Chapter 33

After separating from Yuko, I came back to Executive One. TLN – This is set just after chapter 31.


“Yes, what is it?”


Shiho nodded and went back to her chores.

Speaking of which, she has gotten familiar with the 200,000 yen maid clothes now.

She has been those maid clothes for a while now, should I buy some different maid clothes?

In order to get some ideas, I picked up my smartphone and searched online.

This world is clearly behind the other world in this respect.

There are too few variations of maid clothes.

This is because there are too few maids now, so they don’t design new clothes.

I wish maids were more popular so there is more variation.

I search the net while writing notes, there has been gothic lolita, yukata, and other similar images.


Suddenly, my eyes caught my headline and things of the news.

The news itself is not interesting, apparently, a politician resigned as an opposing party told them to, but the opposing party has denied forcing him to resign.

I do not care about it, I only looked at is as it is an article of the newspaper company Yuko works for.

I clicked on it to go to the newspaper’s site.

From my curiosity, I did an article search of “Pandora”.


I frowned at the result that came up.

There is an article by Yuko, the exact same thing that was in the newspaper before.

But there is only one article favouring me.

There is only that one article favouring me, there are tons of articles that are clearly very anti-Pandora.

Anyone who sees such a thing will clearly understand the company’s policy, Yuko’s newspaper company is undoubtedly anti-Pandora.

Yuko put her article with my picture and praising me on this site that is very anti-Pandora.

I have a bad feeling.

“Shiho, I will go out for a bit.”

After telling her that, I headed straight to the newspaper company.

Without being stopped by anyone because of [Free Visit], I walk down the corridor and head for Yuko’s department.

In the miscellaneous editorial department, I could not find her figure anywhere.

I looked at the arrangement of the desk and asked the person most likely to be her boss.

“Is Seki Yuko here?”

[Free visit] will show its effect until I meet them.

The people will cooperate with me so I can meet the person aswell.

“Seki will not return here.”

What did you say?

“… Will she come back today?”

“No, she will not return.”

The man said it with no notable expression.

I deliberately said today, but the answer barely changed.

[Mind Reading]

Although it is not necessary when I use [Free Visit], it is quicker than questioning him.

『She is a foolish girl, she should have obediently listened to me.』

I was doubly surprised.

One is the content of the reading.

And the other is the language of the voice.

Recently there has been a lot of non-Japanese people.

… This newspaper company, no.

I have been thinking about it for a while…

What is going on in this country?

I came along an unpopular canal based on information I read from Yuko’s boss.

It is a place without popularity.

I dragged her boss with me, I have beaten him to the point where he can’t talk or run away, but I am using [Mind Reading] to get directions from him.

Yuko was caught by the continental mafia the man asked for.

Their purpose is to hear about Pandora from Yuko.

The warehouse’s shutter has gone down.

I go towards the warehouse.

I can hear a voice from inside.

“Let me go! Release me!”

Yuko’s voice can be heard from inside.

It looks like I am not too late but I need to hurry.

My skill points are enough.

I got a new skill quickly.

[King Of Destruction]

The skill gives 300% attack power against non-living things.

I then swung my fist at the building.


Along with a shock wave explosion, half of the warehouse was blown away and it became ruined.

300%, I thought it was a bit more powerful, but with current skill composition, it is like this.

Well, it is enough for now. TLN – Why does he need more strength, he can destroy half a warehouse with a punch…

I jumped into the warehouse, there is Yuko and the men with bad faces.

The men are astonished.

At first glance, there is one person who seems to be a leader.

“Attack him!”

The man at the leader yells at his subordinates that then take out their weapon all at once.

They have swords, though they are not Japanese swords, it is a continental mafia-like weapon.

“Cut him like an eel!”

The man shouted and then they all jumped towards me at the same time.

I look around, grasping their positions.

Using [Long Distance Attack] I threw pieces of concrete towards them all.

They all broke the swords the men were holding.


“It’s a lie…”

I run towards them while they are in confusion and knock them down.

The men who are beaten fly away.

Both men and bills are flying in the air.

Because it was not a lot of people, it took less than 10 seconds.

I left the leader though.

“Who are you, are you…?”

I approached him and broke both his hands and both his feet.


“Oops, do not bite your tongue.”

He had a bad idea, so I hit the man’s chin before he could do it.

I pulled Yuko’s boss who I brought with me and threw him next to him.

『This Pandora… It is not human…』


Both of their thoughts aren’t Japanese.



29 thoughts on “Chapter 33

  1. Continental mafia? I wonder if he’ll take it down, or take it over and transform it into a world ruling power called the Continental. Then at some point in the future, there joins an American assassin called John Wick…


  2. I have nothing against translator, he is working hard, but this novel is such a garbage. I wish he could put his efforts in something more interesting and good. Do’n kill me for this, guys 😀


  3. When you get the proper time to translate again, if possible, I would like you to translate a bit more of Best Assassin; I would be really grateful with twice a week but once is good if it isn’t possible.


  4. so how many billions has he expend already? Stopped counting when he wasted the 1st one in just a few days, I won’t believe he has been able to make 1 from loot or else the system would be beyond broken.

    Also, seems like author has his thing against foreigners


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