook and the fountain pen.

I am curious what the secretary thinks about Ryosuke, so I read her mind. TLN – What happened to privacy in this world?

『I will have to report what happened here later.』

“What happened?”

『I have to be careful when I contact Ocean.』


“What is it?”

“Ocean… is that your enemy?”

At the moment said that the face of Ryusuke and secretary’s woman changed.

“That enemy, that woman, they seem to be a spy that they sent”

『There is not any evidence that I and the ocean are connected. Everything from my name to career, the fake background is perfect.』

“Fake background?”


The woman’s expression changed and she tried to escape.

Of course, I do not let her escape, I flick my fingers towards her legs and she falls over.

“Stupid… How…?”

The woman is frightened.

“I’m too stupid…”

Ryosuke had been completely deceived by her.



17 thoughts on “Chapter 27

  1. Thanks for the chapter!

    Now things are getting interesting. The consequences of making the impossible while using a simple smartphone; being tracked and swept into higher conspiracies. If we consider the world he went before, he might be somehow used to it.


    1. by himself it is easy to escape any kind of attack from any organization though. Just use free pass to meet someone at the other side of the world and it will make sure that he can get there no matter what happens.
      Enemy army: “fire!!”
      MC: “free pass to >some name he knows at the other side of the world<"
      Enemy army: "Cease fire, give way and salute"


  2. Error??

    I will have to report what happened her later. -> I will have to report what happened here later.

    That enemy, that woman, he seems to be a spy that he sent -> That enemy, that woman, she seems to be a spy that he sent

    There is not any evidence that I and the ocean are connected -> There is not any evidence that I and the Ocean are connected

    Thanks for the treat.


  3. Pretty nice. Quite a twist that she was a spy, i hope she will not be hurt for that.
    Also interesting to see a character interested in supporting characters and wanting to become one. It’s like the MC that want(ed) to become a dark organization.


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