Chapter 32

“I’m not going to underestimate you!”


A gunshot rang.

I hit the bullet that flew towards me with the shock wave of a finger flick.

I caught a bullet that had slowed down a lot from the shock wave and flicked it at him.


The bullet struck the shoulder of a man, the man held his shoulder and staggered.

I then punch him with and he went flying.

—You have earned 6 skill points.

I look at the points I got and then look at the surroundings.

There are five people on the floor that are knocked out after being beaten up by me.

Just to be sure, I used [Mind Reading], I confirmed that everyone is unconscious.

“It’s amazing! As expected of Shinji!”

When the battle ended, Yuko appeared with her camera.

“Were you there the whole time?”

“Of course! If Shinji is doing something, I will come!”


Yuko wants to share my successes, in other words, she will somehow appear whenever I fight crime.

“So, did you take pictures?”

“Yeah! I only took one, but it is so cool!”

“Is it going to be on an article?”

“Of course! I must spread Shinji’s coolness all over the world!”

“Ok, do your best.”


Yuko checked the photos taken with the camera.

While watching that I use [Mind Reading].

The cheers are loud.

I have gotten used to it since I have read it many times.

When I’m active the cheers get bigger and it gets a bit smaller after that.

Only when it gets smaller I can hear what she is thinking.

『Shinji will be in the article tomorrow! I have to get back soon and summarize what happened!』

At night, in the newspaper company.

Yuko, who submitted the manuscript and the photo, was called by her boss.

“What’s the matter?”

“This is useless, rewrite it.”

“Why is that?”

“The picture is good, but the content is wrong, this is showing him as a good guy.”

“Good guy… Naturally! Pandora is a hero of justice supported by 60% of the people”

“That does not matter, our company’s policy has been decided.”


“Yes, Pandora is a terrorist against us.”

“Pandora is not a terrorist!”

“That is the company’s policy, rewrite it.”

“… No.”

“I will write it then.”

The man said so, then Yuko stretched out and clicked something on the man’s computer.

“Why did you do that? You deleted the photo!”

“I will not let people use my photos for such a thing.”

“You still have data on your camera, give it me!”

“No, I will not!”

“This is an order!”

The man tried to shout at Yuko, but Yuko did not turn around as she went back to her desk.

The boss screaming loudly, Yuko ignoring it.

This exchange attracts everyone’s attention.

Several people were glaring at Yuko.

A warehouse along the canal.

Yuko has her hands bound behind her and has been brought into the warehouse.

The man behind her pushed her and she fell onto the concrete ground.

“What are you doing!”

Yuko shouted as she raised her face from the floor.

All of the men in the warehouse do violence and other illegal activities every day.

“You, are you Yuko Seki?”

One of the men asked her, although the words are correct, he has a non-Japanese accent.

It is definitely a foreigner.

“So what if I am?”

“Do you know the identity of Pandora?”

“I do not know it!”

Yuko is always hyper, but she is not stupid.

She was able to work out they saw one of her detailed articles on Pandora.

“You will tell me soon.”

“I do not know anything!”


The man came in front of Yuko, squatted down, grabbed her chin and lifted her face.

“If you talk quickly, I will let you go, you do not want to become disabled this young do you?”

The man spoke that to Yuko and then got up.

When he turned around, another man spoke to him.

“Can I have some fun?”

“As long as you don’t kill her.”

“She is a foolish woman.”

They were words of a different country, Yuko did not understand the content at all.

But she could guess at what they were saying from their disgusting facial expressions.

I have to run away somehow.

Yuko stood up and tried to run towards the entrance of the warehouse, but suddenly the shutter started closing.

“I will not let you escape.”

The difference in physical strength between men and women, and also with her being restrained, Yuko was caught easily.

“Let me go! Release me!”

The men around her laughed all at once, it was a bad laugh.

Yuko closed her eyes and clenched her teeth.

I will not talk about anything, I will not open my mouth!

Yuko who closed her eyes tightly thought so.


At the next moment, a sound resembling an explosion sounded.

Yuko opened her eyes to see half the warehouse blow away.

A man appears from the smoke.

It is Shinji.

Yuko believed the whole time that Shinji will come to help.

“Earlier than I thought… You are amazing…”

Shinji got there much faster than she expected.

Yuko became even more infatuated with Shinji.



14 thoughts on “Chapter 32

  1. Thanks for the chapter!

    I believe that where is written “Where you there the whole time?” should be “Were you there the whole time?”.


  2. A terrorist against you? You’re a newspaper company, how is he terrorizing you? You could say he’s terroizing all of us but it makes you seem like a criminal if you claim that the person defeating criminals is terrorizing you


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