Chapter 28

I catch the woman and then hit her neck to make her faint.

“Could I ask how you found out?”

The cheat I got from the other world is a secret.

I am not planning on telling anyone other than Shiho about it.

I look at Ryosuke again.

He is the president of Mori group whose market capitalization is more than 10 trillion yen.

“I read her mind.”


Shiho was surprised that I told him that.

“Reading the mind…”

“I understood that she is a spy by reading her mind”

“Being able to read minds…”

“You know I am a transcendent person.”

“That is true… Is it possible that you can read my read…?”

Ryosuke turned pale, looking at an unbelievable thing.

“Proving it is easy, do you want to try it?”

“Try… how?”

“Easy. Keep silent for a while now”

Ryosuke frowned his eyes, and.

『I see, I could converse with thoughts to prove he can read them/.』

“That would be a proof if a conversation was established doing that.”


Ryosuke eyes went wide open and he had a surprised breath.

『Is it really readable …?』

“Even if I couldn’t read your mind, I could understand what you are thinking as your thoughts are really obvious.”


Ryosuke lightly sighed.

“It seems that I have no choice but to admit you can read minds, I still cannot believe it.”



“Is it okay to talk about this?”

I knew she would ask this, I have been telling her it is confidential every time.

“This person is smart knows he can’t tell anyone.”


“Who would believe someone if they announced that someone else could read minds without any proof.”


Shiho thought for a moment.

“True, he couldn’t tell anyone.”

“He cannot prove to a third party unless I cooperate with him.”


“I am convinced that this man will not say anything.”

“It’s complicated, I still can not believe you fully.”

“I will show you one more thing then.”

Ryosuke has a curious expression as he wants to see what I will do next.


Skill point: 27/999

Acquired Skills (12 / ∞)

[Close Combat LV 7]

[Long Distance Attack LV 4]

[Increase Attack Power (Evade) LV 6]

[First Strike]

[Invisibility LV 2]


[Lower Point Cost]

[Double Skill Points]

[Complete Translation]

[Free Visit]

[Money Drop]

[Mind Reading]


I checked my skill and used [Invisibility].

[Invisibility] is Level 2 so I can disappear for twenty seconds.

“You have disappeared?”

“By the way, I am here?”

“You are still here but disappeared?”

“That’s how it is.”

Twenty seconds not doing anything passed quickly, I reappeared before Ryosuke again.

“On top of being able to read the mind, being able to disappear… it seems I have underestimated you.”

“That… Kazama…”

“What is it Shiho?”

“Why did you show so much?”

“It is because I have bigger trump cards.”


Shiho is surprised about that.

Of course, I don’t have them currently.

When I came back to this world, it reset my skills.

Still, if I accumulate skill points over time I can get everything back eventually.

Of course, there are things that will become trump cards, things a lot stronger than [Invisibility] and [Mind Reading].

The skill point limit is 999 – At the cost of 1250, there are some super powerful things.

Ryosuke recovered the chequebook that the woman had dropped on the floor and put it in his pocket.

“Giving you a blank check is nowhere near enough for you.””

“Wow …”

Shiho who is impressed with something.

I say to Ryosuke.

“Let’s cooperate for a bit.”


“Do you want me to help find the spies in your company?”



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