Chapter 29

Mori Electric Headquarters Building, the back room of the president’s office.

I am using [Mind Reading] in the next room – the president’s office.

Ryosuke Masumori is in the president’s office, and his subordinates are visiting one after another.

Officially it is a call about the company’s business, but it is actually a test to check if they are a spy or not.

By the way, it is necessary to read both Ryosuke and the opponent.

It is because Ryosuke wants me to test how good he is at figuring out if they are a spy or not.

Because it’s not a lot of trouble, I read Ryosuke and the other’s mind at the same time.


『I want to quit being a spy soon, the security is getting better here.』

Ryosuke thought he was a spy and he was correct.

While writing the result down, I relax in the room.

Read, relax, read, relax.

While [Mind Reading], I was relaxing in a comfortable space.

After a while, the door opened.

Ryosuke came in and sat down on the sofa across from me.

“How was it?”


I passed the notes to Ryosuke.

“Er… this is”

“This is what they were thinking and what you guessed.”

“Thank you, I am saved.”

“Look at this data for a bit.”

Ryosuke took the remote control from the table and pushed the button.

Then the projector projects an image on the wall.

“A graph?”

“Yes, the trend of the crime rate. The red line is the past average, the blue line this year’s average so far.”


“It’s going down, compared with the previous average”

“It look’s like it.”

“About one percent, which has been since Pandora appeared.”


“Your existence has already become a deterrent, the crime rate will be lower as long you exist here.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“Your presence is enough to lower the crime rate of the country you are in.”

He kept staring at me with a serious look.

“But there will be moves to eliminate you.”

“I guess so.”

I drank the coffee from before.

I noticed that Ryosuke is thinking quietly.

“Is there something wrong?”

“I am thinking if you will stay in Japan or not.”

『It is because he is fluent in English.』

“How do you know?”

“One of the subordinates who I called a while ago is an American, but you wrote it all in Japanese”

“So that’s why you know I speak English.”


“Well, that is how it is.”

“Can’t you speak Chinese too?”

“You are more fluent in it.”

“After that, I only know French.”

Ryosuke has changed languages ​​one after another.

I can only hear words different from Japanese as Japanese, but he is able to easily speak four languages. TLN- The MC needs to hear a word of that language first, but since he can mind read he can talk any language the other person can, but not a random language he doesn’t anything about.

“At the very least I am considering how to hold you in this country.”

Ryosuke declared.

…I wish the people of the other world wanted me to stay in their country like that.

“Do not worry, I am planning to stay living in Japan.”

“Thank you, I really like this country so I am glad.”

I checked his mind and he isn’t lying.

He knew he couldn’t employ me so he gave up and decided to try and keep me in Japan for the sake of Japan’s lower crime rate.

As long as someone like Ryosuke is here, I think that it might be good for me to stay in Japan.



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