Chapter 30

Ten men fell on the floor at the pier at night.

Everyone’s consciousness was cut with a single blow.

These guys are just thugs, they just gave 2 points each.

I quickly went around behind the remaining man who was the leader of the men and hit his neck to knock him out.

—You have earned 4 skill points.

I learnt there were some drugs being sold so I went and defeated them.

I tie them all up with a rope and contact the police.

I confirmed that a police car came, and then I left from this place with [Invisibility] TLN – He is still doing the invisibility run away from police thing, he uses the same number so they probably expect it lol.

Next morning, in Executive One.

I woke up on my king size waterbed.

By the way the bed is new.

When Executive One got attacked it got damaged so I had it replaced.

It cost millions, but since there is still a lot of money left, that is no problem.

“It is serious! Kazama!”

Shiho is wearing the maid clothes and she has just run into my bedroom.

“Good morning Shiho, what is it?”

“It is serious Kazama! This!”

Shiho passed me a newspaper.

I received it and looking at one side, there is an action picture just like a movie posted there.

It is my figure from yesterday where I beat up the men.

Pandora, not the police, cleared up the drug dealing that had a price of billions of yen. TLN – 1 Billion yen is 6,790,292.70 pounds or 8,837,787.00 dollars

I understood the reason why Shiho rushed in.

“It’s okay if it’s just this, it is too blurry anyway.”

“Ah, it is true.”

Shiho noticed that only now as she was in a hurry.

Shiho looks relieved.

“I am sorry for disturbing you. I will prepare breakfast immediately.”

“Thank you.”

Shiho went back to the work of a maid with a relieved expression.

I should check how they were able to get the photos.

After breakfast, I went to the newspaper company.

I enter the lobby and show the newspaper to the person at the reception desk.

“I would like to meet the reporter who made this article.”

[Free Visit]

“Seki is currently out.”

The receptionist replied.

Skill, [Free visit].

This skill that would allow me to meet even the President of the United States or the Pope

Even if I do not know the name, if they recognize it as “this human” the skill will be effective.

However, as they are out, I cannot meet them yet.

But I can ask them questions.

“What is the name of the reporter?”

“Seki Yuko is the name of the reporter.”

“A woman!”

It is a little surprising.

I look at the newspaper I brought.

The method of writing made me think they were a man.

But as I am using[Free Visit] there is definitely no mistake.

As I got the name I left the newspaper company.

I return to the road I came from and head towards the car.

I immediately noticed.

Someone followed me right after leaving the newspaper company.

Hmm, there is no doubt that they are an amateur at stalking people.

I walked normally and used [Invisibility] after going around a corner.

I wait for a while around the corner.


“Where is he!?”

She was surprised that I am not here after going around the corner.

She is wearing a suit, but she has semi-long making it look unbalanced.

“Even though it’s a single road… where…”

The woman looked around.

While she was looking [Invisibility] level 2’s effect time of 20 seconds passed and I was revealed.

“Huh!! Pandora!”


She recognised me the moment she saw me. TLN – Not many people can appear out of nowhere tbh.

“You read the article!”


“Because you read my articles, you came to the company.”

“Are you Seki Yuko?”

“You know my name already? As expected of Pandora!”

Yuko looks even more excited.

A passerby who passed by was a bit confused at her suddenly shouting.

I can’t feel evil or malice from her but it wouldn’t be a good idea to keep talking here.

“Let’s change places for the time being.”


We walked to a place where there isn’t any people.


“Wait, stop calling me Pandora.”

“But that’s right!”

“… Yes, but I do not want to be known to many people, call me by my name.”

“I will if Pandora wants that… but I do not know your name.”

“My name is Kazama Shinji.”

“Shinji, please let me know more about Shinji!”

“What are you going to do with it?”

“Make an article!”

“I won’t cooperate if that’s the case. I do not plan to appear publicly other than the videos.”


Yuko is surprised massively.

“Shinji should go in public more! – Look!”

Yuko got some photos from her bag.

It is the picture that she put in the morning newspaper.

“This is amazing, is not it!”

“But you got a blurry photo.”

“I took a lot but I wasn’t able to get a good one as you moved too fast!”

She then forcibly changed the story.

“It is amazing, I heard it the moment I saw this!”

“What did you hear?”


Yuko said it without hesitation.

“Yes! I can still hear it! The whole world honors Pandora! The moment I saw this picture I heard it!”


“Shinji should be public more, you should take the spotlight as a hero!”

For confirmation, I used [Mind Reading].

The moment I read the voice of Yuko, a tremendous sound came in.

It is all cheers.

I could not understand at first because the sound was flooded in, but I noticed that it was all cheers.

“What’s wrong, Shinji! Are you OK?”

“I am okay…”

She definitely has no malice.

“I refuse, I will not appear publicly like that.”

“It is such a waste! Shinji should be praised in the spotlight!”

She looked depressed for a moment, but then she suddenly lit up again.

“I understand!”

“What is understood”

“I will share Shinji to everyone!”


“I will chase you down whenever you do something and I will let everyone in the world know about it!”

“No, that is…”

“If I only write facts, Shinji – No, Pandora will not stop me!”

It is certainly what I say.

“After all! Pandora is Pandora!”

Yuko says that with a bright smile.

“I have to scout photographers who can catch the movement of Shinji!”

Yuko enthusiastically ran away like the wind.



17 thoughts on “Chapter 30

    1. He doesn’t have any family members who know him though. The original Shinji Kazama died and went to the other world before being sent back. Secret identities are made to keep yourself and the ones you love out of the public eye.

      Liked by 2 people

  1. After having caught up on this… I gotta say my impression of it is an Eighth Grader with no life experience to pull Wisdom off of wrote this story. It’s highly cliche, shallow, generic, and uninspired, with a MC that thinks they’re wise but sadly does stuff that can be seen through by a grade schooler.


  2. [“I will chase you down whenever you do something and I will let everyone in the world know about it!”]
    a fucking stalker…
    triva: women stalkers are more dangerous than male ones.


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