Chapter 31

I am reading the newspaper in the park near the newspaper company.


Yuko came over to me.

When she saw me, she ran over to me extremely quickly.

“Why are you here — Is that my newspaper?”

“I was reading it to check if my name or picture has been leaked.”

“I will not do that!”

Yuko angrily shouted at me.

“I am not a paparazzi! There is no way I would write Shinji’s name or private information.”


“I am only making articles to inform the world about how good you are to make more people cheer you on!”

In fact, [Mind Reading] is useless against Yuko.

All I can hear is a big cheer when I read it.

There is the voice of Yuko among the cheers but it is almost impossible to hear it as it drowned out a lot.

By the way, all the cheers are about me.

It was only “Pandora” when I read it for the first time, now it has “Kazama” and “Shinji” mixed in.

“Hey Shinji! Where do you want to go next? What kind of bad guys are you aiming for! Please tell me!”

Yuko took out her notebook and ballpoint pen.

She is completely in reporter mode.

“There is no way I can say that.”

“Why not, all I want to do is take pictures!”


“Chi, it can not be helped! I will chase you down by myself!”

Yuko put away the notebook and ballpoint pen.

Well, it is clear that she does not have any evil or malice.

There is no problem for a mysterious hero to be shown in the magazine.

When I tried to leave, I realized that people gathering in the park.

They came in both of the two entrances and then stare at me.

There is roughly ten people staring at me.

“Do you want something from me?”

One of them threw a newspaper at me, the newspaper that had me on the front.

“Why you looking for me?”

“I am the brother of Kanai.”


It was a group of yakuza who demanded money from Shiho, guided illegal immigrants with the help of Arai.

I read the mind of the man in front of me to confirm it is true.

『I will kill him to clean the name of my brother!』

The voice of his mind was not Japanese.

I tried reading the people around, more than half of the ten people are not Japanese.

What is happening in this country?

Yuko to the side of me is clearly excited by seeing me against a yakuza.

I can’t use [Mind Reading] because of the cheers – but I am sure she isn’t scared.

I’m getting more and more amazed at her.

“Attack him!”

When the man said so, the other guys also took out weapons all at once.

He pulled out his dagger that was at his waist and turned to me.

“Everyone kill him!”

All of them are pointing their weapons at me.

And several people came all at once, from the front and back and from the left and right –


The finger flick’s sound wave echoed in the park.

At the same time, all the men dropped their weapons and held their wrists in pain.

—You have earned 2 skill points.

—You have earned 2 skill points.

—You have earned 2 skill points.

—You have earned 2 skill points.

—You have earned 2 skill points.

—You have earned 2 skill points.

—You have earned 2 skill points.

—You have earned 2 skill points.

—You have earned 2 skill points.

Points entered all at once, I knocked them all out instantaneously.


Yuko raised a sad sounding voice.

“What happened?”

“I couldn’t take a good picture… They are all blurred…”



One person who should have been beaten, the boss, got up and grabbed Yuko from behind holding a dagger to her neck.

“Do not move, this woman will be stabbed if you move.”


“Do not move”


The man out of fear pointed his knife at me and not on Yuko and at that moment, I disappeared from his vision.

Using my full speed, I went around behind the man and beat him with full power.

The man spun round in the air as he flew far.

—You have earned 6 skill points.

The earlier points were only nine lots of two, only 18.

Since the announcement came all at once, I was convinced that it was all 10.

Because of that, I endangered Yuko…

“Are you okay? Yuko?”

Yuko was liberated from the man, now she is trembling, not taking her eyes off her hand.

“Hey, are you alright, are you injured?”



“I did it! Look, you see! I did it properly!”

Yuko showed me the camera she had.

The figure displayed on the camera is the figure of me who hit the man.

“I must post this as an article!”

Yuko said so, and then she sprinted out of the park.

I could not respond in time and I was left behind.

“She’s probably okay….”



12 thoughts on “Chapter 31

  1. The overt racism of this story is hilarious. All that whining about the otherworlders hating him for being an outsider, and then he may as well launch into a frothing rant about foreigners all being criminals there to ruin Japan.


    1. Ummm, when did he say all foreigners are criminals? I can’t remember it =_=;

      Well, if half of the criminals in my country are foreigners I would wonder what happens to my country too and why compare hating the otherworlder heroes to hating the foreigner criminals? =_=;

      ps.thank for the chapter ^^


    2. Lol, yeah, because kidnapping people and killing them fpr their ID is totally NOT illegal, right?
      next you say he actually helped the corrupt politicians by giving them a chance to become better people or some bullshit like that xD
      I think you shoudl read the story again and leave YOUR racism home.


  2. Thanks for the chapter!
    I guess that even if she dies she’ll be fine thinking that Shinji will solve it somehow… and she’ll take a photo as soon the hand is able to move.


  3. [“Chi, it can not be helped! I will chase you down by myself!”] but not paparazzi

    [I can’t use [Mind Reading] because of the cheers – but I am sure she isn’t scared.] she probably is crazy


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